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Helicopter flying on Mars – Is this NASA’s latest joke?

Is possible for a helicopter to generate lift in space with no air in a vacuum? Is it possible for a helicopter to take flight on Mars with the red planets low air pressure?

Listen to the BBC reporter struggle to convince us as to how they pulled it off… I won’t ask what is filming the helicopter flying on Mars as people will say it was a satellite or the Rover that dropped it off.

But no, I doubt it ever happened. It’s dubious CGI and fakery at its worst in my opinion.

Look at the footage they sent back, it is laughable. I did actually burst out laughing.

A drone on earth spins its rotors at 8000 rpm (see more further down the article) but they say this Mars copter flies at 2277rpm.

The idiot in the video below is seen making out like 2277 rpm is magnificent and unheard of and any more would break the sound barrier. But, what is he talking about?

The air density on Mars is LESS than 1% of that on earth. They tell us that the Mars drone needs to generate much more lift to be able to take flight in Mars’s low air density so it has to be much more powerful than any earth-based drone.

What are they all talking about? A crappy kids drone off eBay would generate much more lift than this big groundbreaking NASA drone.

So what are they trying to push onto us here? Seriously?


Quotes from Quora

The helicopter’s flight capability would be negated by the fact that without an atmosphere you have no flight capability at all. Then there’s the problem of the air-breathing internal combustion engine. The engine needs air to run so without an atmosphere you lose that.

If you could however create an engine that doesn’t need air, you still have the torque created by the spin of the main blade. If you can’t stop that, the helicopter would spin uncontrollably all over.

So without a few things, a helicopter could still move, but it would look like an epileptic having a seizure on ice.


This question is very old, but I am surprised to see that there isn’t a correct answer that goes into any sort of depth on the topic. Unfortunately, there are some downright wrong answers here.

Helicopters cannot work in space using their blades to generate lift as they do on earth. Helicopters (like air-planes) require air flowing over their blades to generate lift. I will link an answer of mine here that goes over how helicopters work.

Mitchell Hynes’s answer to What function do helicopter blades serve?

After reading this answer (or at least just parts of it) it should be clear that without air, helicopters (and airplanes) do not work in space where there is no air.


Helicopters fly upward against the force of gravity by using their rotors to throw air down beneath them. As the blade spins around, it forces air over its curved upper surface and then throws it down behind it toward the ground, producing an upward force called lift.

Since there is no air in space helicopter cannot work in space.


At an altitude of 130 km, its pressure is approximately 1/25 that of the Earth’s atmosphere. At ground level, the Martian atmosphere has a pressure of 6.518 millibars or 0.095 psi as compared to the Earth’s sea-level atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi.


Air pressure in car tyres is measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI; usually, the recommended pressure ranges between 30 and 35 PSI. To learn what your tyre pressure should be, look for your manufacturer’s recommendation, which is printed on a label inside your car.

In a car tyre we put around 30-35 psi, this is around double the sea-level air pressure on earth and 35x the pressure on Mars which is around 0.095 psi as we have just learned.

At 0.095 psi, a helicopter rotor has little to no chance of creating lift, drag, or any earth-like requirement to be able to pull a stunt like this…

They can not tell us that they have used a compression engine because there is nothing to compress, I worked as a compressed air engineer for 6 years, this is bs.

I could make a plane fly with no jet fuel and just run solely on compressed air very easily, I could get the plane to do its run-up and generate lift using a battery, but could I do it in space or on Mars? No chance, not a chance in the whole universe, apart from the earth which is why earth and what we know as space is so precise, like the laws of the universe they can’t be messed with or everything goes out of sync.

If we moved the moon just a few inches off its trajectory, we would probably all down in a massive Tsunami.

If we stopped oxygen for just 5 seconds the whole world would turn to dust, literally, every building would crumble as the oxygen in the concrete and cement and all our building materials would be gone. Just 5 seconds is enough to turn us all into rubble.

So let’s carry on looking at these insane claims from NASA that they have flown a helicopter on Mars.

Don’t tell me they use thrust and/or boosters because there is NOTHING to thrust or boost off.

The video below shows how they say they pulled this off by designing rotors that spin 5 times faster than a helicopter.

A helicopter blade spins on earth at around 400 km/h (216.45 knots, 249.09 mph). With counter-rotating rotors, sometimes helicopters can go faster. So multiply this by 5 and we get at least 1245.45mph. Amazing NASA, simply AMAZING.

All this on a drone? If this is the case then why can we allegedly see the rotors spinning in the footage as shown on the BBC?

Another way to measure rotor speed is obviously RPM, a helicopter rotor spins at around 500 revs per minute.

I sourced this info from how stuff works: Helicopters also make air move over airfoils to generate lift, but instead of having their airfoils in a single fixed-wing, they have them built into their rotor blades, which spin around at high speed (typically about 400–500 RPM on a small helicopter or about 225 RPM on a huge Chinook.

According to researchers from Virginia Tech, the average drone on earth spins its rotors at around 5000 and 8000 rpm.

The video below shows NASA allegedly testing this Mars drone in what they claim to be a space simulator.

You will notice one of the successful flight bearing tests is performed with the drone rotors operating at 2277 rev per minute. I find this odd because this test (below) is said to be in a vacuum with no air creating space-like conditions. But, on earth we fly drones with an rpm of 5000, on Mars the air density is said to be almost non-existent, so, should a drone to be used on Mars have more rpm than one used on earth and not around 50% less?

We have no way of knowing what the alleged air pressure is in the chamber. And remember, a helicopter needs air to create lift, the Mars drone is said to be spinning 5x faster than an earth-based helicopter to generate this lift on Mars, but, truth be told, the alleged helicopter flying on Mars is not even operating faster than an earth-based drone.


I have already posed the question years ago, that if we are always up in space on international space stations and silly little missions, then why has nobody ever got there and done what humans do naturally and had sex to conceive a kid in space?

Humans are fascinated with the mile high club so I am sure the first thing anyone would say (even joking) would be “let’s have space sex” and, “if you get pregnant, we have had the first baby conceived in space”.

But, for some reason, they have never done that. There are many reasons why, if you believe a word these clowns say that is.

Still, It does not stop them from lying and being caught in the act. As seen in the video below. If they can lie about this then what else do they lie about? EVERYTHING?

In fact, we would not even be able to talk in space, there is no air, therefore, there is no sound and no air to carry any sounds so we simply would be mute, imagine that.

In space, no one can hear you scream. I repeat this is because there is no air in space – it is a vacuum. Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

I can carry on all week and I am not even a scientist, BUT, I have not got a lettuce instead of a brain in my head either.

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