HCSO Sends Enchanted LifePath, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, and 55 Westerly Rhode Island Police Officers A Job Application Form As Bizarre Trolling Attempt Fails In Spectacular Fashion

Summer Wells Lead Detective john pruitt gmail email prank backfires
  • It is Believed Summer Wells lead detective John Pruitt attempted to troll ELP with job application but stunt backfires as PDF is sent to 55 Westerly Rhode Island Police officers, and TBI after Candus Wells 911 Call Rape Claim Reported.
  • Questions raised about conduct of HCSO staff.
  • Lead detective on Summer Wells investigation using Gmail Email account to gather information on case.
  • TBI advise on how to make formal complaint to open investigation.
  • A more sinister intimidation tactic used on female member of public who also received HCSO job application form in post after sending letter to HCSO Questioning Ronnie Lawson regarding Summer Wells case.
  • Difficult District Attorney’s Office receptionist claims to know Pruitt at a personal family level?

The lead detective in the Summer Wells investigation has been caught in the middle of a controversial set of events.

It appears as though detective John Pruitt, or Sheriff Ronnie Lawson may have used a Gmail account to troll Enchanted LifePath by sending a PDF job application form to the independent journalist.

It is Believed Summer Wells lead detective John Pruitt attempted to troll ELP with job application but stunt backfires as PDF is sent to 55 Westerly Rhode Island Police officers, and TBI after Candus Wells 911 Call Rape Claim Reported.
Job application form for Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office sent to Enchanted LifePath Feb 16, 2023

The account used by Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) had replied to an email sent by ELP with information discovered in a 911 call made by Candus Wells, to police in October 2020.

The original email to Pruitt was also sent to 55 police officers from Westerly Rhode Island, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI), after they were tagged by Enchanted LifePath.

Somebody at HCSO did not realise they were sending the job application form to the 55 officers in Rhode Island, and the TBI.

This came after questions were raised regarding Pruitt’s use of a Gmail account to receive information regarding Summer Wells.

Enchanted LifePath had contacted HCSO by phone in November 2022, to ask for an email address from Mr. Pruitt who then provided a Gmail address for information to be sent to him.

Pruitt confirmed receiving an email from ELP during the 2022 call, and then further replied to the email to say that he would not be following up on the information.

This established that Pruitt was using the Gmail email address.

Questions Raised Regarding HCSO Gmail Address

It was in February, 2023, that his use of a non-government assigned email address was highlighted and questions were asked if it is best practice to be using Gmail at HCSO in a high profile case?

Calls were made to various police, and Sheriff’s departments in Eastern Tennessee in a bid to gain an understanding of how other forces conduct communications, and gather info, from the public.

HCSO were called and the operator stated: “If that is the email he gave you, then that is the one he intends for you to use”, before terminating the call.

Video: Enchanted LifePath Report – Summer Wells: Pruitt HCSO Using Gmail Email For High Profile Case Info! Is This Normal? Police Calls

Kingsport Police Department, Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, and TBI, were also approached for general advice on what type of email system they use, and if they felt that it was normal for a force to be using Gmail?

Each person who was asked confirmed Enchanted LifePath’s feeling that it was not normal for a government official, working for the police, to be using Gmail.

They also stated that their officers use either a .gov email address, or one that is in the name of the force that is in operation, such as Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office being @SCSOTN.Com.

This would be held on the forces own email server which would be more secure, and more professional than the system in use at HCSO.

TBI Advise ELP To Contact District Attorney’s Office

It was when Enchanted LifePath spoke to the District Attorney’s office receptionist, a lady known as Becky Burchett, that she revealed that she had not spoken to Pruitt for three weeks when she “saw him at a family emergency”.

Becky was very difficult during conversations about the subject and appeared to want to gain knowledge on the complaint, and keep the reporter from talking to the attorney.

Two hours later, Enchanted LifePath received the application form in a PDF sent by email from Hawkins County Sheriff’s office via HCSO.Case@Gmail.com.

Enchanted LifePath contacted TBI again to inform them that the lead detective on the case of Summer Wells had resorted to trolling an independent reporter by sending a job application form, from a Gmail address and sent it to TBI, and 55 officers in another State.

The TBI had advised ELP to contact the District Attorney to lodge a formal complaint with a view to it being referred back to TBI for an investigation if anything flagged up.

The video below shows how Burchett conducted herself during the call which was made on February 16, 2023.

Video: Enchanted LifePath Report – Call To District Attorney Office Re Conduct Of Detective John Pruitt – Sec Knows Pruitt Personally

The next screenshot shows how Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media replied to the email from HCSO by alerting them that they had sent it to other agencies also.

