tim mullen

The Ballad of Tim Mullen

This here is the ballad of a man named Tim he comes form Kingsport, calls himself Jim

Well I packed up all my cameras and I did and got my drone

A little girl just gone from Ben Hill, there was a story to be told

Now I know my local history, I can tell you every road, tell you when the tree was planted

When the sun did go and rose.

Pre Chorus

But Finding Summer Wells then I can only sing my song, whi`le you chase around in circles, and I string you all along


My name is Tim the Sandman and I pass the tides of time

Do what ya want, I will just smile, when they say I’m a paedophile. (he said that to WBR – Factual statement)

na na na na na na na na na na nanana

My name is Tim the Sandman and I lurk around true crime

I’ll tell everybody, anyone who wants to know, that Kingsport is the place, come on roll up, enjoy the show

where oh were oh where is Summer Wells?

If you see her please just take her home

To the dungeon where her shadow dwells

On the Hill where it must be living hell

I will form the uppers with the help of Robin Lane

Then recruit bad Benny to fight when we do something strange

Representing Don & Candus, I’m their media manager

People ask what that is, and I dunno I just don’t care

The Ballad of Tim Mullen was brought to you as a parody of Tim Mullen.

Don Wells: Donnie Darko Disco Dance-Off Buffalo 110 Ben Hill Rd

Disclaimer: No accusations re made in this video. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This is solely an parody song analysis of what we hear, and see in accounts and statements from Tim Mullen, and NO ONE IS BEING ACCUSED of a crime. Thank you.

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