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Emotional manipulation takes place when a manipulative person gains power over someone else by employing dishonest or exploitive tactics.

Emotional manipulators will try to alter the reality of a scenario using psychological warfare to gain an advantage with lies, misquoting, guilting, and exaggerating extremes to gain a response.

This will be done in order to confuse.

A person will use manipulation of a target’s emotions to hold power within a certain situation.

Another trait of an emotionally manipulative person is they will seek total control of their victim, or victims.

The person who is pushing a manipulative agenda will be doing it to benefit themselves, or a cause they believe in.

Emotional abuse and emotional manipulation can be common subjects within psychology, behavioral science, and even the law when considering the Tort Law of intentional infliction of emotional distress, which falls under the extremes of manipulation.

A common search on Wikipedia tells us:

Manipulation is the use of means to exploit, control, or otherwise influence others to one’s advantage. In the extreme, it is a stratagem of tricksters, swindlers, and impostors who disrespect moral principles and take advantage of others’ frailty and gullibility. At the very least, manipulation is influence used to gain control, benefits, or privileges at the expense of others.

“Manipulation differs from general influence and persuasion. Influence is generally perceived to be harmless as it respects the right of the influenced to accept or reject it and it is not unduly coercive. Persuasion is the ability to move others to a desired action, usually within the context of a specific goal. Influence and persuasion are neither positive nor negative”.

An emotional manipulator will project self-doubt inside you if you question something or make a suggestion.

This will be achieved by making you feel guilty for highlighting an issue, this results in you being made to feel bad for expressing concerns.

Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation may be used to seek financial gain using a lot of the methods that I have covered.

For instance, the case of the missing Tennessee girl, Summer Wells, which has been covered extensively by YouTubers who operate more like a criminal network using emotional manipulation to exploit viewers into donating funds to their channels for many reasons including unlawful reward fundraisers.

Creators will also generate fake fights with each other to manipulate emotional peaks that keep the subscribers watching as another drama unfolds.

They will also generate fake leads and rumours within the case to again, trigger a mass public response that suits the scheming agenda.

This has been going on for over 12 months in the case of Summer Wells but it is not the first rodeo for many of the creators in question.

Another form of emotional abuse and guilting that has been going on around the Summer Wells story surrounds the church that the missing girl attended with her family.

The Kingsport Seventh Day Adventist church filmed Summer Wells on multiple occasions as she attended church.

These streams were broadcast on YouTube via the church’s own channel.

Members of the church were said to have had access to Summer Wells during days out with her Sabbath school teacher Robin Lane and David Dotson, if we are to believe Summer’s father Don Wells, who spoke of this during an interview with the Behaviour Panel in Winter, 2021.

Tennessee is a mandated reporter state which means any person must report signs of abuse or neglect concerning a child.

Summer Wells Sabbath School teacher, Robin Lane spoke of a time when she first saw the young girl with a shaved head and she asked her mum, Candus Bly, who replied “it was a cool Summer cut”, Robin replied with a giggle.

This was allegedly around a month before Summer Wells vanished on June 15th, 2021.

Summer Wells lived in conditions that are not acceptable for a child and her bedroom was likened to a dungeon in a horror movie. The type of place where a kid would think the bogey man lives.

The constant filming of children within the church is also notable as nobody can guarantee that a potential child snatcher is not monitoring the feeds.

Again, this is a concern, but it is when I point out these concerns that the huge backlash begins.

After publishing a video on June 18th, pointing out how Robin Lane had potentially failed children in regards to safety and safeguarding, I was raising concerns about her actions after she filmed young girls at a prayer vigil for Summer Wells in June 2021.

Robin Lane, later went on to try to file charges against YouTuber, Molly Go Lightly for filming her child inside the Kingsport SDA church in January 2022.

Robin Lane was a key figure in the Summer Wells prayer circles that were hosted by Timmy Etherton who also featured in my child safeguarding video as he is an adult who plays the kid’s online game Roblox which carries many police warnings about predatory activity taking place on the application which attracts kids aged between 5-11 years old.

