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Enchanted LifePath Presents Ezoic – A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media Has Left YouTube And Google Adsense Behind To Get Self-Hosted Video Ads And Target 250% Website Revenue Increase With Ezoic

Learn more about Ezoic here.

I recently found a way to generate increased website advert earnings by up to 250% more than with Google Adsense advertising.

It gets better, the new advert placement company I am using also gives me the capability to upload my videos to their database and place them here on my website, the videos then play adverts, again with much higher earnings thresholds than content creators get from YouTube.

Imagine being able to upload videos to your Adsense account then place them on your site and they run ads just like on YouTube but you are self-hosting your video content away from censorship. That is what I am offering you the ability to do. Free.

Ezoic is the company I am now using and I am also an affiliate to them meaning I can use my partnership with them to then provide links and adverts on my website and platforms that people can join Ezoic from. The discovery of Ezoic was a major turn of events in my pursuit of creating the perfect recipe for content creators who have been censored or had earnings totally cut-off or reduced by YouTube and Adsense’s very restrictive policies.

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