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This Article Is Not Completed But This Is An Early Look Before I Finish It

Joe Biden must have had his feet up February 10th, relaxing, enjoying the calm before the storm. I say this because it appears as if Biden (or one of his gofers) spent time posting on X.

President Biden’s account hailed the arrival of the Lunar New Year, in a show of force for moon worship, and the Chinese New Year of course.

This signalled the start of the Chinese year of the Dragon.

That was the Saturday the 10th, but, what did Biden start his Super Bowl day off with? Creating a threat to national security maybe?

I do remember a certain video sharing app was banned by the US Government because they concluded that it had ties to the CCP. I mean, DJI drones are banned from federal services because they fear that they are a threat to national security so Biden’s breakfast move on Super Bowl ritual day was just classic Joe Biden.

Joe Biden joined TikTok on February 11 Super Bowl ritual day

What a week it was! On the 11th, we not only had Super Bowl, we also saw the first alleged active shooter incident at a Super Church, in Texas at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston. Oh, and Joe Biden joined TikTok.

Yes, Joe Biden went and joined TikTok on February 11 with time being a possible connection, certainly when we look at the Super Bowl halftime ritual and the black Sun, Saturn references.

We all know what the ‘God of Time’, Kronos, did to his kids?

Imagine trying to convince anyone that Biden knows how to work TikTok anyway! This begs the question, who are his handlers? Really? I often joke that this is not Joe Biden, I say this is Johnny Knoxville playing one of his old man comedy sketches from Bad Grandpa, or Jack Ass. When I see videos of Joe pulling his neck and many people say it is a mask, I just think of Knoxville.

Joe Biden joins TikTok

Another thing on February 11th, again in relation to Biden’s X profiles, is the Biden-Harris HQ account posted to say something had gone just how he had helped draw up. As if something went to plan.

The account posted the strange quote along with an image of Biden with laser beam eyes depicting the president as Homelander, who is somehow less creepy than Creepy Joe.

This made people wonder if the post was talking about the result of Super Bowl LVIII, whilst others felt it was a sick joke regarding Israel’s bombardment of Rafah at the border of Gaza and Egypt, which is another event on a very active February 11, 2024.

Something else happened on the February 10, 2024, that did get my attention, it one of China’s biggest ever wildfires allegedly caused by people performing “tomb sweeping rituals”.

These fires began in China’s absolutely huge and very mountainous Guizhou Province which is also home to Dragon Palace Cave, an extensive underground system with waterways ranging over 60km (37 miles).

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The address of the Allegiant Stadium is 3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA, this is loaded with 33s, a 911, and a sneaky 88.

Construction began on November 13, 2017, and when opened, the street name was changed from 5617 Dean Martin Dr. to 3333 Al Davis Way.

I ask the question, who or what are these people allegiant too?

Allegiant Stadium is 3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA

Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes ended the festival with a set of cryptic corkers in his stats with 333 throwing yards, twin touchdowns, and 66 running yards as he gained his 3rd MVP award, in his, and the Chiefs 3rd Super Bowl ritual win.


There was a blood moon on November 8, 2022, this took place 333 days before the Israel-Hamas war started. This blood moon date becomes prominent later on, but for now, take note of the 333.

Fire and 3 Blind M-ice: Kansas City Chiefs fans die after ‘Freezing’ outside on Janus Festival game night

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Death on Jan 9, 2024 to Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs Win on February 11 = 33 Days

The death of 3 Kansas City Chiefs fans on January 9, was 33 days before the Chiefs Twin Super Bowl win on February 11, 2024.

The 3 fans are alleged to have frozen to death after gathering to watch a game at their friends house, this leads us into a theme of fire and ice that is embedded within many aspects of the Super Bowl and its Hellyweird style entertainment.

The talk is now of a 3rd consecutive Super Bowl win for Kansas City Chiefs in 2025.

3 seems to be the magic number when looking into this event.

January 9 made me think of Pagan reasons, so, obviously I pondered over Janus being a factor. Janus is another Roman Pagan God associated to time, Saturn/Kronos is another.