The controversial kids’ game has featured naked characters that are designed by players on the game who can create their own levels, which also doubles up as a chat room with a community of people with similar interests.

Sometimes the interest may be children and it can be nefarious as proven by many parents who have caught their child being actively groomed by a predator within the platform.

As I was about to Publish this video I popped over to another YouTuber known as Tiffany Marie who was live and I told her in chat that I was about to publish a video on Robin Lane with information that may be helpful to parents as it was a safeguarding video and not many people know about the dangers that the video highlighted.

Tiffany Marie strangely asked me to go easy on Robin Lane, as this was going on within a minute, I noticed that a channel who is a former friend of mine called Why? Crime was in the chat also.

She was questioning a lady in the chat also, who was called Vilomah.Unstuck. I did not know what was going on in the chat, or in Tiffany Marie’s live stream as I had been editing for hours, and tracking my final render of the video, at the time I entered Tiffany Marie’s channel, I was uploading my video to YouTube which is why I alerted her as it was imminent.

A debate of such was taking place about Vilomah and her YouTube profile name was brought up in the chat in regards to it being connected to lost children, so in a bid to understand this, I went to Google and looked at the word Vilomah meaning and found an answer which also led to an awareness of lost children as in parents who have lost children through bereavement and not through abduction.

I saw this in 2 minutes and that was enough for me to know that it was not her name, but instead, a screen name connected to an awareness movement of some sort. I left that where it was and went to monitor my upload.

between 24-48 hours later I received information about Vilomah that paired her previous name, up with the names that we see in the case of Summer Wells.

Vilomah was known as a Trent due to a previous marriage, Trent’s owned the land that Summer Wells lived on before it was transferred to her dad Don Wells, Vilomah’s background check also showed she had family members or close family connections also named Wells.

Vilomah had been a staunch defender of Robin Lane and the church, as well as having names that connected to the case, it may have just been a coincidence that she shared these names but the point was noted and Vilomah then went on a huge operation of emotional manipulation, containing the most hideous lies a mother could tell as she used the death of her late son, to manipulate the audience into thinking Enchanted LifePath had contacted her son’s friend, and her family members, as well as herself whilst alleging threats were also made.

All of this was said across the period of June 22-29 on YouTube channels such as BombShell Reloaded and Just No Receipts, who were pivotal, along with Tiffany Marie, in allowing the lies to be told daily, without any proof of claim being provided, or even asked for.

A week went on and as the days ticked over, still no proof was provided by Vilomah or any of her co-conspirators, yet they continued to support a slanderous mother who used her son’s death to manipulate a situation of guilt, to trick everyone into believing her horrid lies.

Vilomah used what appeared to be fake tears to coerce the public into thinking Enchanted LifePath and Why Crime had actually contacted her, or her family, as well as her son’s best friend who she falsely claims, was asked: “if he was the murderer”.

Vilomah then went on a continuous thread of lies and deception as she carried on making false claims throughout other YouTuber’s chats such as a very disgruntled lady Train Wreck who began to verbally sexually harass Enchanted LifePath via her channel.

Vilomah, whose real name is Stephanie, showed very aggressive manners in her interviews with desperate drama YouTubers who failed to acknowledge her lack of evidence to support any of her claims after more than a week.

Vilomah can be seen warning parents (On Facebook) that if their kids come back home to them black and blue (from Vilomah beating them up) then they should be happy they got home after she was seen to be very angry about eggs being thrown at her car.

The video and screenshots below prove my claims in her own words, Vilomah has never once provided proof of any of her hideous, psychotic claims.

Emotional Manipulation is rife in the YouTube True Crime community and a mother is using the death of her son to spread slanderous lies.

The image below shows her violent threat to local children.

The YouTuber’s who have enabled Vilomah’s lies include Karen Shell, aka BombShell ReloaDed, Just The Receipts, and Tiffany Marie.

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