Public Inquiry Petition: Powys County Council & Child Services Staff Out!

Slammed: Every Powys Children Services & County Council worker has been requested to stand down within 72 hours and a petition has been launched asking for a public inquiry to be held into their failings and the reported Llangammarch farmhouse fire which resulted in five child deaths just two weeks after the under fire authorities were given 90 days to improve by the Welsh Government following a highly critical CCSSIW inspection. Powys City Council and Social Services are sure to face more questions after five children who had previously been…

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UK Governments Incredible ‘Paedophile Pride Day’ Own Goal – Campaign Branded Offensive Joke

A campaign to raise public awareness of an annual paedophile pride celebration, known as Alice day, has been branded nonsense by the government and a petition to support the push was rejected emphatically on the grounds of it being an “offensive joke”. Information within the petition was taken from the UK and Ireland paedophile database, fully validating claims by Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media LTD that paedophiles celebrate paedophile pride each year on April 25th, aka, Alice day. The petition titled, “High Public Police Presence On Paedophile Pride Day,…

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UK Petition: High Public Police Presence On Paedophile Pride Day, Alice Day, April 25, 2017

April the 25th is Alice day, originally known as “Paedophile Pride Day” the day was devised by paedophile activists during the 1990′s to celebrate their desire to molest children. Paedophiles use this day to secretly boast in public about the sick world they live in, the mind set and the abuse of children. Using their own secret codes and logos they are able to remain fairly undetected by the general public as many of us go about our daily lives without realising the dangers around our children. Liverpool based independent…

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