It didn’t take long for my first hunch to be confirmed so let’s see where this takes us.

January 9 – Feast of Janus – The Agonalia

I have a lot of writing about time, gateways, doors closing, and new ones opening. Transitions.

All of which, in context of my reports, have been things to look out for in relation to world events and key dates.

I spoke about this most recently, during the drama at Burning Man when I published an article decoding the festival and other points of interest around it.

The Burning Man dates alerted me to a pattern which I had been observing since March 11, 2020, when Covid-19 was given its name and officially declared a global pandemic.

The Book of Revelation, 13:4, stated that there would be 42 months in which the dragon gave power to the beast and the best would use it to persecute us with blasphemy and lies.

Exactly 42 months from March 11, 2020, was September 11, 2023.

I had been waiting for this time of year to arrive.

42 is a very interesting number in this and later on, I will show you how the number 4200 ended up in my research for this Super Bowl 58 decode. February 11 is the 42nd day of the year too.

My opinion is, September 11, 2023, and the surrounding dates were the end of one phase and the beginning of another that we had to be wary of whilst entering into whatever paths they were planning to lead us down.

It did not take long for things to get going as we went past Jewish New Year 5784 on September 15th. We then landed on October 7, 2023, when Hamas attacked Israel and the following annihilation of Gaza took place.

Here is a timeline of events from that article.

Timelines and Synchronicities

  • March 11, 2020 – Covid-19 Given it’s name and declared a Global Pandemic.
  • September 21, 2020 – Gavi Covax deal signed and policies adopted by WHO
  • June 15th, 2023 – WHO Secretary-General’s press conference on Climate took place 88 days before September 11.
  • August 22, 2023 – Brics Nations seeking an alternate World Order align with the 10 Kings in both Revelation and the book of Daniel.
  • September 11, 2023 – Exactly 42 months after March 11, when Covid-19 was given it’s name, mirroring timeframe in Beast of Revelation in 13:1-18. Also 22 years after 9/11 Twin Towers ritual.
  • September 15, 2023 – Rosh Hosannah and The Feast of Trumpets – 5784.
  • September 18, 2023 – Asteroid ‘Child‘ passes through the womb of Virgo during the Feast of Trumpets 7 days after September 11, 2023.
  • September 22, 2023 – Exactly 1290 days after March 11, 2020, mirrors the timeframe of the abomination of desolation.
  • October 7, 2023 – Hamas attacks Israel, this started the Holy nation’s war on Gaza.
  • The 7-year Tribulation.
  • Agenda 2030 – United Nations and the New World Order – 7 Years after 2023.

Get this.

There are 1290 days between the opening of the Alle-Giant Stadium, on July 31, 2020, during Covid-19 lockdowns, and the 58th Super Bowl ritual event on February 11, 2024.

This is just like the 1290 days from March 11, 2020, when covid was declared a global pandemic, to September 22nd, 2023, which was 7 days after 5784 began, on Jewish New Year, Rosh Hosannah, September 15th, and 11 days after September 11, 2023.

The duration between the abolishment of daily sacrifices, and the beginning of the abomination that causes desolation, is said to be 1290 days.

I was concentrating on Janus being associated to time, and doorways, and how the Kansas Chiefs fans died on the Feast of Janus, so let’s get back to that for a moment.

On January 9th ancient Romans held a festival called the Agonium in honour of Janus. This is specific to Janus as there is the same festival in honour of Mars and others. Janus is a Roman god whose name is the route word for January. Janus was known for having two faces and most notably, being the Roman god of time. His faces looked in opposite directions, one forward, and the other backwards.

Janus is also known as the god of doorways, (just like I kept speaking of in my Burning Man article) gates (again in burning man), transitions (yep, in the Burning Man decode), duality, passages, and all beginnings and endings. Each of these factors are the foundations of the Burning Man article, and others, but that is the most recent.

