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Don Wells Gets Ready For The Bad Behaviour Panel

Don Wells is next with this newest song in the dance-off parody series

It is a grim Don Wells V Buffalo Bill dance-off from hell

Donnie Disco is the track title so the parody song can be called Donnie Darko Disco.

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This is a video that captures the grim elements of 110 Ben Hill Rd, the home of missing Tennessee child, Summer Wells.

The home bedroom of Summer Wells is compared to the pit in the movie Silence of The Lambs, and Don Wells is compared to Buffalo Bill, in this parody shocker.

Summer Wells bedroom looks more like a hideous dungeon, and the mattress that we see in the video is not fit for animals to sleep on, let alone any child.

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The nature of events surrounding the fate of Summer Wells is still unknown, many scenarios could be possible, and the case has many suspects.

Is this by design? I don’t know, but the visuals that we see in Summer’s home, are alarming, as is the behaviour, and language from her parents, most notably, her father, Don Wells.

Don has stated more than once, that he has visited places where kids are being trafficked and are for sale.

Here we see the second time he has made this type of claim.

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During the same interview, Don Wells went on to say that he was driving on a near-by mountain one day, while armed with a gun, despite being a felon, when he spotted a 5-year-old girl who was alone.

He explains how he had concerns for the girl so he approached her and her parents home, who reacted by accusing him of trying to snatch their child, who Don claims was the same age as his daughter was when she allegedly disappeared into thin air.

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Other insane moments from the call that Don made to a YouTuber known as Smileys Story World, incude Don violently explaining what he feels may have happened to his daughter.

Don goes into graphic detail when stating Summer Wells may have been hot over the head with a hammer, or even raped, and killed.

It is the ease of which he said it, along with the other statements that he made, that raise questions about his mental state, and his mindset.

What he says very may well be a possibility, but it is how he says it that raises eyebrows.

It is thought that Don was intoxicated when making these remarks.

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A call to police, from Candus Wells, in October 2020, appears to reveal a sinister, and unheard before claim from the mother of Summer Wells.

Candus called police to report Don Wells after a disturbance at the family home, in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Candus seems to tell the police dispatch officer who is taking the call, “he fucking raped her”.

This seems to have been missed by the operator.

Don Wells was subject to an application for an order of protection by Candus Wells who stated she feared for the safety of her, and her children.

Don Wells was later charged with possession of a firearm, and any accusations of harm towards Candus or the children were dropped.

Disclaimer: No accusations re made in this article. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This is solely an parody music video, and analysis of what we hear, and see in accounts and statements from Don Wells, and at 110 Ben Hill rd. NO ONE IS BEING ACCUSED of a crime. Thank you.

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