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Censored YouTubers Wanted

CENSORED YOUTUBERS WANTED – IMPORTANT INFO: Demonetized? How to Beat YouTube Censorship in 2021. Censorship victory for YouTubers.

Censored YouTubers Wanted! Why Censorship and Demonetization on YouTube will be the end of YouTube.


Demonetized YouTubers Wanted: Censored YouTubers Fix - Websites Earn More via Ezoic Video Ads

Hello, it’s the owner of Enchanted LifePath and here. I have set up a website with free advice for demonetized and censored YouTubers who have been unfairly defunded by the platform.

I have built a formula on my website that proves we can be independent of YouTube and earn more than youTube can imagine paying for ads on videos on our own websites via Ezoic who allow us to embed our videos on our own sites and they run adverts that pay higher rates than YouTube.

What I now do is upload my video to Ezoic, next I use the embed code to place the video on my website articles. I then do a short video for YouTube (which auto uploads to Bitchute, Spotify, and my iTunes Podcast) telling my subs that I have a new video on my website and this then drags the traffic from YouTube over to my video on my website that rolls ads.

I am contacting all YouTubers in the truth community as this is a way for us to begin dismantling YouTube as the advertisers will follow the crowds and the audiences over to our websites and YouTube will begin to suffer as they face the consequences of how they have demonetized our platforms and censored our work for years. I have built this because I have lost at least 15 channels containing hours of research and editing. I have not had an advert on any of my videos with YouTube since 2016. The fact that you may not even have heard of me is because I am majorly censored on YouTube.

I have provided links to my new website that I built to promote my new formula for truthers. The site is called Demonetized and it contains all the info and advice on how to rethink our strategy moving forward in the best way to support and secure our work. Ezoic is a pro-content creator adverting publishers’ platform and they understand how badly we are treated. They are there for us. I am bringing this info to you. Please use it.

Learn more about Ezoic here

#Demonetized content creators wanted


YouTube Demonetization and #Censorship victory for YouTubers. Get adverts on your own website videos. Increase ad revenue via self-hosted vids with Ezoic.

Millions of content creators suffer from targeted censorship and YouTube demonetization of their channels without a valid explanation.

This comes along with losing videos containing hours of research and valuable information that may never be seen again.

My formula is cleverly engineered towards censored YouTubers who do not get the recognition they deserve as independent or freelance publishers, video producers, website hosts, who are sick of being defunded by YouTube.

This is information for demonetized YouTuber’s who are looking for new ways to become independent with a purpose.

This free tutorial will change many people’s ways of thinking and lines of thought. It will change how audiences view their favourite platforms and how advertisers treat publishers.

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

YouTube Demonetization Fix

Google Certified Publishing Partner

Learn more about Ezoic here


If you have been unfairly demonetized or censored by YouTube meaning you have lost income, support base, and potential reach, then stick around because this website is going to teach you about Ezoic ads and the Ezoic video player.

This is a superb Adsense alternative that pays you up to 250% more for visits to your content.

YouTube just got kicked out of bed, the game has changed.

My formula that is in place right now is simple but ground-breaking for small platforms. The process is simple.


Upload a video to Ezoic Video Tab

Embed the video onto your website post or page, you can also create playlists.
Watch the video play adverts that pay much higher rates than YouTube videos.
Upload a video to YouTube telling your subs you have a new website-only video.
Put YouTube Demonetization and censorship behind you with Ezoic in 2021.


Have you got your own website? Do you make your own videos? If the answer is yes then join Ezoic. You can then allow Ezoic adverts to be used on your website, played on your videos, or both.

This earns you 90% of the advert revenue compared to around 58% with Google Adsense.

Another bonus is, we are able to earn around 150-250% more than we do with Google Adsense and that is with videos that play adverts on our own websites via Ezoic which is a Google Partner and the adverts are the same as Google. The good thing is they now pay you like the big platforms. Free from censorship of course.


Ezoic Video Player Is The Best YouTube Alternative For Demonetized Content Creators.

You can beat being defunded by YouTube by joining Ezoic and adding your website.

You will then be able to upload videos to Ezoic that can be embedded onto your website or Blogger posts and you can begin to earn from adverts that play at the start, during and after your content.

Ezoic Video Player: How To Get Video Adverts On Your Website Via Ezoic – Become an Independent Video Creator

Break Free From YouTube Censorship and Demonetization By Joining Ezoic

censored youtubers wanted. Ezoic Video Player Tab Upload Video
  1. Join Ezoic via the image below. Integrate your website or Blogger page with Ezoic.

    You can also get free website hosting and migrate your site to Ezoic once you are approved.
  2. Select the Ezoic video player tab in the menu in your portal.

    Next, you can upload a video that you will then embed on your website and it will play adverts.
  3. Upload a video to the Ezoic Video Uploader

    When you click the video tab you will see an option to upload a single video or bulk videos.

    The Video will appear in the list of videos below when it is uploaded. You can give your video key metadata that will be useful when your video is ranked by Google.
  4. Enter video title, description, keywords, links, IAB category, and your video privacy settings.

    Make sure to add a description that is related to your video title and keywords so your video is ranked well in Google searches. You can also link your video to your related website articles or references online by using the links tab. The categories section is also very good and has lots more to offer than normal video platforms. The SEO rating for your videos will be better if you maximise all of these options.

  5. Adding your video to your website, or Blogger post or page using the HTML code that you generate by creating a placeholder in the Ezoic video player tab.
    This is very easy to do and the method works with all websites. You can place videos and playlists on WordPress sites or any well-known website-building platforms that you used to design your site.

Watch Video Example On |

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AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: Google Adsense, and Ezoic will adapt ads based on visitors and members browsing other sites. Demonetized Content Creators eBay Partner – The website can earn commissions from eBay via adverts that lead to customers buying items on, and other associated versions.

Other affiliation partnerships are active on website including with Ezoic and ClickBank.



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YouTube Demonetization and Censorship

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