Did JodiSue Brown’s Ex contribute to October 14th 2020 chaos at 110 Ben hill?

Summer Wells neighbour JodiSue Brown claims her ex, Andy Bernard sold drugs to 110 Ben Hill Rd “causing kids to be sedated” and “possibly touched”.

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It was during a live stream that JodiSue Brown alleged that her ex boyfriend, Andrew Bernard, sold drugs to people at 110 Ben Hill Rd which caused children to be “sedated and possibly touched”.

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This raises concerns that the same pattern could have happened on, or just before October 14th, 2020, which is notable for a fight that led to Don Wells being arrested.

It was during a 911 call made that night by Summer Wells’ mum, Candus Wells, that we heard Candus Wells tell the police dispatch officer “he fucking raped her“.

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The call was highlighted by Enchanted LifePath TV in January 2023, and the Liverpool based independent media outlet came under fire from damage control operatives within the case.

But more questions remain about the call and that night as a whole, aside from who raped who?

It is not known if Andy Bernard sold drugs to anyone at 110 Ben Hill Rd, on or just before October 14th, 2020, which is the night that Candus told police somebody had been raped.

According to Don Wells the only CPS case against the Wells Family at 110 Ben Hill Rd was the one that was closed the day before Summer Wells allegedly vanished.

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This is despite claims from JodiSue that it was “no secret” within her community that Don was taking his boys to drug houses and holding them hostage as insurance policies whilst they were subjected to violent abuse at very least.

Jodi said Don always liked to “keep his prized kid with him”. That language is also disturbing.

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JodiSue Brown also told us that people in the community were ready to help go “rescue” the boys but they would not go and Don Wells would return with the boy beaten with head wounds on various occasions.

Brown claimed Candus Wells would let Don back and all would be well again on the hill after a few days. Jodi said it was supposed to be reported but never was which means the community who knew, including Jodi, left it to Candus to report the things that were allegedly happening.

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Candus never reported the events according to Brown but I remind every one that JodiSue never either, nobody did. This is a huge breach of Summer Wells’, and her brothers rights. The children were failed by anyone who had knowledge of such abuse taking place.

JodiSue told us that Don taking his boys began when the eldest was 5, which is 9 years ago from 2023, 7 years from 2021. This means that Jodi had knowledge of this abuse taking place almost a decade ago. Don Wells says only one CPS case was opened and closed regarding BB guns allegedly being used by kids.

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How did Don only have one CPS case in 2021 if locals had acted on the abuse they knew was taking place for just shy of a decade?

We were told by Hunter’s sister that Candus took Summer there one night in a panic because she had found, and eaten meth at 110 Ben Hill Rd. Candus never took the baby, then aged 3, to hospital, but to a friend to cover up what had happened.

I want to know who sold that meth to Candus and why were none of the people reported under the mandated reporter laws for once again failing a 3 year old Summer Wells?

Who sold that meth to 110 Ben Hill Rd?

We are told by JodiSue that her ex was selling drugs to 110 Ben Hill Rd that “were potentially causing kids to be sedated and touched”.

She also said drugs were sold to kids that may have led to other kids being abused.

JodiSue stated that other little girls would be touched and a lot of kids were staying up on the hill.

It is believed that Don Wells fled to Utah because his son may have harmed a child at 110 Ben Hill and Don ran away with his boy to avoid any action being taken.

Another person who would have avoided any action from authorities in this possible situation is the person who may have sold drugs to the boy that may have been used in an attack which led to the Utah trip.

We have reason to believe that person is JodiSue Brown’s ex, known as Andy Bernard.

If his drugs were used in attacks that led to Don Wells covering up an event by fleeing to Utah, then that is a cover up, and another part of a timeline that involves drugs, drugged kids, and missing kids who were failed by complicit adults.

We know that incident was before October 14, 2020, and it was just a few days before that date when Don Wells returned from Utah. It was on this date that Candus Bly called police and was heard telling the officer that “he fking raped her”.

It is not known who the “he”, or “her”, is but the allegation was made and seemingly overlooked.

That night was a night which turned sour due to Don accusing Candus of having an affair with Jose Roman. The group were having a drink that night according to the call and Don Wells’ own words to the behaviour panel. Police did arrive and arrest Don for having a gun in his car.

It is not known if drugs were used in the alleged rape that Candus talks of on or before October 14, 2020.

If Don Wells can say that the only case that was ever opened at 110 Ben Hill was closed on June 14, 2021, then we have a long line of events that result in serious failures involving cover ups.

These coverups helped let both the parents, and drug dealers off the hook. It is only the adults who benefited by failing the children.

If there is a drug dealer having a huge interest in covering up events that he has knowledge of, and having a direct hand in, as well as allegedly witnessing, then we may have someone with a reason to have helped cover up horrific events.

And that person may be connected to each event including the day Summer Wells vanished.

I would like to know exactly what JodiSue meant when she said that she thinks drugs are the reason “Summer looked so asleep”?

Did she mean in the milk video?

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Was Summer drugged up in the video of her on the swing?

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Who was the drug dealer named Andy who allegedly text Candus saying “it’s done”, on June 15th, 2021?

What was “done”?

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We have a few elements here. 1st is the alleged attack that led to the Utah trip. Then there is the alleged reason for the Utah trip. Then there is the quotes from JodiSue about her ex selling drugs to kids that led to kids to be touched. Next is the cover ups of these earlier events. Then we have the quotes from JSB saying it is no secret that Don took his boys to drug houses were they were beaten. This means people knew and failed the kid going as far back as 9 years ago. We have the October 14th events and how it is connected to the Utah trip and reasons for. We then have Summer Wells going missing the day after the only CPS case in the kids was closed meaning every one who knew all of the things discussed were happening, is guilty of failing all of the kids.

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If drugs were involved in what happened to Summer Wells then it would be in best interest of the dealer and those around the family and the dealer to do what they have done each time something happened and cover it up.

JodiSue has said this week that she has been “tormented” since June 15, 2021 and she said she has been since Candus ran to her and said she is calling the police.

If the person supplying drugs that then leads to “little girls being touched” then does that not mean that the household that supplied the drugs then goes on to spend money on things such as food and clothes from the proceeds of crimes against children?

Are those who live in said property benefiting, profiting from, and living off the abuse of kids? Would the people with benefits provided by the way of such activities be living life by the drop? The drugs drops? Make a sale get some food, make a sale pay a bill, make a sale buy some household essentials, go shopping? Is that the true meaning of living life by the drop?

Who supplied the meth that Summer Wells almost overdosed on and was taken to Allyson’s house and not the hospital? Was that Andy too? Should that person not be in jail? If Monster supplied drugs that led to kids to be touched should he not be in jail? If he sold drugs to kids should he be in jail? Should anyone who failed to establish any of this with authorities, have been punished accordingly?

Justin at J4All has confirmed Enchanted LifePath did not alter or edit the 911 call from Candus on October 14, 2020. This means everyone who has tried to ignore it, try to discredit and bury it, or perform damage control on it, including JodiSue, are all wrong.

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It also means people should look at it properly and see how it is part if the timeline in the story of the events of Ben Hill Rd and Summer Wells and those around her.

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