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A key witness in the investigation into the Summer Wells Reward Fund scandal has been threatened with sodomy by a suspect just hours after court documents revealed Fiona O’Connor’s identity online.

Miss O’Connor had been named in civil proceedings launched by Church Hill Rescue Squad after she raised concerns regarding the legitimacy of cash generated through an unlawful fundraiser held by YouTubers in October 2021.

Susan Brewer, who hosts the YouTube channel LipLocked NoMore, reacted to the news of an imminent court case by making violent remarks in a video posted on Wednesday where she threatened to inflict sexual harm on Miss O’Connor.

Susan Brewer told Fiona that she knows who she is before going on to make graphic statements with the 70-year-old insisting she would like to use a wire brush to sodomize O’Connor until a truck could do a u-turn in her backside.

The comments were seen as witness intimidation as they came after Fiona O’Connor’s personal details were published by the court before YouTubers began to show the documents further revealing her identity and location.

Susan Brewer was reported to Herber Springs Police department on Wednesday afternoon.

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Brewer a pensioner from Herber Springs, Arkansas, played a key role in the solicitation of funds into the payment portals of Qiana Carlock instead of the official fund which was held at Civis Bank.

Fiona O’Connor brought the fundraiser into disrepute after she sent a letter to Church Hill Rescue Squad who swiftly requested that all funds be frozen and directed to the Hawkins County Chancery Court.

Summer Wells Scamathon

An article from a Tennessee-based news outlet, WJHL, revealed the details of the case on Tuesday, July 5th, along with the names of Q Carlock, and Fiona O’Connor.

Susan Brewer has been known to make violent sexual threats on her YouTube channel in the past when she told a male viewer of her channel that she would like to sexually assault him with a 12-inch sex toy that she keeps on her dresser.

Brewer made the remarks as she came under pressure for her part in the Summer Wells Reward Fund Scamathon which was confirmed to have been criminal activity by the Charitable Solicitations Division in Tennessee after evidence was handed in by Enchanted LifePath.

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Susan Brewer teamed up with fellow YouTubers, Scott H, Penny from True Crime Commentary, and John Q Cue, as the group funneled viewers to each other’s channels in a bid to keep a flow of unlawfully solicited donations going to co-host Q Carlock’s CashApp and PayPal payment portals.

Summer Wells Scamathon

The Summer Wells Reward Fund was hijacked by the YouTubers in October after it was set up by Tim Coup and the Church Hill Rescue Squad on June 28th, 2021.

Summer Wells (aged 5 at the time), vanished from her Rogersville home on Ben Hill Rd on June 15th, 2021.

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Fiona O’Connor has spearheaded the investigation into the reward fund scandal alongside Enchanted LifePath and friends with over 8 months of documentation and reports on the scheme and a 50-minute video (above) shows a detailed look at how the funds were unlawfully obtained.

A video documenting the actions of LipLocked NoMore on YouTube during the unregulated fundraiser can be seen below.

The Story Of LipLocked NoMore – Susan Brewer’s Barmy Behaviour – Summer Wells Reward Fund Scamathon

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