Blood Money Benny Keyz

Benny Keyz wanted to kill the father of missing Summer Wells when he visited their home.

Benny Keyz: A Texas man who alleges to be a family advocate for missing children claimed that he wanted to murder the father of 6-year-old Tennessee girl, Summer Wells, who vanished from her home on June 15th, 2021.

Benjamin Lindsey, 43, also known as Blood Money Benny Keyz, and Hittman Benny Keyz, made the shocking claim despite stating he is conducting victim advocacy work on behalf of the family.

The violent remark came as Lindsey was being interviewed on YouTube by the host of a channel called Voices Behind The Wall on April 19, 2022.

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Lindsey traveled to Tennessee in December to defend the parents of Summer Wells as a host of controversial YouTubers descended on 110 Ben Hill Road.

Benjamin, who currently lives with his mum and step-father at 101 Pecan St, Terrell, TX 75160, USA, expressed his feelings when asked what were his regrets during his time on the case.

He said: “The thing that I’m most regretful of is that I didn’t kill Don Wells when I had a chance.

“I was there and he was not in his right mind, there was a knife on the counter and I thought this fool make one shifty move imma put this knife in his neck.

“I had to restrain myself that night and I felt like the world would be better off without him.

“It’s the truth there was a point in time during that trip where I aimed to kill that man and I didn’t”.

The interviewer, known as Cher, added to the statement by revealing how Benny Keyz also boasted that he wanted to gut Don Wells “like a fish in the woods”.

This was confirmed by Lindsey who repeated his thoughts in a live stream, that has had over 23k views on YouTube.


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The disturbing comments came just two weeks after Benny had admitted he is a sociopath who eats narcissists”,

Benny who is also known to have lived in Plano, shared this opinion of himself on April, 4, as a worrying trend continues in the behavior of the man known as Blood Money.

He said: “I’ve been hearing people use my name next to a narcissist man and I’m like, a narcissist, look here the sociopath in me eats narcissists like you’re describing for breakfast”.

“I’m here to tell you man I am not a narcissist I am sociopathic I’m a sociopath.

He continued: “I come from a long line of sociopaths.

“I come from a long line of sociopaths that don’t know how to restrain the sociopath in them.

“I spent my whole life damn near trying to train myself”.

More Threats

The astonishing online behaviour from Benny Keyz escalated into serious cyberbullying of his YouTube peers as he recently began to make violent threats on the video-sharing platform.

Lindsey constructed a set of lies that were designed to have his army of supporters gathering information on the owner of the Enchanted LifePath YouTube channel which has been covering his horrid ways.

Benny stated that he will pay his subscribers for links and timestamps that would help him file false privacy claims against the independent news outlet based in Liverpool, UK.

This came after he had made more ruthless remarks online by stating he would like to create a chance encounter with ELP to do serious harm.

Benny Keyz intent

Keyz then posted screenshots with the name and address details of the owner of Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media on his YouTube community page.

Mr. Lindsey’s actions were viewed as further intent to cause alarm and distress to the reporter at Enchanted LifePath.

Texas law states it unlawful to send electronic communications revealing personal, identifying information of another person without consent and with the intent to harm or defraud another.

The video below shows Benny telling YouTuber, Dolly Vision, that he is going to drag him into the woods by his head and take him fishing without a fishing rod.

Benny said this on his own channel on April, 29, 2022.

This horrific threat appears to resemble what he said about wanting to gut Don Wells in the woods like a fish.

James, the owner of Dolly Vision commented that he had been verbally threatened by Benny and he was looking to take action due to the nature of the threats.

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He was known within the true crime community on YouTube prior to the Summer Wells case as he had played a key role in disrupting the public perception around the murder of 4-year-old Cash Gernon in May 2021.

Benny is thought to have had post-murder relations with Monica Sherrod who Cash was staying with when he was taken from his bed.

Lindsey had also placed himself in aftermath of the vanishing of Bakersfield boys, Cincere and Classic Pettus, also known as Orrin, 4, and Orsen, 3, West.

Benny has been involved with the family of Summer Wells since he gained the trust of her parents by using his YouTube channel as a platform to perform damage control against any criticism of the under-fire couple from Rogersville, Tennessee.

His audience once witnessed him disemboweling a dog before boasting about his knife skills when threatening to use them on another YouTuber.

The Summer Wells case has been at the center of many controversial events conducted by YouTube channels including an unlawful reward fund marathon which was held in the missing child’s name in October 2021.

A documentation video (below) of Lindsey’s threats and claims shows even more chaos from the man who has inserted himself into the cases of other missing children to a very negative effect.

Video: Multiple Benjamin Lindsey aka Benny Keyz Threats Documented For Report To Duncanville Police Department, TX.

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Benny Keyz Was Paid To “Shut Me Up” & Threats @BLOOD MONEY BENNY KEYZ @HITTMAN BENNYKEYZ

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Benny Keyz Fake Child Advocate Talks About Child Abuse In A Disturbing Way

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