Mystery Angeles Child Grooming Network At Large on YouTube

Mystery Angeles child grooming network has been found operating on a YouTube channel targeting children with vulnerabilities, who are aged between 2-years old, and 16.

The owner of the YouTube channels, Mystery Angeles, and Junior Mystery Angeles, Chip Atkinson became prominent on YouTube during the Summer Wells case.

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Summer Wells is a missing 7-year-old from Rogersville, Tennessee. She was aged just 5-when she vanished from her home on June 15th 2021.

Her case has been covered on YouTube by many dodgy characters and a woman from the United Kingdom known as Chip Atkinson, who runs the YouTube channel called Mystery Angeles.

Mystery Angeles child grooming

Chip Atkinson has been highlighted after making a series of videos on a YouTube channel she made for kids called Junior Mystery Angeles, on which she openly targets vulnerable children.

Chip can be seen telling children aged between 2 and 16, to contact her via the Junior Mystery Angeles Facebook Group and talk to her about their problems.

These problems include having “learning difficulties, disabilities, down syndrome, MS, Autism, being bullied at school, not fitting in to society”, and so on.

She also offers familiarity to the children by saying they do not have to worry about those things because she suffers from some of them too.

These are topics that the parents, and medical support groups would be in control of and not some stranger on YouTube.

Targeting Kids Insecurities To Make Them Feel Special So They Can Be Groomed

Chip tells the children that if they join Junior Mystery Angeles they will be doing Easter hunts, treasure hunts, talking about computer games, doing homework, whatever the kids want to talk about they can, because it is their channel.

She also talks about children reaching out to her if they feel lonely, and how if they feel like they can not “survive” their problems, then “the Angels will protect them” and Chip will “earn their trust”.

She speaks of kids who are feeling down, “will have all of the Mystery Angels to help them in ways that nobody else can”.

She says they can make the kids “feel better”.

Make them “understand things”.

Chip talks about normal things such as fixing bikes, or helping out if their computers don’t work, whilst slipping in personal topics that the children may be going through which would then act as a gateway for groomers to isolate those who may be more vulnerable, therefore more open to suggestion.

Chip’s Bedtime Stories For Ages 2+

Chip had a series of videos tiled: Bedtime Stories Age 2+, and 3+, in which she was talking to children about young characters dancing naked in the shower in her made up tales.

Atkinson also suggested that children along with Stella, and Griffy all went to bed together before waking up to embark on a school trip where children stayed somewhere for the weekend.

Mystery Angeles child grooming suspect Chip Atkinson

All of this can be heard in the video at the top of this article.

Mystery Angels Child Grooming Network Obtaining Children’s IP Addresses

In other astonishing parts of one video (which is now deleted from her channel) she states that children can feel safe when joining the Junior Mystery Angeles Facebook and YouTube platforms because Chip and her accomplices will be obtaining the children’s IP addresses along with their addresses and mobile phone numbers if they have one.

Chip Atkinson tells the kids (who she is targeting) that if they are struggling to sleep, then they can contact her on Facebook, as well as Chip’s friends, who she refers to as Uncle Chris, Aunty Stella, and Aunt Griffy. The Aunt and Uncle status is meant to be from the point of view of the children.

International Child Groomers Operating On YouTube

Stella and Griffy own a YouTube channel called Griffy.

Mystery Angeles child grooming suspect Stella
Mystery Angeles child grooming suspect Griffy

Chip Atkinson is from Lincoln, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. Uncle Chris is known as Christopher B Hines from Dryden, Virginia. `We then have Aunty Stella who is Christelle Pieterse, and Aunt Griffy is Amanda Louise Enslin. The latter two are both from South Africa, meaning this is an international network of child groomers.

Mystery Angeles child grooming suspect Chrisopher B Hines
Mystery Angeles child grooming suspect Chris Hines

Chris Hines works in care work and his agency was contacted and alerted to this information also.

Below we can see that Chris Hines has a second Facebook account on which he has just two friends listed, and Chip Atkinson is one of them.

Amanda and Christelle are allegedly a same sex married couple.

Amanda (Griffy) and Christelle (Stella) both had PayPal links which directed me to their real names, although Stella has now deleted hers and the page can no longer be found.

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It was documented before she deleted it, meaning I can now produce further evidence to suggest these people are trying all they can to try to evade exposure, and the law.

After being highlighted as using disturbing child grooming language, Chip also resorted to deleting all the videos from her Junior Mystery Angels YouTube channel.

Junior Mystery Angeles child grooming YouTube channel

Chip Off The Old Block Comes Back From The Dead

This latest turn of events has transpired after Enchanted LifePath reported on a complaint made to police on June 14th, 2022, when the online grooming activity was first discovered.

It was just 72 hours later that Chip last uploaded to YouTube on July 17, 2022.

Chip had led her 6.530 Subscribers to believe she had died with thousands of RIP comments visible on her videos.

Despite the mourners constantly asking where she was before her alleged death, she remained silent, allowing them to this she had indeed passed away.

This was not true.

It was on September 12, 2023, that Enchanted LifePath felt enough time had gone by to tell the True Crime Community on YouTube the story behind Chip’s grooming as well as a sexualised cartoon image she had created of Summer Wells which triggered the initial police report in 2022.

Summer Wells was depicted as a fairy with wings, and pixie ears, whilst wearing just a thong with the then 6-year-old’s hair being the only thing that covered what was fully formed breasts.

The video in which this image was published online has since been made private on YouTube.

Mystery Angeles child grooming video deleted

Chip was then rumoured to still be alive after she was said to have been publishing songs on an application called Smule, on September 6, 2023.

It was confirmed she was indeed alive and well and had been posting videos for the previous 2 months, with an 8 month gap after not posting since 10 months ago, only to return to Smule, two months ago in July 2023.

Mystery Angeles child grooming Chip Atkinson

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