WATCH | Hurricane Irma Live – Florida CAT 5 Hurricane – Storm Surge Live – Eye Of The Storm

    I’ve gained so many friends in America through my work that all week I have been worried about people in Florida who I know of such as Oozaru313 who has followed not only my channel but many of the channels in the truth community for years. People who have supported me all the way are in danger and it is very uneasy viewing for me personally. It goes without saying that I’m gutted seeing the scenes over there and wish everyone well and hope they are in total…

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BREAKING NEWS War On Humanity 

Red Cross IRMA Blunder – Where Does The Money Go? Where Does It All Come From?

(READ MORE) HURRICANE IRMA APPEAL £50 could buy 12 blankets for survivors (READ MORE) Red Cross accused of building six homes in five years since Haiti earthquake The Red Cross has raised almost half a billion dollars in donations for Haiti

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