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Another Bad Air Day – Air Quality Index – Liverpool Echo Fail Again

Okay so it’s getting to the point where I can just look at te sky and tell ya its a bad air day now so yes look at the sky it’s another bad air day. This is verified by the air quality index report for Liverpool right now being poor again. It is in the warning stage with a score of 95. You know the drill, I fire out warnings when it’s in the 90s then moan about how amaturish the Liverpool Echo are for not telling anyone the warnings…

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Liverpool Air Quality

<strong>Get the <a href=’’><b>Liverpool Speke</b> Air Quality.</a> widget! Not seeing a widget? (<a href=’’>More info</a>)</strong> Real-Time Air Quality & Pollution Measurement: Air Quality Level Chart – Compare Readings And See Warnings & Implications CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR AREA Do you wonder why your local news outlets do not report on this for you? I do, I am sick of getting on the back of the Liverpool Echo for letting the city down and not giving out these warnings. Contact your local press and make them highlight the issue. They…

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