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Westminster #5G Smart Car Terror Hoax – Stunt Car Runs Into Crisis Actors?

Terror Hoax Westminster #5G Smart Car Drill – Stunt Car Runs Into No Pedestrians? NO ONE MENTIONS ANY PEOPLE BEING HIT BY A CAR – NO VICTIMS IN FOOTAGE – MORE LIES? When asked if he believed it was simply a collision, he said: “No, no no.” He later told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I’ve seen a man driving a vehicle, and he’s gone into one of the bollards. There was a loud bang. “Straight away I thought ‘Oh no, this is another terrorist attack’. So I’ve just started to…

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CERN Appears On Crisis Cast Clients List & Crisis Actors Exposed

CERN NOW CLIENTS OF CRISIS CAST = CERN = 666 Watch Video With New CERN DIscovery Courtesy of http://EnchantedLifePath.com Shocking New Discovery Made In New Enchanted LifePath Video. This Is HUGE. CERN Appear On Crisis Cast Role Play Management Website Client List. New Video With Shocking New Find As Well As Plenty Of Crisis Actors Including A Hillsborough Reference!!! #WeAreTheNews In this video, I show you Mason Wells who was allegedly blown up in the Brussels Airport bomb. We watch Mason dressed like a Mummy in bandages but able to…

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THE WRANGLER: Inside The Mind Of A Crisis Actor – How To Stage A Media Hoax

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All images on this article link through to the original source, please visit them as you go along to verify each part of this post. During the past three years I have covered alleged terror events with a sceptical opinion of the narrative pushed by the mainstream news industry, the emergency services, the Government’s of the world, the alleged victims and friends and families around them. This report is going to expose how crisis management companies supply crisis actors who then work hand in hand with the fore mentioned establishments…

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