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#BREAKING TRUMP USA: NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR MISSILE TEST LATEST – Radio Enchanted LifePath Update North Korea confirms sixth nuclear test After reports of quakes, Pyongyang says it successfully tested hydrogen bomb amid soaring tensions with US and allies. North Korea has confirmed its sixth nuclear test after reports of tremors shaking the country. The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the hydrogen bomb test on Sunday morning, ordered by leader Kim Jong-un, was a “perfect success”. The trial at 12pm (03:30 GMT) was carried out to “examine and confirm the accuracy and credibility” of North…

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North Korea And The Rothchild Central Banking Cartel – More Smoke & Mirrors?

The Central Bank of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is North Korea‘s central bank. Established on December 6, 1947, it issues the North Korean wŏn. The Bank is subordinated to the Cabinet of North Korea. Paek Ryong-chon has been the bank’s president since 2011.[3] History On February 15, 1946, a central bank of North Korea was announced, which was to be under the control of the Soviet military.[4] However, the bank failed to accomplish its objectives, being unable to meet its costs of operation, and the 100 million wŏn…

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WW3 Build Up – The Past 7 Days

                                     China Sends Tanks To North Korea – FALL OUT WITH NORTH KOREA – Kim Jong Un Losing Allies??? BUILD UP TO WW3 – China Sends Warning To North Korea As The US Reviews Korean war Stratedgy   BREAKING NEWS August 24, 2015 02:12am UK time BREAKING: North Korea Sends Out 50 Submarines To Unknown Destinations Kim Jong-Un Declares War On S. Korea North Korea mobilises its submarines as one million volunteers pledge…

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