Why Alfie Evans Does Still Have A Functioning Brain – Alder Hey WRONG

Alfie Evans Brain Functionality Alder Hey Narrative Slammed In Analysis A series of hard hitting Facebook posts from Gidget Chairmaine Quilter, from Utah, a Save Alfie Evans campaigner has blown emphatic holes in the official story regarding the brain functionality of the toddler who Alder Hey children’s hospital want to switch of life support ventilation despite him being undiagnosed. Gidget has cast a superb medical analysis of Alfie’s current state of health placing Alder Hey firmly in the firing line of the information she provided to the public in a…

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Alfie Evans Alder Hey 444 Sacrifice Ritual Attempt In Liverpool? Friday 13

Alfie Evans Alder Hey Ritual Explained Tom Evans and Kate James, from Liverpool, have faced a battle to keep their 22-month-old son Alfie Evans alive. He is at Alder Hey Hospital where he has been hospitalised since December 2016, dealing with chronic seizures of an undiagnosed disorder. The hospital have fought Alfies family yet again over night as his father was told he would be arrested for assault if he touched Alfie despite gaining last-minute legal documents granting him permission to remove his baby boy from the clutches of the…

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