#Breaking News WW3 Build Up 

Pope Just Dropped A Truth Bomb “The World Is Conducting A Third World War” – WW3

The Pope has sensationally blamed Europe for the beginning of World War three. He said: “I have spoken to the European continent three times: twice in Strasbourg and once last year, or this year. “I think that ‘No more war!’ has not been taken seriously, because after the First there was the Second, and after the Second there is this third war we are experiencing now, piecemeal. “We are at war. The world is conducting a third world war: Ukraine, Middle East, Africa, Yemen. It is very grave. “Therefore, we…

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WW3 Build Up | Tensions At Boiling Point – Are You Ignoring The Signs?

Russia along with its allies and the West, headed by the United States and NATO have been banging the drums of ww3 throughout the whole of 2016. Recent escalations seem more serious than ever in Syria with world leaders now faced by the possibility of a first global military conflict being ignited since ww2. Earlier this week, a convoy of Russian warships heading for the Mediterranean, shocked the MoD by sailing down the English Channel – “marked every inch of the way” by the Royal Navy in a move aimed…

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