Other rituals in honour of Janus consisted of sacrifices. Britannica tell us: “These sacrifices originally took place upon the top of the Quirinal Hill, one of the fabled Seven Hills of Rome; in archaic times, the Quirinal Hill used to be called the Agonal Hill, the Hill of Sacrifices.”

Can you see why I am wondering if the death of the 3 Kansas City Chiefs was a scripted and staged energy harvesting fake occult sacrifice to Janus and a ritual to look forward to a new phase, a time of ushering? Further emphasised at Super Bowl 58? 5+8=13 remember.

These men allegedly died 33 days before Kansas City Chiefs won there back to back Super Bowl, back to back just like the faces of Janus.

All this red coding, fire and ice.

The number 15 on the jersey reduces down to 33 because 1+5=6, and 6 becomes 33. The twin 33s from the two jerseys would then be 33 33, just like the 3333 Al Davis Way, address of the Allegiant Stadium. That address had 911 and 88 in the Las Vegas, NV 89118, Zip code, as they say in America.

The 15 15 is also a 66.

The two fingers over the Corona bottle is notable, like Corona 2.

These men allegedly died 33 days before Super Bowl 58, but what date is it 33 days after Super Bowl?

Answer: The Ides of March, which is March 15, another date when things tend to happen like clockwork. This is how future dates get coded into these rituals, and decoded so warnings can be made. March 15, 2024 is definitely one to keep an eye on.

The Ides of March triggers another set of key Roman-Pagan festival dates that are subject to major incidents taking place almost every year. This year, the Ides of March falls on the 11th Friday of 2024, in the 11th week.

In the Roman festival calendar, March 15th is when the Reed Entered (Attis was born). Seven days after the Ides of March is the 22nd, a skull and bones date, 322. This is also the start of The Hilaria, another dark Roman festival, this time in honour of Cybele. On the 22nd, it is marked by a festival A Tree Entered (Attis dies), March 23rd is the Day of Mourning, and the 24th is the Day of Blood. The Day of Joy is next on March 25th in a ritual that celebrates the resurrection of Attis 3 days after his grim death. Ever heard of that plotline before? Attis was resurrected after Cybele pleased with Zeus for mercy and forgiveness. She was broken hearted. Which is why the day Attis returned is known as the Day of Joy. This whole festival is for Cybele, as mentioned, but who is Cybele? She is the Greek Mother of the Gods. Also recognised in Rome. She was worshipped by her loyal cult followers, the cult of Cybele. Cybele is thought to have cured Dionysus of madness.

Attis, born on March 15th, was the consort to Cybele, who fell in love with him. He was set to marry the daughter of a King, until in an act of jealousy, Cybele drove him mad. Attis then committed suicide by cutting off his own manhood, castrating himself and bleeding to death under a pine tree. Then the resurrection took place 3 days later as I just mentioned.

The cult of Cybele would castrate themselves in a suicide ritual near a tree.

All the dates I wrote above the last paragraph will begin to make sense now.

The 22nd of March is also 7 days before the 88th day of the year, March 29. I’m telling you this because on all of these dates highlighted in this article, bad stuff happens. Even mid-bending hoaxes, which are still bad. They still mess with people on extreme levels.

The Roman Pagan Festival map never lets you down if you research current and historical events up against the dates that these Roman festivals, and games fall on. Don’t forget that all these Gods, Goddesses, and deities have their equivalents in other repackaged versions that are worshipped by other civilisations, and empires. For example, Roman to Greek, or Greek to Celtic, Norse and so on. At the end of the day, these stories repeat across all belief systems. I just told you another 3 day resurrection story. I could tell you another 5 at least.

Faked Photograph?

Quick unintended sidenote but… This photograph looks a bit faked in my opinion! I am not sure if it is because the man in the middle has been blurred out but they all look strange close up.

They have a suspicious look of crisis acting storyline plants to me, maybe it is just another energy heist, maybe not, who knows.

