BREAKING NEWS Mass Animal Die offs War On Humanity 

Our Dying World: Genetic, Weather & Frequency Attacks – Warfare

Dying World Warfare 2018 For decades, two main reproductive strategies have been recognised by biologists. These are refered to as the “r/K Selection Theory” The r strategy is an adaptation to excessive resources with breeding patterns leaning towards quantity over quality. If we take humans and line them up in an example with how we use the resources of the planet compared to prey such as rabbits, rats, mice and deer we can begin to build a picture of what we are. The rabbit is never going to run out…

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18 Days To Climate Chaos – 200.000 Endangered Antelopes Dead – DNA / Genetic Attack Testing???? Mass extinction

                                 Mass Animal Deaths for 2015 If the information on this page causes you concern regarding the future, then see what must I do to be saved?   Mystery of what killed 200,000 antelope in one MONTH solved? Normally harmless bacteria appear to have turned on the endangered animals 60,000 saiga antelope perished in just four days at the peak of the die-off Toxins from normally harmless Pasteurella bacteria found in the animals This caused…

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