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Bresser Full HD (1080p) USB 2.0 Telescope Adapter – eBay & Amazon

Bresser Full HD (1080p) USB 2.0 Telescope Adapter Via Enchanted LifePath Truth Tools & Gadgets If you have ever watched one of my Enchanted LifePath Observatory live streams and wondered how I show footage of the moon surface then here is your answer. do I use a device like the Bresser Full HD (1080p) USB 2.0 Telescope Adapter. I say like it because I made my one myself out of an old webcam that I picked up in a joblot for just a few pound. I simply took one apart…

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Emmaus Merseyside | 15 Homeless Can Be Rehoused & Start Work This Winter With Britains Biggest Secret

Up to fifteen people facing sleeping rough on the streets of Merseyside in the build up to Christmas have the opportunity to be housed in accommodation and start work this winter as cold nights creep in. Emmaus Merseyside offers a home, work in a social enterprise and an opportunity for the homeless to gain confidence, training and any support they may need to live independently again. To join the Emmaus community applicants have to commit to working full-time in the social enterprise but the rewards for doing so are great.…

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