Wagner: June 24 (66) 24 (6) Hours Before 88th Day After The 88th Day Of The Year March 29 to June 25

Wager Group forces entered Russia on June 24th, 2023 after yevgeny prigozhin allegations that Russian had killed 2000 Wagner PMC’s with a missile strike.

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Find out why June 24th may have been selected for the invasion of Rostov by Wagner Group forces because the date contains many subliminal if not ritualistic, and certainly cryptic 666’s, and 88’s that connect back into a timeline that was discovered by Enchanted LifePath as early as 2021.

Is somebody Wagner the dogs tail on us again with this timely event in the week of the Summer Solstice and the Titan Submarine fiasco with OceanGate and the gang?

How I predicted the 2020 Pandemic and WW3 false flag in the form of a Controlled Demolition in one article on December 3, 2018 and put it in the Wayback Machine on the day it was published.

“#Brexit may be a cover story for other events that are in place such as a medical #pandemic or even a #war? All remain to be seen but a lot can be found just by looking and spending time to put the puzzle together” – EnchantedLifePath







Beast Of Revelation Revealed In Covid-19 Date? 42 Months Sep 11, 2023

What I wrote in July 2021.

The need to bring in a massive infrastructure rebuild which could possibly be delivered alongside a mass controlled demolition otherwise known as world war 3.

42 months is 3.5 years. I had a choice to make, do I start the Covid clock from the March 11 date that Covid was declared a pandemic, or the date of the first case. I went with March 11 because it is a date I have covered many times before on Enchanted LifePath due to it being a key date on my Pagan-Calendar-related research as it is the date known as Creation Day. It is also a sneaky 33, 11×3=33.

Creation Day is just one of the names given to the festivals which take place on that day from religions around the world. Other celebrations held on March 11 include The Great Night of Shiva the Destroyer (Song and Dance of Creation and Destruction, Shiva and Kali – CERN), Hercules Day (Hercules is the son Zeus, Satan), and the Vigil and feast for Transcendence.

I went into the Time and Date website that I use to find durations between dates, and this time, it was to add 42 months from March 11, 2020.

The answer was September 11, 2023.

Is September 11, 2023, going to be a date of importance in this global ritual?

This all reminded me of the 9/23 phenomenon that was picked up on in movies and covered by many YouTube channels in the past as they used scare tactics to say asteroids will come on 9/23 to wipe us all out so they could sell prep gear and appease affiliate partnerships.

Other channels covering the more esoteric side of the 9/23 date did a much better job of highlighting how the date or number sequence was shown in various movies, the end total could be hundreds of occasions it was placed as a subliminal message in productions from the entertainment industry.

But the key to the 9/23 date was interesting and I ask if it may not have been the date September 23rd, instead could it have been September 2023?

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September 11 is the 254th day of the year with 111 days remaining until the end of the year.

I will still look at September 23 a moment and straight away it is day 266 with 99 remaining, it is also the date that the UN Climate Summit was held when the brainwashing agenda around that got underway.

I then looked for September 2023 prophecies and as usual, that type of search bought up an interesting result. It was on an article from Yomelijah Yomelijah – Oct 9, 2020.

The article states that the date of the great tribulation is September 22,23 in 2023.

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