the many faces of summer wells

The Many Faces of Summer Wells are analysed as certain images of the alleged missing girl appear to be other boys dressed as Summer. But why?

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Summer Moon Utah Wells is a missing 6 year old girl from Rogersville, Tennessee.

Summer is alleged to have vanished from her home at 110 Ben Hill Road in the Beech Creek area of Hawkins County, on June 15th, 2021.

Her parents Don Wells, and Candus Bly, claim she was taken after returning home from a day out with her mum, grandmother, and a family friend.

There are many strange factors in the case, although non are more alarming than the appearance of Summer Wells who was often shown with a shaved head in an unclean, and under-nourished way in many photographs, and videos posted online by her parents.

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The many faces of Summer Wells

Will the real Summer Wells please stand up?

Close inspection of the available footage and photographs of Summer Wells reveal some irregularities in her appearance that often go overlooked by many observers of the case.

The pictures below show Summer with her brothers, mum Candus, and grandmother also called Candus.

The pictures were allegedly taken on a trip to Gatlinburg theme park in Tennessee about a week before Summer Wells went missing.

The images all show a very thin and uncomfortable looking blonde haired child who is wearing the same clothes that Summer Wells was wearing in a video of her swimming at the Warriors Path horse pond on the day she went missing around a week later.

Summer can be seen below in screenshots from footage of her swimming on June 15th in the same pink top, and an image of Summer asleep in her grandmother’s truck as they allegedly made their way home from errands on June 15th. The last image on the right is from the Gatlinburg trip prior to June 15th.

The Many Faces of Summer Wells are analysed as certain images of the alleged missing girl appear to be other boys dressed as Summer. But why?
From left to right – June 15th, June 15th, June 5-11 Approx.

Summer Wells in Gatlinburg

The Gatlinburg images are what raise the most questions under analysis as they appear to show two different people.

Alleged picture of Summer Wells. Same clothes but clearly a different person.

The images that were taken of Summer with her brothers show the very skinny child who has a different shape head from the one shown inside a well known jewellery, and stone market called Smoky Mountain Relic Room.

The next image is a comparison.

This in my opinion seems to look more like two different boys who have been dressed to look like Summer Wells.

These images were taken a week apart.

Do you think they all look like the same person?

Let’s compare the face of the person in the stone shop compared to other images of Summer.

Look at the eye shape, the head, ears, mouth, chin, hairline, expressions.

Who is the child in the shop photograph and why is the person being presented as Summer Wells?

Is it Summer Wells in all of the images or is it more than one person being portrayed as Summer?

A look at the ears also raises questions such as do they all line up to the person in the shop photograph?

In my opinion, the person in the shop is a boy dressed in a Summer Wells outfit.

The questions are, who is it and why is he dressed like Summer Wells in a picture that is alleged to be on the same day that summer Wells visited Gatlinburg?

Thousands of people have observed images of Summer Wells on a daily basis for over 12 months, yet still, it is frowned upon when the inconsistencies in her pictures are highlighted.

I will ask again, do you think the child who looks like a boy in the shop who is dressed in the same clothing is Summer Wells? Do you think that person looks like the same person in the images from the Gatlinburg trip who is alleged to be Summer Wells with her brothers, mum, and grandmother?

Do you see the many faces of Summer Wells?

A new image of Summer Wells was posted by online and I have now got that picture to compare to others.

Look at the chin and compare it to that of the person in the relic room photograph.

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