The Liverpool based media outlet also asked why they had taken such a step despite knowing the platform, and it’s host, are based in the United Kingdom.

Summer Wells Lead Detective uses Gmail email account to troll independent reporter with job application but his stunt shockingly backfires.

Repeated Behaviour

This is not the first time that Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office has sent a job application form to mock somebody providing information, or wanting to ask questions about the Summer Wells investigation.

It was in late-August 2022, that a lady who hosts a YouTube channel known as Smileys Story World, had sent written communications to HCSO before being issued with a job application form, by post, to her home address.

Video: Smiley’s Story World – #RonnieLawson your 💩 😂 Where is #summerwells you 🐎

YouTube player

It got worse as the letter was addressed to “The concerned citizen who was too chicken to provide their name”.

She then opened the letter to find a job application form for Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.

The screenshot below (taken from the video above) shows the envelope that arrived with the job application form, form Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.

It gets worse as the letter was addressed to "The concerned citizen who was too chicken to provide their name".

This mind-boggling move from the under fire HCSO may be seen as an intimidating communication.

This mind-boggling move from the under fire HCSO may be seen as an intimidating communication.

The Smiley’s Story World YouTube channel host vented her frustrations at HCSO, and Sheriff Ronnie Lawson in an astonishing video that she uploaded to the platform on August 15, 2023.

Before opening the letter, she read out the front of the envelope, she then stated, in disbelief how her mail woman also appeared to be taken back by the odd delivery.

She went on to say: “let me tell you one thing, I am not chicken of anything.

“I am not chicken of Hawkins County Sheriff’s Department”.

“But you tell me, this community should not be mad, the Summer Wells community should not be mad, at whoever wrote this because, this is why you can’t find Summer Wells”.

“And if it was any other business, place of employment!

“I don’t care!

“Low man on the Totem Pole, sales department, janitor work, airport, phone company.

“If they sent out a letter like this, “concerned citizen that was too chicken to include their name”, they would be fired.

“That person would be fired.

“Gone, adios, no job, bye”.

She then asked: “Are you there to play games, or are you fucking there to find Summer Wells?”

Video: Smiley’s Story World – If you can’t trust the police who can you trust ? 😢

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The US Postal service was used to deliver this twisted joke, and it is a wonder if locals with an interest in the Summer Wells case, may be in fear of providing information to what appears to be a rogue force.

The host of Smiley’s Story World contacted local news outlets to alert them to the events surrounding HCSO.

A video below shows how she was approached by a reporter from TimesNews.Net, named Tessa Worley, who asked for further details, including a photograph of the envelope addressed to the so-called concerned chicken citizen.

Video: Smiley’s Story World – Another update on mail I will speak

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Another video uploaded on August 20, 2022, shows how Smiley then sent another letter to Lawson in which she responded to the job application form that was sent from HSCO on August 12, 2022.

Video: – Smiley’s Story World Report – Another letter to #RonnieLawson say you are sorry and where is Summer?

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The next video shows how Ronnie Lawson is alleged to have told reporter Tessa Worley that it is impossible to trace who sent Smiley the letter addressed as being too chicken to leave her name.

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Sheriff Ronnie Lawson Surrounded Controversy

Sheriff Ronnie Lawson was involved in another controversy in Winter 2022, when his son, Brandon Lawson was charged with the sexual abuse of minors at a church which he pastored.

Brandon Lawson was given a 20 year jail sentence, suspended by 19 years to one year in jail, with the remaining time to be served on parole.

Video: WJHL Report – DA: Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s son must register as sex offender after pleading guilty to charges

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Summer Wells has been missing from her home at 110 Ben Hill Road, in Rogersville, Tennessee, since June 15th, 2021.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office have been assisted in the investigation by Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.

John Pruitt has been publicly announced as the lead detective in the search for Summer Wells with Ronnie Lawson overseeing his work which is now surrounded in allegations of petty behaviour and an abuse of power.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office staff have wasted time by being passive aggressive to concerned citizens.

Onlookers think HCSO would have been best served spending that time trying to find Summer Wells who it is alleged has not been seen since June 15, 2021.

This inappropriate behaviour has sparked a large amount of concern from the public who wish to see a more professional approach from Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office when conducting themselves whilst actively working on the search for Summer Wells.

Video: ELP Report – Q Carlock’s Merch Store Mug From Summer Wells Scamathon On Sheriff Ron Lawson’s Desk

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