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Summer Wells Reward Fund Scam Exposed As YouTbube Explodes

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Summer Wells Reward Fund Scam Exposed by Enchanted LifePath as YouTuber’s rage at the deceptive network of unofficial Fundraisers days after Tennessee State Secretary Officers Confirm Enchanted LifePath concerns had exposed criminal activity.

Outrage erupted on YouTube overnight as a group of unofficial Summer Wells Fundraisers were out to thousands of viewers who reacted to a sensational live stream from True Crime YouTuber Tiffanny Marie who allowed people who had been left feeling conned in a $32k scam where the host doxxed people asking for refunds,

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Members of the public and hosts of various YouTube channels united on the live stream where people were given a platform to voice their disgust in the actions at Q Carlock and her friends who emerged from the day classed as bandits who could not be trusted.

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Tiffany Marie had also expressed concerns at the way the fundraising was being conducted by Q Carlock, John Q Cue, Scott H Has Thoughts, and how the use of unofficial payment portals was used to direct subscribers to make donations to Carlock’s PayPal and Cash App to unlawfully raise funds.

The scandalous fundraiser titled the ‘Summer Wells Reward Fund Marathon’ lasted for over a week with the channels often streaming live for over 12 hours whilst using while using other creators to direct more views to their feeds with emotionally triggering videos.

The events came almost two weeks after members of the scam network admitted that they agreed with Enchanted LifePath concerns about the reward fund and how it was being conducted.

This admission came when the group had raised $16k, but despite admitting they agreed with the points raised by Enchanted LifePath TV on YouTube, the scammers continued to push members of the public to raise a total alleged to be over $32k.

Information was sent to investigators who had become interested in the information gathered by Enchanted lifePath as those supporting and hosting the Marathon acted like animals as they were trying to escape the pressure they were under from Enchanted LifePath and subscribers who know what they were seeing as wrong.

The information was enough for investigators to confirm that criminal activity had been exposed.

One of the hosts of the tainted fundraiser was Scott H who took to the airwaves to vent his anger towards women who disputed his attitude towards them when questioning him on using sexually insulting language to bat away any opposition.

Scott’s behaviour led to him doxxing himself by revealing his surname which then led to his full details being released by other people who were not happy with his horrid ways.

Scott can be seen in this Enchanted LifePath video documenting his questionable behaviour despite him wanting the trust of the masses whilst conducting a dubious money grab in the name of the missing 5-year-old girl, Summer Wells.

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Enchanted LifePath Statement To Q Carlock early on October 26th, 2021. This was prior to the events that unfolded on YouTube later on in the evening.

Enchanted LifePath #SummerGate Statement

[Hi Q Carlock Why have you STILL not shown the entire incomings into all accounts yet? You could have raised $85k and we do not know because you won’t show and you continue to be deceptive making videos showing wrong timeframes in your PayPal and expecting us to believe it.

That is the first thing. Next, you are all playing stupid but I can untangle your deception very swiftly so you can make as many of these silly posts as you like, the truth is you can put $100 million into CIVIS, BUT, it would still have all been unlawfully obtained, (just like your alleged $31k+) which has been confirmed by the investigators at TN Charitable Solicitations Division of the Tennessee Secretary of State office on Friday gone.

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So, whilst you continue to guide your stance through a house of mirrors where you bend and distort what is being said (and accuse me of slander), I have obtained your location and as per the points made by the Sec State Investigators in TN. Because you are out of TN it has to fall on feds desks and the nature of the “Exposed Criminal Activity” means this is now considered a lead for federal agencies to pick up on.

People taking part in the unlawful marathon living in TN are sitting ducks for the TN investigators to forward all info they have from me which they agree is evidence of criminal activity, on to higher agencies and I am sure that has already taken place.

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Also, as you were taking payments from people you had to adhere to privacy laws, and what you did by naming donors who wanted refunds was against privacy laws, we have GDPR laws for data breaches here in the UK and I am sure the same sort of regulations govern you in Nevada too, so may I ask you what are you doing?

I am quite concerned with your actions over the last 24 hours (as of the date and time of this post) when you proceeded to bully your donors who are members of the public who chose to view your channel or others that you and your network lured them where they were emotionally manipulated into donating, although I understand that many will have donated through their own choice but a lot of people have fallen foul to the psychology used on them.

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You have since published videos that breach your data confidentiality duties with the members of the public who asked for refunds being humiliated during your uploads, and at least one live stream with Scot H Has Thoughts that I have screen recorded at length when you both singled out a subscriber who had requested a refund.

Your actions and anger towards those people are still on display for thousands of viewers to see and form an unfair opinion, leaving them open to potential hassle, worry, and stress.

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I see your actions as intentional infliction of emotional distress, within the definition of the phrase, if not the legal manner.

The lady who was singled out during your appearance on Scott H, stream on October 24, had another one of the marathon operatives known as LipLocked NoMore in the live chat stating in capital letters how the donation refund request had brought SHAME on the donor.

Emotional guilting was used as the person was told they were not taking money away from the fund but from Summer.

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This was emotional abuse of your viewer/donor and may form as a defence barrier to yourself for anyone else thinking of requesting a refund.

The most shocking thing that has come from your recent spats with the people who donated to your unofficial Summer Wells Reward Fund payment portals is that you obtained peoples personal information and we know you are prepared to use it to intimidate, as we have seen in your own videos, and when you were on with Scott H.

I have not finished on the most shocking aspects but this is layered, and the next worry is that people who have ordered from your merchandise store have given up their address to you for delivery purposes.

Many people will be in fear of that now and it is you at the center of it all. So far you have proven you can not be trusted with the details of the members of the public who feel that they would rather you returned their money so they can donate directly to the Official Summer Wells Reward Fund via Civis bank if that is their choice after learning the marathon is not as open as they first thought given your lack of transparency and anger on being asked to provide it when raking in an alleged $31k+.

Did you, or any of your network of fundraisers and emotional cheerleaders use YouTube’s Fundraising Options and Policies? Are you even enabled to use those options?

The bigger question is, are you a registered charity or fundraiser? If so, can we see a copy of your 5013c registration status please as it would be nice for your donors, and myself, to know you have that documentation?

The next issue is how you, along with your Summer Wells Reward Fund Marathon colleagues, unlawfully directed donors to your own payment portals such as PayPal and CashApp to receive donations and not to the official Fund at Civis bank.

Who gave you the authority to do any of the above? I have not slandered you, I have asked you for full transparency and you have ignored it.

I want to see all incoming totals from Oct 9 to the 17th.

Not just the previous 7 days as you posted over the weekend because that misses a huge 5 days of fund-raising.

You carry on showing donors personal details and you just create more reasons to have more agencies looking into you.

I have a lot to update everyone on after your latest attempts to avoid the big question and show us all incomings in the time frame in question in all apps too.

Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day.

Enchanted LifePath.]

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