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VIDEO | Sheriff Scott & Ira Israel – The Gift That Keeps Giving – Nikolas Jacob Cruz – Florida Decode

SHERIFF SCOTT ISRAEL AND HIS BROTHER IRA ISRAEL – THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING – #WatchItWhileYouCan As findings go, this next load have to be the most priceless of all, the irony holds no bounds as the usual people at the forefront of the event are either linked to actors or proven to be actors themselves. When will we see just one event that does not follow these common characteristics by the book? The truth is we wont, because this is how it happens, these are the people who play it…

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SHOCKING: #Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The Occult Meaning Of 96 | 96 Quite Bitter Beings | 96 Tears | #LFC

SHOCKING: #Hillsborough Blood Sacrifice Mockery | The Occult Meaning Of 96 | 96 Quite Bitter Beings | 96 Tears | #LFC Scary Foreshadowing Exposed Truth Nuke | You Will Not Believe This Info | Undeniable Foreshadowing Exposed On Events At Hillsborough in 1989. The Curse of Liverpool After finding this video I thought it was so weird and had signs of Liverpool in it, as well as the Knights Templars and ISIS taking part in a ritual, I noticed the twin headed eagle which looks to the east and west just…

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Why Masons Wear Forget Me Nots

Why Masons Wear Forget Me Nots In the years between World War 1 and World War 2 The blue Forget Me Not Emblem (Das Vergissmeinnicht) was a standard symbol used by most charitable organizations in Germany, with a very clear meaning: “Do not forget the poor and the destitute“. It was first introduced in German Masonry in 1926, well before the Nazi era, at the annual Communication of the Grand Lodge Zur Sonne, in Bremen, where it was distributed to all the participants. That was a terrible time in Germany, economically…

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