An Enchanted LifePath
Stepping Stones Like Stars


Stepping Stones Like Stars The Song


The feeling of nothingness lasted for seconds, then light appeared all around, a sense of fear was controlled by anticipation, my eyes opened but i could not see, I gained a sense of falling, falling fast, I was being sucked inwards. A dot appeared, it was something to focus on, it was a chance to question further where i was and gain some awareness. As i descended the dot grew slightly bigger and bigger, I fell faster, all the while keeping focus on this mysterious dot, as I fell the dot no longer appeared to be black it had gained colour and somewhat changed its appearance, it was now a red circle. I continued to free fall, as i was falling towards it, it now looked like a red set of theater curtains in a complete circle, they were drawn shut. I fell towards these curtains and fell perfectly into them and grabbed on to them tight, I slid down these huge curtains from the clouds to the very bottom with a feeling of protection. I was safe. I then woke up. no longer on my bed but on my bedroom floor now fully aware, I was wrapped up in my blanket and back home safe. But i had questions, questions i was too young to ask. Answers i was too young to understand. But I have always remembered my first dream. I was one or two years old. Had I just experienced Astral Projection. Was this my return from somewhere, was there a message, a secret to be unlocked. Today I am 30 years old, this week I made a cloud vanish with my mind. My name is Carl, This is my Enchanted LifePath.

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Chapter 1


Some of us know more as a young child than we do when we are a grown adult with all the wisdom in the world, wisdom is what we get from learning lessons, purity is what we get from not knowing the answers, this is the difference between me now, and me as a child. 31 years ago i became aware, i became aware of what i liked the taste of, i became aware of colours, sound, i could even feel the fabric of my clothing, but the biggest thing I became aware of was me. My first memory of being aware of what i wanted, knowing there was a small job in hand to get to my goal, and i had to take action after waking up and knowing i wanted a bottle, i know it was around 4 o’clock in the morning as I can still remember the silence of the night outside, the street light shining through the window undisturbed and unpolluted by headlights, not a car on the road, not a sound. apart from the rumble in my stomach, and in any second the screams i would let loose on the house, people needed to wake up, I needed my bottle. actions created reactions.

How aware are we as a child, how aware are we the day we are born, within this day of heightened knowledge, is it possible that we are told our life path the seconds before we are born into this world, does our life we are about to live flash before our eyes, the same way it does before we die. is this why lives can seem mapped out, destiny’s can be set in the stars, this is my first book I have wrote, but what was the first book I read as a child?, how old was I?, I was 4 years old possibly younger, my father, a retired technical Sergeant in the US Air Force, a typical American dad, inspiring, teaching, driving his son to learn things from a young age, handed me a book and opening it on the pages about Gemini star signs, he explained that this was about me and people born around the same time of year as I was, he read the book to me telling me I was universally intelligent, the twin sign, twin personalities, funny, charismatic as well as other Gemini attributes. I was now aware of my cosmic background. I was aware of books, I was aware of information.

My first written words of real significance came not much long after, my father was a very clever man and 31 years later I am so aware of this, I would have a typewriter at all times, if one broke it would be replaced. I remember the first time I constructed a word by thinking how it pieced together after breaking it down to make it easy for myself. It was California, closely followed by helicopter. Both words split into 3 sections, heli-cop-ter, Cali-for-nia. I would be rewarded for doing things like this, always being told how smart I was, I would be taken to the zoo so I could take photographs on my Polaroid camera, another item I always had as a very young child and again if it broke it would be replaced,

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