Ken Dodd Exposed: The Untold Story – Liverpool’s Jimmy Savile? – Happiness Or Horror?

Ken Dodd popped his clogs and my eyes lit up the city in daylight when the Liverpool Echo published its first piece of useful info EVER saying The Doddsters funeral at the Anglican cathedral was to be open to the public. So “I thought to myself what a wonderful world” as I could now gatecrash it and play count the Freemasons.

Huge crowds gathered in and outside the cathedral dubbed the largest in the Kingdom during the ceremony. Non stop rain and freezing temperatures matched the doom and gloom levels expected over a funeral. Scanning my eyes around, taking it all in I couldn’t help but notice I seemed to be the only person there who was thinking Ken Dodd looked like one of the most prolific perverts to ever walk the earth and his touchy feely sense of humour seemed to hold more references to tickles dicks than tickle sticks (laff laff). The celebs came and went but not before I took over 100 photos and got two hours of footage.

Ken Dodd was admitted to hospital in January with the same chest infection that hits most celebs months before their death. He told the most useless paper in the world the Liverpool echo “I have been to a very dark place but I will get out into the Sunshine” During his 6-week stay in hospital he had to explain his way out of so-called fake news reports claiming he had died. He spoke out at people in the media who started the rumour saying: “They are horrible monsters, I don’t think they are human beings, I think they are evil but they will get theirs. I can tell you now there is a god and he will punish them” Ken was greeted by children dressed up as the Diddy men as he left the hospital on February 27.

Dodd Married his long term partner Anne Jones in a last minute bid to beat the tax man  just 48 hours before he died on March 9. (39 93 Thalema Aleister Crowley) Ken died on March 11 also known as creation day on the Liverpool sacrifice date map. 3×11=33. He told the Lord Mayor he wanted to do a “Big Show” for the charities in April or May (high sacrifice months). He added: I will be there, I shall return”. Was Ken leaving us little cryptic corkers by any chance? Let’s take a look.

Well he wouldn’t be much of a Freemason if he wasn’t surrounded by 33’s would he and his name gives us the number 33 in reverse full reduction when using gematrinator which is a popular gematria calculator we use to find alpha numeric codes which are hidden in plane sight. Did Mr Dodd reach 33rd degree level of the Scottish rite of freemasonry? Answers on a postcard.

So Ken Dodd was born on November 8 1927 and died on March 11 2018. Well there’s a surprise,… Not. He was born on an 88 day and died on a 33 day. Why the hell would I say such a thing? its simple this is how the crafty bastards work. November is the 11th month and the 8th day give us an 11-8 11×8 is 88. March 11 gives us a 33 with 11×3 with march being the 3rd month. You get it.

The day Dodd was born, November 8, 1927, also marked the return to public speaking of one Adolf Hitler, then 38, following his ban after his attempted ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ four years earlier.

“Ken Dodd Dead” brings up another set of numbers we are very well aware of on enchanted lifepath but there are a lot of people out there who won’t have a clue what I’m going on about, so if your scratching your head now give me a few seconds… Anywayyyyyy…. “Ken Dodd Dead” gives us a Full Reduction 44. This is half of the 88 I mentioned earlier, the 88 is the twin serpent which was represented by the twin towers at 9/11. 44 is a number associated with sacrifice and deception. Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back on March 15 44BC during the Ides of march. Ken Dodd will of been aware of this. When we see repeating numbers such as the 55 or mirrored numbers like the 131 in Jewish gematria, we can take them as an occultist rubber stamp on an event. The 111 in Kabbalah carries many meanings with the Holy Trinity mockery being one of them. All of these numbers are playing a part in this big ritual.

They could of picked a less Satanic venue for Doddy’s Big Fat Freemasonic Funeral unless that is what he would of wanted. Looking around the grounds of the Anglican Cathedral it is clear as day to me that this place is steeped in the occult with an obelisk representing the Phallic symbol of Nimrod the Sun God’s missing penis. This is probably what Ken Dodd’s Tickle Stick was mocking.

We also see an Egyptian/Roman style building called the Oratory which we will look into in my new documentary. It is being filmed now. It was built by Freemasons to symbolise Liverpool’s recognition for helping the Empire murder and enslave millions.