Look at the repeated ear layer giving a halo effect to the man on the right, Ricky Johnson Jnr. It looks like the image has been layered and one layer is not quite in the right place. I’m not an expert so I am open to second opinions, or simply being proven wrong, or to an explanation on how a camera can also create this effect. We see the colour grade on their faces seems to be strange. They all have red faces that don’t match their arms. Maybe they have just stopped being in fits of laughter.

I can understand why the blurred out man would have a halo effect around him, but the one in the middle, is it just the person doing the blurring out, tidying up the image by adding another blurred outline to Clayton McGeeney’s right arm, on the sleeve of his red jumper, and his hand in the middle of the picture?

Look at the hand coming over his shoulder too? It has that red colouring but the wrist, from what we can see, does not?

The shadows in the image seem to be the only consistent element.

Ricky Johnson Jnr’s teeth are the same red tint as his face. He looks like a life-size cardboard cut-out of himself.

Anyway, that was just a few anomalies that I noticed as I work through this blog, so lets get back to Janus and these events in Kansas, connecting to Super Bowl.

Back to the future with the Super Bowl Ritual

The Hills of Rome become very prominent over the next few days (and weeks) with Lupercalia being the next of the Roman Pagan festivals with rituals taking place with hills mentioned in the story.

We will get into Lupercalia in more detail later too.

These events always seem to be signalling the start of a new age, the age of the anti-Christ.

Look at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony for example.

As we get further into this decode, we will see how the Super Bowl ritual was all about ‘Ushering’ in a new phase, or plan, or era, with time being a heavy influence in the half time entertainment, delivered by the backing dancers of the Illuminati puppeteers.

All this talk of puppets pulling strings is making me think of the man behind the curtain! Speaking of which…

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Whilst the Super Bowl ritual was brewing like a witches caldron, Kansas was the theme again when the puppet masters broadcast the first airing of the Wicked movie trailer from Universal Pictures.

This advert aired during the Super Bowl mind programming slots that are allocated to companies who like to provide the public with the latest thoughts, feelings, and political think-tank values that their celebrity handlers help to install into people, and their psyche, and embed new pre-defined social morals to live by.

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In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is swept away from Kansas by a tornado before being tempted by a witch with an apple. The apple is another cryptic Garden of Eden reference to when the serpent corrupted humanity. We see tech giant ‘Apple’ promoting and cross advertising Super Bowl 58, and the halftime performance by Usher.

The Emerald City is mockery of the Heavens with God said to sit on a throne in the emerald city.

We saw Usher begin his performance by entering on a throne of diamonds. Was this depicting Gods Throne?

He was dressed, and deified in angelic/heavenly white. He adorned a cape with jewels. When he took the cape off, it off revealed a jacket with phoenix on his chest.

His white outfit portrayed purity, some my say it is a Christ figure, or God-like, I’d suggest it is Lucifer, the light-bearer.

Especially when we see him dancing around with Alicia Keys who is dressed in devilish blood red. Do we think it is Jesus dancing with the devil? Or Lucifer?

A phoenix is known to rise form the flames, or the ashes. It also represents new beginnings, just like Janus. A diamond is forged by fire.

What does the bible tell us about the day Lucifer was created? And how would it link to the glitz and glam of Las Vegas?

“The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with every kind of jewel. The first was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald” – Revelation 21:19

And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby. A rainbow that shone like an emerald encircled the throne. – Revelation 4:3

As I hinted at earlier, Emerald City is a reference to Gods Throne in the bible.

If we have one of the walls that surrounds God’s Throne (and likely city), being made from Emerald, and an Emerald Rainbow encircling the throne too. would it be fair to say that the Heavens may be referred to as the Emerald City?

It is known as the Throne Of God. Or the Emerald Throne. See Boston University citing writings about this topic.

The Emerald is hexagonal in shape. This takes us straight back to the HEX, Saturn worship, the Baphomet and the 6 pointed star of Satan.

The book of Revelation revolves around 7’s, and all jewels do.

The diamond is cubic.

The emerald is hexagonal.

The ruby is trigonal.

And so on for 7 different types. 7 is God’s perfect number, and He created all jewels to fall into 7 categories, which reveals His love for order, which is part of the beauty of His creation. Beauty and order will characterise the eternal environment of the New Jerusalem.

