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Las Vegas Earthquake 7.1 China Lake, Frequency, Magnetics, HAARP

Las Vegas earthquake hits 7.1 as recent swarm blamed on deep underground military base activity. Video: What Caused The 7.1 Las Vegas Earthquake? 6.4 China Lake – Frequency & Magnetics – Superman 3 As Southern California was recovering from a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday another two have hit the region wuith the latest being a 7.1 mag quake that is being treated as suspicious by observers. China Lake Naval Weapons base is located in Southern California exactly at the coordinates the earthquakes are happening. Find out more in the…

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Royal Marines Seize Iranian Oil Tanker Blackout BREAKING BREAKING NEWS NEWS WW3 Build Up 

Royal Marines Seize Iranian Oil Tanker In Gibraltar – Iran To Grab UK Ship

Royal Marines seize Iranian oil tanker before Iran threatens to capture British vessel in retaliation unless ship taken under US orders is released. British Royal Marines captured an oil tanker in Gibraltar that was allegedly suspected of carrying oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions on Thursday. Iran called on the United Kingdom to “immediately release” the Iranian tanker intercepted off the coast of Gibraltar and denounced the detention of the vessel as an act of “piracy”, according to an official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published…

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BLACKOUT: Power Grid, Internet, Social Media, Phones Sabotaged

In December 2018 I warned about blackout scenarios playing out in 2019 with my reports on the infamous World In 2019 Economist magazine front cover when I covered things to look out for this year regarding foreshadowing of staged events and bad omens.

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