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US Military Whitsleblower Contacts Enchanted LifePath | #Chemtrails UK

OPERATION RANCH HAND – CHEMTRAILS US MILITARY WHISTLEBLOWER CONTACTS ME More Views Of The Public With Comments On My Video Thank You For Watching And Commenting As Always Joe Morales 4 months ago STRATEGIC ATMOSPHERE INJECTION (SAI): ‘Operation Ranch Hand’ was initiated by Kennedy as a deforestation weapon in Vietnam. I was a licensed applicator using it in US. SAI is BIOCIDE (SEE: ). Calling SAI “geoengineering” or “weather modification” is like calling a nuclear holocaust “geoengineering” or “weather modification”. Yes, that is a result, but the intent is…

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Climate Chaos | Strange Sky YOUTUBE youtube video 

Climate Chaos | Strange Sky

Climate Chaos | Strange Sky – Fireballs, Anomaly Watch, Bluebeam.    WATCH: Sudden boom and flash of light in sky leaves thousands terrified – and baffled Sky ‘Froze’ | Clouds absolutely motionless, FOR HOURS! Mysterious Fireball Lights Up The Sky Over Bangkok  A bright object suspected to be a meteor lit up the sky over Bangkok on Monday night. Dashcam videos from several parts in the city show the bright fireball light up the dark night skies. Shooting Star Bangkok, Thailand 2 Nov 2015            …

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