Brexit Betrayal Was More Planned Than You Thought

On January 22 we had 66 days to go until March 29, the 88th day of the year. I was watching the BBC Parliament channel on television and Theresa May was asked if the Military that are about to be deployed on the streets of Great Britain will be armed with live ammunition, as usual the Prime Minister side-stepped the obvious substance to the question which was will troops be shooting civilians? She did not state the troops will be simply helping to supply hospitals with vital medicine but she said military will be “protecting certain locations”, key word here is protecting and this brings me to the “Ring Of Steel” that we have seen as part of the build-up over the past twelve months and I can now reference my own articles to show how I have been right all along in my opinion. I will leave you to make up your own mind. I am not just making the pieces fit a puzzle for my own self gratification. This is information that has all been pointed out by myself or published in the public domain.

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World In 2019: A Year Of Bad Omens – Brexit 88th Day – Rise Up

The video below is not something I am going to go into any detail about at the start of this article but please watch it and look at how many subliminals it contains, the first thing we see is a woman biting an apple in a Garden of Eden reference but the rest of the clip pretty much lines up to my conclusion of 2019 and its role in pushing us towards an Armageddon. Be it a technological Armageddon, a poliitcal one, financial or an actual doomsday scenario. Are the…

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