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Pablo Hasel Decoded – BethEL’s House of God/Satan – Pandemonium 2

Pablo Hasel riots leave mysterious clues to the hidden hand of chaos at play in 2021 Pablo Hasel is a rapper from Lleida, in the Basque Country in Spain. He rose to world recognition recently as he was jailed. He stands accused of insulting the Spanish monarchy, insulting the Spanish army and police forces, as well as praising terrorism and banned groups. Pablo has been imprisoned since 16 February 2021 on a nine-month sentence, triggering numerous protests and riots. I decided to look into the Pablo Hasel story to see if I could find any cryptic…

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nha nightingale london 788-790 finchley road connection #Breaking News #Crisis Actors BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Coronavirus Hoax False Flags The War On Humanity War On Humanity 

NHS Nightingale London Connected To 788-790 Finchley Road Government Fraud Network

The new NHS Nightingale Hospital, in London, is connected to companies with links to 788-790 Finchley Road. The pop-up, military hospital was opened in record time after it was brought in to the government’s insane war on COVID-19. The 4000-bed complex is over 1km long. It features its own morgue and incinerator inline with the new Coronavirus bill, cremation regulations. The hospital was opened by Prince Charles via video links with the current covert leader of the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, present…

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War On Crisis Actors – Opening Shots Fired – COMING SOON – Video

War On Crisis Actors 2019 New Video Teaser – Watch Full Version On Website Soon This one’s called… The War On Crisis Actors Video Script Intro: By During the past 4 years, I have covered alleged terror events with a sceptical opinion. I openly disagree with the official narrative pushed by the mainstream news industry, military personnel, emergency services and Governments of the world. I do not believe the alleged victims or friends and families around them. This report is going to expose how crisis management companies supply crisis actors…

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Christchurch Shootings Audio Enhanced But What Does It Reveal?

Christchurch Shootings Audio Enhanced. Here is a copy of the audio file I have generated. You can take it and overlay it back onto the footage in your own video editing software. In the video below,  I show how I have been trying to enhance the Christchurch Mosque shootings audio. I have done this by removing as much of the background music as possible to highlight the times Brenton Tarrant speaks. We even hear him say “I see you” as he is driving behind the black car that I…

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Christchurch: Vanishing CGI bullets expose New Zealand NWO hoax?

Christchurch: Vanishing CGI bullets There has been a lot said about the CGI bullets that came out of the gun and appear to vanish into thin air before hitting the ground. Here is the video below. I will explain afterwards. I do think the explanation of the fading CGI bullets being down to low video quality to be a likely cause for the bullets appearing to vanish. That is not to say there is not a lot more evidence to look into so let us begin with this video I…

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Tommy Robinson BREAKING BREAKING NEWS False Flags 

Tommy Robinson’s Connections To Paedophiles & Criminals Exposed

Tommy Robinson You Are The News This article is based on showing you how much of a planted menace to society Tommy Robinson really is. His narrative totally bypasses the true nature of paedophilia going on all around the country. No one agrees with Muslim grooming gangs but when these people in Tommy’s army’s are standing side by side with paedophiles someone needs to call a spade a spade and them gang of clowns annoy the living daylights out of me. Tommy and his minions forget the institutional rape and…

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Westminster BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Crisis Actors False Flags Westminster Terror Hoax 

Westminster Terror Hoax – Removing Barriers Between Truth & Agenda – The Money Trail Exposed – IOT & 5G Connections – Product Placement, Crisis Actors And Lie Witnesses.

Westminster Terror Hoax – Removing Barriers Between Truth & Agenda – The Money Trail Exposed – IOT & 5G Connections – Product Placement, Crisis Actors And Lie Witnesses. Let me get straight to the point then take it from there. The events we seen play out in Westminster was not a terror attack. When we observe the situation and witness statements we see it is a load of baloney. Why did they pull such a stunt and hoax yet another terror scenario? It was a drill between the emergency services…

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VIDEO | Sheriff Scott & Ira Israel – The Gift That Keeps Giving – Nikolas Jacob Cruz – Florida Decode

SHERIFF SCOTT ISRAEL AND HIS BROTHER IRA ISRAEL – THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING – #WatchItWhileYouCan As findings go, this next load have to be the most priceless of all, the irony holds no bounds as the usual people at the forefront of the event are either linked to actors or proven to be actors themselves. When will we see just one event that does not follow these common characteristics by the book? The truth is we wont, because this is how it happens, these are the people who play it…

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Role-Player Registration: Oklahoma – VIGILANT GUARD – DISASTER RESPONSE TRAINING EXERCISE – Oct 30, to Nov 2, 2017

Role-Player Registration: Oklahoma – VIGILANT GUARD – DISASTER RESPONSE TRAINING EXERCISE – Oct 30, to Nov 2, 2017 There have been far too many cases of these drills going live and turning into real fake news events or false flag attacks… This is a warning to Oklahoma and near by cities. #WeAreWatching Residents of Oklahoma are being warned to be on high alert from, October 30, 2017 to November 2, 2017 of a possible grey state and media sponsored false flag or hoax attack in the state after a disaster…

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LAS VEGAS DEBATE: Dan Bilzerian & The Mystery Of Mike Cronk – Are They The Same Person? Time Travel, Vegas Wars, MSM Clowns, Shapeshifters, Flux Capacitor, Anti-Christ?

(Before It’s News) Where do I start with this one? Go with See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and we have to stop right now. But I can’t do that with a crisis actor cryptic corker like this to be decoded and you just can’t make it up, the decode I mean, not the shootings in Vegas and laughable mainstream news coverage, which is just role-play theatre designed to influence emotional control and push political agendas leading to more laws for the perpetrators of the attacks and…

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