Lamplight Theatre owner Billy Wayne Arrington was pictured arriving at court today moments before a bomb scare cleared the courthouse in Kingsport City Civil Court.

Arrington was there to face a civil action from an alleged victim of sexual assault who was requesting an order of protection against the leader of the under-fire Lamplight Theatre.

image of lamplight theatre owner billy wayne arrington arriving at kingsport city civil court

Arrington’s trial was scheduled to begin at 09:30am on Thursday, July 13, 2023, and there was a bomb scare at 09:45, shortly after the Lamplight Theatre owner arrived.

Members of the public were cleared from the building as checks were carried out before the court resumed after lunch at 13:30.

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Footage from the scene shows Arrington arriving as onlookers stated “they have to get the bomb squad for that”.

Local news outlets attended the courthouse after they became aware of the bomb scare.

image of press at trial of lamplight theatre owner billy wayne arrington trial at kingsport city civil court

It is thought both Arrington and an alleged victim have filed claims against each other which resulted in a bridge order being in effect which means neither party can contact each other.

Another trial date has been set for September 8, 2023, at 09:00.

lamplight theatre owner billy wayne arrington court documents

A page on Facebook, Lamplight’s True Stories, which is dedicated to gathering testimonies from alleged victims of Lamplight Theatre members, including allegations against Billy Wayne Arrington, has also posted about today’s events and provided an update to over 1000 followers.

Lamplight Theatre owner Billy Wayne Arrington is thought to have arrived at court with a small group of people.

Lamplight Theatre cult-leader Arrington could be seen holding a yellow envelope as he waited in a queue to enter the courtroom this morning.

Suspicions arose around Lamplight Theatre in 2021 after it’s actors were sent to perform damage control in the case of Missing Tennessee girl Summer Moon Utah Wells.

The odd cult like behaviour from the Lamplighter’s was seen to be an attempt to sway public perception in a favourable way towards the parents of Summer who was aged 5 when she is alleged to have vanished on June 15th, 2021.

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The odd tactics from the Lamplight Theatre members has been subject to many reports from Enchanted LifePath who has raised safeguarding concerns around the actions of various theatre goers in the presence of children.

Lamplight’s Timmy Lee Etherton has often been under the microscope as he along with his colleagues continued to push an abduction theory despite police stating there was no sign of an abduction.

Etherton is known to play Roblox, which is a platform design for kids but is also infiltrated by paedophiles who take to the game to groom children.

The video below show sin great detail how Timmy is proven to do as claimed in this article.

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Plenty of evidence has been documented by Enchanted LifePath including how Lamplight Lareper’s inserted themselves into the Summer Wells case as creepy Timmy Etherton was credited with the organisation of the prayer vigils for the then missing 5 year old.

Red flags were raised around Timmy after his YouTube channel The Merpsters225 was found to host videos that are designed to target children who may then be groomed by Etherton after he is seen talking about fixing his channel so that kids can talk to him.

This means that Timmy had to evade YouTube’s Children’s settings to be able to establish a comment section and live chat feed during his uploads.

This is against YouTube terms of services after lawsuits against the video streaming platform declared children should be more protected whilst using the site.

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Timmy’s strange behaviour along with his Lamplight colleagues continues to attract the attention of Enchanted LifePath and the recent wave of allegations against Billy Arrington on the Lamplight’s True Stories Facebook Page have proven to help confirm the Liverpool based independent media outlets reports over the past 24 months.

Another Lamplight sympathizer named Kelli Jo Dodd Hutson (seen above) lashed out at this report by stating that Enchanted LifePath is a rumour platform despite mountains of evidence that can prove the claims made against the cult-ridden Kingsport theatre.

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