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Alan Dershowitz Doll On Couch In BBC’s Prince Andrew Panorama?

Alan Dershowitz’ odd Doll seen in BBC Prince Andrew documentary? Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer appeared in BBC One documentary, Panorama – The Prince And The Epstein Scandal, and he was sat close to what can only be described as a life-size doll but what type of doll is it? You can see this in Dershowitz’s living room along with a host of cryptic and occult statues and ornaments as he denies rape allegations made against him by Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts. Dershowitz appeared in BBC Documentary, Panorama,…

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UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke

A campaign to raise public awareness of an annual paedophile pride celebration, known as Alice day, has been branded nonsense by the government and a petition to support the push was rejected emphatically on the grounds of it being an “offensive joke”. Information within the petition was taken from the UK and Ireland paedophile database, fully validating claims by Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media LTD that paedophiles celebrate paedophile pride each year on April 25th, aka, Alice day. The petition titled, “High Public Police Presence On Paedophile Pride Day,…

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National #Pizza Day – It Can’t Be, Surely, Not More, Please Not More Satanic Pizza Pedos? #PizzaGate

Welcome to #Pizzagate.  In 2016, the largest pedophile ring ever discovered was exposed by the FBI shortly after Anthony Weiner’s laptop was seized.  Mainstream media hardly spoke of it and even covered it up.  CNN would rather publish real news, such as Donald Trump eating KFC with a fork.  We are here to do their jobs.  Pizzagate is a joint investigation between citizens and law enforcement to expose child sex trafficking around the world. Whilst having a look at a pizza bar in Liverpool city centre called Maguire’s Pizza, I noticed a…

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Meteor Caught On Police Car Dashcam Turns Whole Sky Green Over Lake Michigan

A Lisle Police Department car dashcam captured a large meteor streaking across the sky above Lisle, a town near to Chicago, in northern Illinois, early on Monday morning. The large green-hued fireball was seen lighting up the morning sky at around 01:26 AM local time (7:30 GMT). People in the Illinois area of Rogers Park, as well as in South Shore, could observe the spectacle, but sightings were also reported in Wisconsin, Kentucky and Ontario, Canada. Dashcam video from police cruisers in Wisconsin and Illinois captured the fireball streaking through…

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Met Police: Hundreds Of UK Footballers Claim They Have Been Sexually Abused At Clubs

Metropolitan police have confirmed they are investigating 255 football sexual abuse claims among 77 London clubs with 5 clubs from the Premier League also included in the probe. The accusations came after a series of former footballers spoke out following the decision of former Crewe defender Andy Woodward to waive his right to anonymity in an interview to state that he had been a victim of sexual abuse. Woodward’s bravery when speaking of the abuse he suffered from the age of 11 by one of his coaches triggered a wave of…

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9/11 Attacks Coded Into Liverpool 1190 Foundation 811 (88) Years Before 9/11 – New York Of Europe – Second City Of The Empire

Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD The Biggest 9/11 Truth Bomb Of 2017 By Far! – 9/11 Attacks Coded Into Liverpool 1190 Foundation 811 (88) Years Before 9/11 – New York Of Europe    

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April 25th Pedophilia Pride “Alice Day” Goes Deeper Than You Think | Expose World Pedophilia Now Share This

LIVE TONIGHT 23:45 GMT ALICE DAY – A SECRET ANNUAL PEDOPHILE FESTIVAL – APRIL 25 EVERY YEAR Alice Day – A Paedophile Celebration – 25th April April 25th Pedophillia Pride “Alice Day” Goes Deeper Than You Think | Expose World Pedophilia Now Share This Article All around the world many annual traditions are celebrated by many cultures, we know of Christmas, Easter, Halloween even our birthdays, but there are also some bad dates which people are not so aware of and Alice Day is one of them. April the 25th…

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How To Spot A #Narcissist In 2017 – Look At Yourself In The Facebook Homepage Mirror

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism. Like the whole of Facebook selfie merchants with a mental disorder they don’t know they’ve got. #Narcissists with stupid pouts and them cringy braggy ones who say “Girl ya fellers sending me d**k pics all day” blah blah blah. Stop blowing bubbles up ya…

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#J20 Coup Civil War | Trump Inauguration Civil Shootout Planned In DC? | Live Stream

Over 50.000 armed people are heading to Washington DC this week with various other elements adding to the fact nobody in the whole of America would deny there is a very hostile atmosphere building around the capital in the days leading up to president-elect, Donald Trump’s, inauguration on Friday, January, 20, 2017. Thousands of bikers are reported to be planning to form a wall of protection around trump and surrounding areas to block off violent protesters to see a peaceful inauguration, 1000’s of protesters including the #DiscruptJ20 movement, over 5000…

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False Flags & MSM Fake News Explained To People Who Are Oblivious

The Orlando Attacks Exposed | Staged Media Hoax Evidence | #TheWarOnMainstream BRUSSELS RESEARCH DENVER AIRPORT – The Numbers Game BREAKING November 8th 2015 THE UK UNDER PSYCH-OPS ATTACK AS SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENDA’S ARE BUSTED AGAIN  London, The Million Man March, Anonymous,  & The Similarities To The Charlie Hebdo So Called Terror Attacks In Paris, Early 2015  How Mainstream News Reported The Issues • Three police officers hospitalised and 50 people arrested • Protesters set police car on fire and hurl fireworks at officers • Thousands of Anonymous campaigners in Guy…

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