Above, you see the Masonic compass etched into the walls of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral which is just a few hundred yards from the Metropolitan Cathedral. A short walk down the opposite end of Hope street which is the home of Hope street Masonic lodge brings you to the building known locally as Paddy’s Wigwam. A look inside the Anglican where Dodd’s service was held reveals a huge ritual-esque circle chamber with an 8 pointed star on the floor. This is Sun worship all the way from ancient Babylon. It is also a magic circle which we will discuss further down the article. Oh what a lovely tea party….. These places give me the creeps.

Image result for tina turner

I mentioned tranny face Tina Turner earlier as a possible candidate for an occult blood sacrifice in 2018 after hearing her song all over adverts and seeing her in news papers a lot lately.

YouTube player

I see this as predictive programming. This is how they subliminally prepare the masses for an event, as well as hiding sneaky codes which can also be embedded into dates and using plays on words.

Tina Turner was born in the same month as Ken Dodd in November on the 26th. November 26 is the 330th day of the year, another crafty 33 for those who can see. November 26 is the day of the covenant. Tina Turner was mentioned by a guest speaker at Ken’s funeral who quoted her name and simply the best song in a tribute to Dodd. I never had a coffee in my hand but if I did I would of spat it out laughing my head off awkwardly.

When we look at the numbers game around “Tina Turner Dead” Full reduction is 64. 64 is a reference to the squares on a black and white chess board. This is a theme we see all over the world at Masonic lodges, including right here in Liverpool where we have 26. 89 could very well be a Hillsborough reference and the 180 in Kabbalah is 666 with 3×6 being 18 remembering that occultists do not recognise the zero so we always get rid of that number.

Simply the best gives us 203 (23) in Kabbalah and a 919 mirror in Jewish gematria. And to me that is enough to suggest “Tina Turner, You Goin Downnnnnnn”

Who are the Diddy Men??? On first glance they seem to be a brain wave creation of a twisted child snatcher. They carry a very Celtic theme which again dates back to Ancient Babylon. The Leprechaun like characters are riddled with the occult and we only have to skim the surface to unravel this one. Leprechauns where originally evil bastard demonic little creatures that would leave curses and could cause havoc for anything on their travels. Also take note of the tongue sticking out which is mocking the lamb of Christ. Totally demonic bullshit from the Pandora’s Box Office Entertainment industry.  Hey Freemasons you are making this too easy, your teachings are no longer secret knowledge there are thousands of people like me around the world exposing your crap by the second on a daily basis.

They were seen as an omen of chaos. It is said their power was held in their rod or staff which is likened to Aaron’s rod that had powers from God. Once again we have found more satanic undertones with the Diddy Men. The Pope instructs new cardinals to open the lower dungeons of the Vatican to let loose the malignant leprechaun demons to steal gold from rich evangelicals and spread disease into their homes. Well I bet ya never seen that coming did you?

Let’s carry on with a song called We Are The Diddy Men from Ken Dodd who looks more like a sick leather faced cannibalistic vampire monster the more I look at him. Did you let your child be one of The Diddy Men? Do you understand the world of satanism is a paedophiles paradise?. Take it away Ken with this pagan pop tune from hell.

YouTube player

Ken had a very outlandish music career, it is said that he sold more records than Bob Dylan and a BBC report from 2010 suggests he was the third best selling artist of the 1960’s with his song tears generating enough sales to be officially documented as the third best selling track of the whole decade.

The report says: According to sales data compiled by the Official Charts Company, the biggest selling single of the 1960’s was She Loves You by The Beatles. I Want to Hold Your Hand, recorded by the Fab Four in 1963, came second.

How on earth Diddy do that? This is one of the biggest shocks I have ever had I mean come on Ken Dodd musical guru? Would you ever have known or believed that if I told you in a million years after showing you the We Are The Diddy Men bullshit song? His influences have obviously been of the occult and his reputation was clearly amplified by the powers that be.

No automatic alt text available.

Ken Dodd’s hit song ‘Tears’ is what launched him to musical stardom during the 1960’s when the Liverpool music scene was dominated by The Beatles as part of a Tavistock institute psy-op on the populace when the free will new age love doctrine was forced onto the youth of the world resulting in sex, drugs and rock n roll taking over the minds of the people.

