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This Is My Enchanted LifePath


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Below Is A Song I Wrote About Great Times I Had In A Difficult Stage Of My Life

Times Like This Made Me Who I Am Today

Party On The Top Floor Up In Liverpool 1


I Have A Reoccurring Daydream Where I’am At The Front of The Great Re-education Opening One Set Of Eye’s At A Time, Taking Stepping Stones Like Stars Throughout My Journey, Starting At Home And With People Who Can Relate To Me, Advancing To YouTube & The Website, Eventually Planning To Release A Book, Thoughts Become Things, Every New View Or New Subscriber Holds Another Chance Of Hope. 

I Noticed something About The Future, Everybody Is Re-educated, When Did This Take Place, It Always seems To Be After a Great War, A War On Humanity, But In The Future Humanity Is Always More Intelligent But Also More Integrated With Other Beliefs, And Maybe Even Beings, Today We Seem To Be In Times Of Change Throughout Our Whole Paradigm,

The Re-Education Is Taking Place Today Right Before Our Eyes We Are Seeing Disclosure Speed Up, We Have All Seen The Truth We Just Need To Learn How To Process It, Call It An Update If You Like, Knowledge Is Power.

5th June 1984 = Master Number 33

5 + 6 = 11 ( master number 11 we cant break down a master number) we stick on 11

1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22

11 + 22 = 33

There Is More To It Within My Name And It All Ties Into Something



Stepping Stones Like Stars

An Enchanted LifePath?


An Enchanted LifePath Work And Education – The Younger Years

An Enchanted LifePath | The Numbers Game | My Numerology

Enchanted LifePath Journey Into Journalism | #BeEnchanted | Journalism Diploma Update

The Playlist Above Not Just The Video Freaks Me Out It Tells Me Things And It Really Does Ring True, But Not Just Bits Of It, I Mean Every Word In Every Video. Please Watch A Few There Only 2 Or 3 Min Videos But They Will Help You Understand And Maybe You Can Give Me Answers, If You Then Read The Next Part Of The About Me Page, My Numerology, It Get’s Interesting Once You Compare It To What You Hear In The Playlist Above, And Please Understand That I Am Only Finding All This Out In The Past Few Years.

”It’s The Winners Who Write The History”

Stepping Stones Like Stones Like Stars


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