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#Tomorrowland | Summer Festival Of Satanic Rituals – The Dragon Breathes Fire Of Lucifers Re-birth

A fire which broke out on stage at Tommorowland festival in Spains Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a city just north of Barcelona, has raised eyebrows with blame being pointed at Satanists performing rituals in a summer to be remembered for going up in flames. The fire resulted in the mass evacuation of a reported 22.000 people and holds another set of clues and synchronicities dubbed as “cryptic corkers” by Enchanted LifePath. Are you awake yet? It’s Time…. To Be Enchanted. The great flood of the Bible was the birthing of a new…

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French Traditions – May Day: lilies, dragons and pagan fertility

French Traditions – May Day: lilies, dragons and pagan fertility Posted on May 11, 2011 by Jim McNeill   Because May Day falls six months after November 1st it marks the end of the winter and has traditionally been an occasion for populist and wild celebrations involving dancing, bonfires and fertility rituals which included love-making in the fields to improve the earth’s fertility. In Europe the celebration of May Day goes back to the Celtic festival of Beltane. There was also the pre-Christian festival of Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowers.…

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13 Days of Preparation | Occult Significance Of May Day (Beltane)

The 13 days of preparation is one of many key windows of the year that are known as a season of sacrifice. The best way to describe the importance of April 19, through to May 1, and the rest of the first week of May, is to explain how ancient rituals are still carried out on the masses. These ritualistic events can also be repackaged into new, modernised, seemingly innocent versions of the same ritual, meaning the public can unknowingly lend their energy to the ritual giving it consent as…

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