We know now that God’s Throne is alleged to be Emerald, but did you know when God created Lucifer, He surrounded him in precious metals and jewellery as well as made him a garment of jewels? Lucifer’s settings were readied in gold. Let me show you. This is why he is often referred to as a prince. This is royal treatment of a biblical kind.

Satan is the first alleged being that is recorded as wearing clothes with precious stones. In Ezek. 28, he is described as the model of perfection in beauty. Then in 28:13 we read, “You were in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: ruby, topaz and emerald, chrysolite, onyx and jasper, sapphire, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared.“

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And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;

Revelation 21:19

Fire & Ice: There’s no place like Kansas City

A story which only turned into national news on February 11, after taking place on February 9, is a disturbing report of a mother who somehow did not realise she put her one-month old baby in the oven instead of her crib. This led to the death of the child.

Now we have babies being put in the oven during one of the most ritualistic times of the year, just as we began the dark decent towards Lupercalia, currently known as Valentines day.

And just like the alleged death of 3 Chiefs fans, the incident took place in Kansas. We have two cases with reported deaths caused by polarities that align to what we saw at Super Bowl on Feb 11. Fire and ice.

Kansas City seems to be trending in the news for a lot of dark and moody things of late. Yep, and having a spoilt gang of propaganda driven satanists galivanting around for Super Ba’al, within a 3 day window of a baby being killed in a way that would make Ba’al very proud, just adds to the strangeness of it all.

Some say the name is Ba’al, Roman’s will tell you it’s Nimrod, or Saturn, Canaanites called it Moloch/Molech. Whatever way you look at it, child sacrifices by fire were made to this Pagan deity so it is not good to see this type of story on such a significant news day.

Cremation Diamonds Return as M&M’s Run Shocking Super Bowl Ad

More burnt offerings to Ba’al?

Another thing that relates to fire, and children, and evil people was brought back to light during the Super Bowl adverts when M&M’s (13 13 M is the 13th letter) ran an ad about cremation diamonds.

The advert shows ex NFL stars, who I gather have lost Super Bowl games in the past, get comfort rings made from cremation diamonds formed from the insides of M&M’s.

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There are a few ways to look at this. One way is its just an advert using tongue in cheek sketches to continue a shocking range of adverts from M&M’s which include Christina Applegate, who in 2019, played an angry mum who screams at noisy M&M’s in the back of her car, telling them if they don’t be quiet she will eat them all alive. Obviously, the M&M’s depict kids. In these adverts, the M&M’s often seem to be portraying kids in a subliminal, but in your face way.

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I see the cremation diamonds advert as having huge potential for being all out mockery of victims who could be disposed of by being turned into diamonds. These evil souvenirs would then be paraded around on celebrities at events such as Super Bowl.

If this was happening, it would be another thing that would line up to Ba’al worship.

People all around the world are well aware of why I would jump out of my seat upon seeing an advert for cremation diamonds after my reports on this subject went viral in 2019.

Big alternative news outlets around the were linking to my article about cremation diamonds, referencing it, and it still gets views to this day. The video that accompanied it also had a lot of attention across various platforms.

Video: Cremation Diamonds: Epstein’s Underground S.C.A.B – Systematic Child Abuse Base – Ghislaine Maxwell Submarines?

The question I was posing in 2019, was are victims being disposed of by being turned into diamonds?

My video shows disgraced rapper 6ix9ine showcasing a necklace of a unicorn made from diamonds and hair which he said was from a real human.

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This was another reason why I was posing the question upon seeing his Instagram video, which was a behind the scenes clip on the set of his duet with Nicki Minaj, for the song called FeFe. The set for the music video was like a sadistic child snatchers paradise as morbid scenes were blended with child-like funhouse themes.

This monstrosity from 6ix9ine was also part of my Unicorn symbolism decode from 2018.

Reports during the Jeffrey Epstein arrest fallout also stated that diamonds had been found by police at one of his properties.

