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Pete Says: Thanks for watching. If You are new here, then this is a playlist of all of my videos on YouTube showing examples of reverse speech, or clear phrases of speech that are heard among the gibberish when listening to a recording in reverse.

This was discovered by David Oates in the early ’80s, and as such is still regarded as pseudoscience. Doubters will often think of this as Pareidolia for Sound, and to some extent, I get that.

There’s just certain things that are just more than chance for this though.

Nearly all of the clear phrases of speech are almost always grammatically correct. The reversals match the person or situation. as if to say one of these has to be true.

Either I’m really good at hearing clear phrases of speech among gibberish in reverse in real-time, that sometimes are congruent with the forward speech. Or there isn’t anything in this, and my mind works hard to make stuff fit, even terminology I’ve never heard of in fact!

Take care all

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