Llangammarch Fire Kids Blue & Leif Raine Named Before Press?

Blue and Leif Raine, 12, 13, have been revealed as two more of the children reported caught up in the mysterious Llangammarch Wells farmhouse fire at Pointyn farm on October 30, 2017. Three kids named as dead by Dafyd-Powys police on Friday were boys, Just Raine, 11, Reef Raine, 10, and sister Misty Raine, 9, along with legal Parent David Cuthbertson, 68, and two other children who have yet to be identified. One of those still missing is thought to be as young as four years old with three more…

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Llangammarch Wells Fire: Seema Khan Kids Named – Kidd Family Dad Connection Found

Seema Khan Kids Named After Llangammarch Fire Cuthbertson Kids Named, But Could Sisters, Biological Mother & Father Still Be Living Local? Just Raine aged 11, his brother Reef Raine, aged 10 and their younger sister Misty Raine aged 9 have all been named as three of the five dead children along with father David Cuthbertson after the reported Llangamamrch Wells farmhouse fire, one more child is allegedly still unidentifiable. Police said they have so far recovered five bodies and will continue attempts to recover the remains of the sixth who…

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