Sending Explicit Images Online Without Consent Could Land You In Jail – Females Bombarded With Indecent Exposure Have Right To Fight Back

Over the past few years it seems a certain attitude has developed in society and online. One in which people seem to of forgotten how to act appropriately in any given circumstance. Sexting is now a widespread trend and sex appeal is at fever pitch levels with people adhering to an online self image in the need to project a certain “wow” factor about themselves. It is said that the secret to happiness is being beautiful, (albeit quoting Australian comedian Jim Jefferies) but does being beautiful warrant online sexual harassment?…

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STOP MURDOCH | Media Reform Coalition UK | #WeAreTheNews

His first attempt to buy out Britain’s monopoly satellite broadcasting platform in 2011 was doomed by the unraveling phone hacking scandal. Now Murdoch is trying once again to consolidate his grip on the UK media in a move on Sky that was announced late on a Friday afternoon, pre-Christmas, and post Parliamentary recess. David Yelland, former editor of the Sun, told Channel 4 News “I don’t think there will be much opposition to this”. We must prove him wrong and not allow this further extension of Murdoch’s media power to go unchecked. Please…

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Animal Cruelty BREAKING NEWS Journalism KAALE ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports 

RAMSGATE | 80 Live Animal Export Protesters Halt Slaughter Lorries

Live animal export protesters at the port of Ramsgate have caused lorries to come to a complete standstill. Around 80 KAALE members voiced their concerns as a shipment was due to take place. Three animal export lorries which contained over 1200 sheep arrived at the port of Ramsgate at around 1:30pm, Monday, October 10, 2016. The lorries were due to be loaded onto ships with live sheep being sent out for slaughter in Europe. Anti live export campaigners caused the vehicles to a halt for around ten minutes as  some…

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Members Of The Public Campaign To Ban Live Exports From Ramsgate

Members of the public have spoken out against the live export industry and called for shipments of live cattle from the UK to be banned. A recent report from Enchanted LifePath TV regarding the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate has created a reaction from members in support of KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports. Speaking on the Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate Facebook page, concerns were raised and calls to ban the shipments were repeated. One supporter said: “Ban live animal exports,  it’s a cruel barbaric and inhumane…

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Liverpool Comedy Festival is totally Cramptamonium

Liverpool Echo Laughter House stand up comedian of the year finalist Top Joe prepared for Thursdays finals by launching a new word in bid to have it used in the English dictionary on Saturday night. Joe was performing in front of a closely packed crowd at 81 Renshaw, for Funny Looking Fringe, a comedy umbrella for local talent set up by owner Gaz Cross at the 2016 Liverpool Comedy Festival. Joe was typically sharp and funny as he built up to the big reveal of his quirky new word ‘Cramptamonium’,…

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Liverpool Air Quality Levels Drop To Unhealthy In Sudden Pollution Spike

In the early hours of Thursday morning alarm bells were ringing as air quality levels in Liverpool began to drop rapidly towards dangerous levels. The mystery pollution swept over Liverpool and lingered in the air until later on in the evening with over half a million people unaware. Levels were being monitored from around 1am thursday morning by Enchanted LifePath TV LTD, a Liverpool based alternative news platform using aqicn

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NATIONAL HEALTH ALERT: Liverpool Air Quality Level Dropped By 2/3 Overnight? UK LEVELS DANGEROUS RIGHT NOW

EXCLUSIVE: NEW LOW AIR QUALITY READING 127 LIVERPOOL NOW OFFICIALLY #UNHEALTHY Here you will see how i have documented the air quality levels around Liverpool and the whole of the UK. Liverpool has a dangerously high score, one of the worst in the UK this has happened over 24 hours NOTE: This score was 110 when i fell asleep at 4am, it is now 07:34am and Liverpool has a score of 127 and Cambridge is now a disturbing 199 this is not safe at all and needs addressing urgently. Liverpool…

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TURMERIC | Golden Milk – 5000 Year Old Miracle Herb – Recipe

5000-Year-Old Medicinal Super Herb Available At Supermarkets & Online Do Consumers Know Turmeric Has Hidden Secrets? This spice has many health benefits and has been scientifically tested over 6000 times to prove it’s medicinal qualities since creating quite a frenzy in the alternative medicine industry. For two years now I have been aware of the super spice with advanced healing properties commonly found in meals in Asia and the Middle East. Recently, I was in a local supermarket and seen it in the spice section for just 49p, but what…

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#Editing & Production Fees

RATES: Sub-editing Editing and production Sub-editing with HTML coding: per day 240.00 Sub-editing/day 160.00 Notes: Allegedly simple sub-editing for the web and other database-like media is almost always more demanding than for print media. Whether the freelance is striving to write headlines of precisely 48 characters for old-skool Teletext, or is dealing with tagging articles with keywords selected from a “controlled vocabulary”, they’re doing things that sub-editors of normal language do not have to do. If the work involves markup – whether the <em>simple codes</em> that determine the appearance of…

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