I was showing how cremation diamond companies exist, but the technology could also be used as a front for disposing of victims and profiting from them at the same time. Artificial diamonds are not as high in value as real diamonds. But to do this to someone and secretly promote the practice in ways that not everyone will notice, is beyond disturbing to both the victims and their families. If it is taking place.

I say it is advertised done in a way that may go unnoticed because when looking into the possibility a few years back, I found an article headlined: Look, dead people and pets are being forged into pretty blue diamonds – Here’s how it works.

Back to the cost of these cremation diamonds a moment. The article states, but note that this was 2019 prices: Algordanza’s prices start at $3,000 for a 0.3 carat diamond. Martoia said the average order is about 0.4 to 0.5 carat, though US customers usually request bigger, 0.8-carat diamonds.

The next thing I found was numerous people wearing blue diamond rings, people such as celebrities, future queens, and past princesses. tells us:

“loyalty and trust

It is no surprise that more and more people these days are looking for blue diamond engagement rings, as not only does blue symbolizes loyalty and trust, but it is also one of the rarest color diamonds in existence. It is also a symbol of wealth and associated with royalty.”

Notice it says associated with royalty? This makes me think about Bluebloods, which also came to mind when watching the halftime Super Bowl ritual.

This comes at the end of a week when King Charles, has been diagnosed with cancer, meaning Prince William may be set to take the throne faster than it first appeared.

Usher’s fire and ice scenery was mixed with red and blue as he performed in as many visual dualities as he could in such a short time. One thing that caught my attention was his blue and white themed dance-off with his backing dancers in Israel-like blue and white, along with black.

It struck me as maybe portraying blue bloods because of the amount of blue. Or at least somehow related. But another, and the most obvious thought was Israel and we all know what Israel did at the Rafah crossing as the Super Bowl ritual was fully underway.

The dancer next to Usher seems to be wearing a mock bullet proof vest along with his Israel blue and white outfit?

As I was editing a video on this subject (and still am), I had the word ‘Bluebloods’ on the screen but changed it to ‘Israel’.

But anyway, back to the breakdown of the Super Bowl ritual.

Blue and red was prominently displayed for the masses to see with Usher, and Alicia Keys who arrived on the scene with a blood red heart shaped piano and outfit. The heart was a cross between a typical love heart, and the shape more like the organ.

The first time we see her piano is just after Usher hands over to her and the camera is over head when we see a blue bridge entering the platform where Alicia Keys is sat which is all red.

I wonder if Alicia Keys is signalling the keys to open the abyss, to release Satan from his bottomless pit?

“He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.” – Revelation 20.

The stage looks like a thermometer which would be more on the icy side of things as it is all blue, the piano that Keys is sat on, seems to be representing blood that is either entering, or leaving the thermometer shaped area.

It was also one of three circle shapes set out in the stage, we will be looking at that too.

Blue and red merge to create purple, which takes us into the realms of dualities.

The energy harvesting shills love to play games with peoples emotions by putting these things in the faces of the public, who do not realise what is happening. Then, to add insult to injury, by not stopping it, the masses invertedly offer the spiritual consent that the maniacs need to acquire, to justify their activities.

This is a time of year when rituals, and psyops always take place on the same dates like clockwork. Imbolc is at the start of February, on the 1st. But, don’t get comfortable, and put your feet up because there are many more excuses for these crazy people to evoke their demons with these ongoing devilish pantomimes.

The blue and red, fire and ice theme continued right throughout Ushers performance, and the ads that played throughout the whole Super Bowl ritual.

Next we see Beyonce in her advert that announced a new album. The first thing we see is her outside a red house, dressed in red. Again, this makes me think they are saying there will be a red house in the next elections. But it also holds this blood red characteristic that we keep seeing.

The red house has 3 windows on each side. Another sneaky 33. The windows are made up of smaller squares. Each side of the house has 96 squares in total. As above, So below.

Speaking of as above, so below, the image shows the house is mirrored underneath it, with the red showing up in the blackened floor.

