Tiffany Marie's Magic Summer Wells Reward Fund Cheque Mystery

Tiffany Marie’s $1500 donation to Summer Wells reward fund raises questions after her cheque is not listed on Church Hill Rescue Squad total.

Confusion Over Details Leads To Further Questions Around Magical Mystery Vanishing Payment

Church Hill Rescue Squad Civil Court Case Comes After Letter Sent Highlighting Issues With Summer Wells Reward Fund Following Tiffany Marie’s $1500 Vanishing Cheque.

Tiffany Marie, who appears to host a crisis-acting drama channel on YouTube, added controversy around a missing child’s reward fund after confusion around her invisible donation directly led to a letter being sent to Church Hill Rescue Squad who opened civil proceedings to determine the fate of the money.

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The Summer Wells Reward Fund was opened up a week after the Tennessee girl, then aged 5, vanished from her home on Ben Hill Road in Rogersville on June 15, 2021.

The official reward fund was hijacked by schemers on YouTube who lured donors to unregulated payment portals belonging to Qiana Carlock.

Investigators at the State Attorney’s Charitable Solicitations Division confirmed in October that criminal activity had been exposed by Enchanted LifePath, who sent details of the unlawful reward fundraiser dubbed the Marathon by its hosts.

Tiffany Marie’s Magical Mystery Vanishing Cheque

On June 7th, the host of another crisis-acting drama channel on YouTube, known as Ziggy, conducted a live stream in which she accused Tiffany Marie of not sending a check that she states she had.

Tiffany Marie’s response was to show a copy of her cheque that she claims proves that she did send $1500 to Civis Bank between September and October 2021.

Tiffany Marie's Summer Wells Reward Fund Cheque

It was after seeing this cheque from Tiffany that a conversation took place between Enchanted LifePath and Fiona O’Connor who has a bachelor’s degree in law and has worked as a police advisor for a career of over 25 years.

During the conversation, a letter was drawn up by Miss O’Connor who sent a copy to Enchanted LifePath who posted it to Church Hill Rescue Squad in Tennessee.

An email version of the letter was sent on June 8th, and the printed version was posted on June 9th before Enchanted LifePath uploaded a video on the 13th predicting the Summer Wells Reward Fund could be about to be frozen, withdrawn, and fully investigated.

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That prediction seemed to be coming true 10 days later when on June 23rd, Church Hill Rescue Squad member Tim Coup made a public statement regarding the reward when he said that funds would be sent to the court who would be left to decide what should happen to the money.

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The letter that was posted was held at the Church Hill Post Office for over a week before being signed for by a Church Hill Rescue Squad representative on June 29th.

Church Hill Rescue Squad filed a petition to begin court proceedings to determine the fate of the summer Wells Reward Fund on June 30th and it was later announced by local news outlets including WJHL and Rogersville Review on July 5th.

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It was during a friendly but investigatory email from Enchanted LifePath to YouTuber Tiffany Marie on June 7th, that Tiffany Marie began to dig a hole for herself further with her explanation of her missing cheque funds on the final total.

Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media had covered the reward fund scandal extensively along with friends including Miss O’Connor, to report the reward fund to authorities and make the public aware of the actions of those involved.

Tiffany Marie knew that ELP had all angles of the reward fund marathon covered and she seemed to try to deflect attention from her shortfallings when she fell for a ploy for information as she used a narrative Enchanted had suggested to her as fact although it was more of a trick to see what she would say.

Tiffany Marie's Magic Summer Wells Reward Fund Cheque Mystery

The screenshot above shows the update from Church Hill Rescue Squad AFTER the unlawful reward fund marathon was held by YouTubers Q Carlock and friends.

The diagram further explains how from the date of the start of the reward fund, up until the start of the illegal marathon, only $4000 had been raised by the public.

This meant people who were unaccounted for (meaning they) were not public figures, YouTubers, or mentioned by news outlets.

The final total on the diagram of $73.705.90, matches all the cash amounts stated on the page, they all add up to the final figure, this posed the question of where is Tiffany Marie’s $1500 cheque?

This question was put to Tiffany Marie in the emails from ELP on June 7th, 8, 9th.

The emails explained how Tiffany’s cheque had opened up questions about the reward fund in its entirety because if money sent by donors was not in the final total, then this is a red flag.

Info in the emails also explained how Tiffany’s cheque was written on September 20, 2021, but the only total close to the $1500 she alleges she sent, is a $2000 payment made on September 7, almost 2 weeks before Tiffany had written hers out.

Tiffany was told that there were 19 unaccounted for donors on the list as depicted above, but she mistook this information and misinterpreted it as meaning 19 people had sent money in that was not on the list also.

This was wrong, the email sent to Tiffany was saying 19 members of the public had donated up until the start of the reward fund marathon held by Q Carlock, the 19 unaccounted for meaning non-publicised.

Tiffany never replied to the first email so a follow-up was sent in which she was told about the $2000 payment on CHRS totals on September 7, and how that is the only place her cheque may fit in but it’s impossible to be that because the payment pre-dates Tiffany’s cheque being written-out.

Tiffany acknowledges that her cheque does not fit in and she claimed she was trying to make sense of it, she took the suggestion that they may have put her total in somewhere with another total.

The $2000 on September 7 was the last large payment on the list, ruling out Tiffany Marie’s cheque which will now be presented to the Hawkins County Chancery Court as an exhibit during the hearing when an audit of all funds is likely to be requested.

The list was published by WJHL in a news article on December 10, 2021, titled: Summer Wells Reward Fund Reaches Nearly $74k

She has not been live about it wanting to know why her $1500 is not on the total despite having concerns about Q Carlock’s reward fund marathon as well as the conduct f many involved in the scandal.

Tiffany Marie then seemed to take the information that Enchanted LifePath had explained to her and she confused the number 19 for being people who had also come forward to state they too had made payments that were not on the list.

This was wrong and Tiffany’s friend, another person whose reputation on youtube is one of someone who uses emotional manipulation to garner funds from subscribers.

BombShell Reloaded host Karen Shell stated in a live stream that she called Civis Bank and spoke to the Summer Wells Reward Fund account manager who told her that the total was not the full list of payments.

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Karen’s claims that the bank had spoken to her about the total is despite local news outlet WJHL publishing an article in which it is claimed that the total was complete.

It is doubted that the bank spoke to Karen who was also heard repeating the number 19 and saying that other people had came forward to say they had payments that were not seen on the list also.

Tiffany had given Enchanted LifePath the go-ahead to investigate the whereabouts of her cheque as she claimed circumstances around the reward fund had gone wonky.

As an alleged donor who made an alleged payment to Civis Bank, Tiffany Marie’s lies mean that she is accusing Civis of wrongdoing concerning her cheque.

Tiffany Marie went on to state that she will be calling the bank to see why her money was not listed on the total but it is not known if she ever did call the bank.

The lies from Tiffany Marie were confirmed by Karen Shell who finally admitted that she lied about Tiffany’s cheque to help cover for Tiffany who had been making people believe that she cared about Summer Wells for over 12 months.

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Tiffany came under fire in November when her internet sidekick known as AB, who supported her for longer than Bombshell Reloaded, came out confirming Tiffany had told him she lied about the cheque.

Tiffany’s reputation turned to shit in an instant even though it was long proven that she is a liar.

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Tiffany recently responded after a week of YouTube exile to declare she did not care about her lies and people wanting her to say sorry we’re setting their expectations of her far too high.

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