There are 6 windows, and 6 backing dancers on each side. 666 is coded into the Beyonce Super Bowl ritual advert.

There is a lot of symmetry in this section of the advert with things mirrored on both sides. You can see more this in the black sun with the twin pilar silver posts on each side of Beyonce.

The devil likes to mirror and invert everything as he turns Gods world that He created in His image, into that of Satan. Satan counterfeits Gods design and mocks us by trapping humanity in sin using the false reality that is projected upon us by Saturn.

There is a black circle around the door to enter and leave the red house. Beyonce is stood in the doorway, but beyond that, she is stood in a black circle. This represents Saturn, the black sun.

You can see more references to Saturn in the image below. The black sun is more visible now too.

You can see people in the blood valentines red. Their outfits are gimp suits. The blood red and promotion of sadomasochism in combination with the cult of Saturn behaviours on display, means it is safe to say Beyonce is going all in with her allegiance to Satan once again. What a role model to kids around the world… Nope, she is a Jezebel spirited demon.

A couple of scenes along and we switch from red (fire) to blue. Beyonce breaks a block of ice with a baseball bat. We can see a blue house with Beyonce wearing a yellow top. Blue and yellow are colours associated to Freemasons by their own admission on their own websites. The blue house is switching us from the red house, leaving the blood red fire setting that she opened with, and onto this blue house with more of an ice theme. Red and Blue duality. The red and blue divide.

The red continued throughout the advertising for the Super Bowl ritual, and the next advert I want to highlight is this odd spectacle from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The first thing we see is a house on fire before Arie emerges from the flames having saved two puppies, which he is holding close to his chest. After his performance in Junior, I am not sure if this is depicting breasts. I would not be surprised with these Baphomet merchants.

The reference to Junior grows as towards the end of the advert when Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are reunited on screen. This follows their aptly dated, and named, 1988 movie Twins. As well as Junior, in which Schwarzenegger played a pregnant man. Junior was released on 9 December 1994. Twins was released on December 9, 1988. Both movies with a same day release date, 6 years apart. December 9 is the 343rd day of the year with 22 remaining. 22 again.

During the advert, Arnie wears a red t-shirt with a red oval logo which is 3 shapes forming a triangle. He hands the puppies to a delighted damsel in distress, she thanks him before he oddly replies with:

“Like A Good Neighbaaaa”.

Then the realisation that this was just more mockery of Jesus, the lamb of God. The occult blasphemy kicked in within seconds of the audience being introduced to a house on fire with Arnie emerging like a phoenix from the flames.

YouTube player

We are in the thick of the action a few scenes later as Schwarzenegger parachutes himself into a flock of sheep, whilst shouting “Like A Good Neighbaaaa”.

The sheep then scatter.

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. – John 1:29

But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. – John 10:12

Usher Took The World To The A

YouTube player

Video: 7-Year Solar Eclipse Triple X Prophetic Warning for America [2017 2023 2024] – Abraham – Overcome Babylon

The solar eclipse is 58 days after Super Bowl 58.

The number 58 keeps popping up so a quick look at that takes us back to the 5+8 = 13. The 13-yard line is where the crucial play started from after Patrick Mahomes pushed on to 13 yards from to win the restart in an attacking position. This ended with the winning touch down. Mahomes was awarded MVP with 333 yards thrown in the Super Bowl ritual.

We were looking into diamonds and jewellery earlier, and that theme is back again with the latest Great American Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024.

The moments before totality, when the sun is going fully behind the moon, we see it give off an effect that is known as the diamond ring.

This comes after we see the orange glow of the sun surrounding the moon. The difference between the ring of fire, and icy diamond ring, is another reason why fire and ice is at large all over this Super Bowl Ritual.

Eclipses are seen as portals, and possibly holding the keys to open the bottomless pit.

Fire & Ice

April 8, now also becomes another date to look out for, and I don’t mean looking up at the eclipse, I mean more craziness. Witchcraft and rituals are more energised during eclipses and full moons.

No Shit Sherlock – The Super Bowl Ritual continues with Kansas City parade shooting

And as I am writing, there are breaking reports of a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade in Kansas.

I was writing 11th of February is a date that has 22 embedded within. This is via the 11, and the 2, which is from February being the second month of the year.

The number 22 is often coded into the events that take place and hit every news outlet as if handpicked, to be pushed by all the major string-pullers, whilst actual stories that hit home in society each day simply go ignored.

Although, I must say, real life issues being ignored is just one side of the story, as we know a lot of the troubles of the world are fully procured and abetted by such agencies with their role in pushing agendas until people subconsciously submit to them.

Take gun control for example, and right on queue, we have this parade shooting at Union Station in Kansas City.

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The initial reports were 1 dead and 10 injured. They have now settled on one dead and 21 injured, making it 22 victims of the alleged shootings.

The 22 again.

The Guardian reports: “Among the injured, 11 children are being treated at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, according to local news outlets The Kansas City Star and KMBC, nine of them for gunshot wounds.

This is despite earlier claims form police that no children where hurt.

Another thing to note is, that snippet of info managed to cram another 9/11 in there with how they laid the numbers out with 11 children injured and 9 of them from gunshots.

So far, police in Kansas say they have arrested 3 people (that magic number again) but they do not know if 2 of them where just helping to restrain, and detain the alleged suspect.

Today is 6 years since the Parkland school shootings hoax that was inundated with crisis actors and gun-control agenda pushing shills. It also proves my point about major events shootings on Valentines day.

A List of major events on Valentines Day or during Lupercalia – Feb 13 – 15

February 2005 – Philippines Bombings

February 14, 2008 – Illinois University Shooting

February 14, 2013 – Oscar Pistorius Murders Reeva Steenkamp

February 14, 2015 – Copenhagen Shooting

February 14, 2018 – Parkland School Shooting

February 14, 2019 – Terror Attack on Indian Security Forces

February 13, 2023 – Michigan State University Mass Shooting

February 14, 2024 – Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting

Easter is the same, there are a list of terror attacks, or mass shootings, Facebook live shootings, and more all on Easter Sunday, another Pagan holiday repackaged into modern beliefs by the Vatican.

February 14, 2024 was nuts, the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs parade was the most telegraphed thing since I have been covering these situations, but something else happened on Valentines day as the news outlets kept pushing things through the black scrying mirrors that we call tv and mobile phone screens. Not forgetting laptops, tablets and projectors.

This is just more media driven excuses to distract the masses and keep people in a mundane state of fear and panic. They play this never ending game of ‘insert talking point here’. And the more they dumb down society, the more society follows the trends that are established out of these see through, pre-fabricated public affairs. Somebody with the brain the size of a pea can end half of these talking points just as easily as walking out of a high security jail in Idiocracy. But in a world where life now imitates art, we do live in a warped reality that makes South Park look like a documentary. They have not given us a break since Covid. Daily doom and gloom. The clouds of war constantly hanging over us. We went from lockdown to wondering if our politicians, and news outlets, are going to stir the pot with enough propaganda to wield us into an actual world war. But lets face it, this is what this is all about, the ushering of a new age by Luciferians. Another industrial revolution triggered by pandemic, and/or a global controlled demolition. This is the work of the devil. No real person wants any nation to go to war. No normal member of the public thinks like any of these unstable, and out of touch politicians. Nobody trusts those who stand on their podiums saying things that are that stupid, yet terrifying, as they can only be following a script, that leads us to hell on earth. No rational thinking mind can follow these agendas without hearing themselves speak and knowing it is nothing but nonsense. But it is evil, and that is why it is scary. Who is in charge if every nation and every news agency, within their own little narrative clicks, are ran by the exact same globalist agendas? I thought people liked to be unique? Not anymore, people are in a media driven trance, it’s follow the leader, even if the leader can’t string a sentence together.

The House Intelligence Committee of Republicans posted this as the annual Lupercalia frenzy continued…

That was the 14th too. The rest of the week was no less stupid and dramatic.

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