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Tears Meaning…. God of War

TYR It is assumed that Tîwaz was overtaken in popularity and in authority by both Odin and Thor at some point during the Migration Age, as Odin shares his role as God of war. Tiw was equated with Mars in the interpretatio germanica. Tuesday is “Tīw’s Day” (also in Alemannic Zischtig from zîes tag), translating dies Martis.

As we arrive back to the numbers game we look at the word tears and boy does this leave us a few cookies to crumble. The 666’s are flourishing and we can now hint at a magic circle and its reference here before I move on and explain Magic Circles and why they are used in the occult during rituals and what on earth Ken Dodd has got to do with them.

Tears Full Reduction – 18 (666)

Reverse Full Reduction 36 (666) if you add each number up from 1 to 36 it totals 666, can you see how crafty these people really are.

English Ordinal 63 just reverse what I just told you.

Just to show you how Liverpool was infiltrated by demonic energies and used to push the Luciferian agenda through The Beatles or Scarab Beatles as I like to call them. John, Paul, George and Ringo link to the occult with undeniable evidence as they are one of the most cryptic things I have ever covered, I mean look at them promoting abortion here, you would never see it that way unless I pointed out the dead babies sprawled out all over the Fab Four (earth, wind, water, fire) in the image below. You can also see the Sgt. Peppers album cover with Alistair Crowley proudly placed on one of the most recognisable images on earth. Fuck the Beatles, fuck Ken Dodd, fuck Cilla Black & White……..

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An interview on the West Lancashire Grand Lodge of Freemasons website with Bob Sims tells us about the Magic Circle and how Ken Dodd was a member.

In his dialogue, Bob states that there are over 1,500 members of the Magic Circle, including Prince Charles.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and text

This website article is the Freemasons telling you themselves it is not me making it up as I go along. It mentions The Magic Circle so I headed over to a website I found from a group called The Liverpool Magic Circle and guess who it says the patron is? It is Ken Dodd.

Right so that all seems pretty innocent I mean what can be so odd about a magic circle and a gang of magicians? To answer the question we need to break things down. Magic refers to the use of paranormal methods to manipulate natural forces. A magic circle is a space marked out by people who are performing a ritual. They believe the circle will provide energy from a sacred space or even offer them protection or both.

magic circle protection ken dodd article

The magic circle is often drawn out in chalk or salt although it can be visualised or set out in candles. The practitioner will then summons spirits to cast spells whilst being protected from negative energy by the circle. In order to leave a circle and keep it intact, Wiccans believe a door must be cut in the energy of the circle, normally on the East side. Whatever was used to cast the circle is used to cut the doorway, such as a sword, staff or knife, a doorway is “cut” in the circle, at which point anything may pass through without harming the circle. This opening must be closed afterwards by “reconnecting” the lines of the circle.

YouTube player

I often tell you how we are living in a word where evil is repackaged into things that seem harmless. Many of us go about our lives being tricked into lending our energy to the occult without even realising it. We are being bombarded by spells through tv shows, fashion logos, and advertisements. These bastards carry out rituals using this forbidden knowledge and they carry it on in secret societies which is why you do not hear about it until we tell you, this is the whole point of it all being a secret, not many know it goes on. I can’t possibly explain it any clearer.

magic circle pentagram satanic

Inside every magic circle is a magic square, you can see this represented by the points of the 4 circles on the image above. These depict the four elements of air, water, fire and earth. Inside the centre of the magic circle is the spirit element, This is also depicted with the 5 rings of the Olympic games logo by the red, yellow, green and blue circles with the black ring representing spirit which is also light as I will explain shortly.

Image result for magic square satanic

This is one of many magic squares which can be created to evoke different uses when an occultist will perform what is known as sigil magick. The square below is known as the square of Saturn and is used in rituals on Saturday or Saturn’s day, it’s colour is black. You see the numbers of the square of Saturn on any standard telephone dialling pad.

Image result for 36 square casino board satanic

The square above is the square of the sun which is divided up into 36 sections. 36 is 666 with 3 6’s but if you add all the numbers up on the grid it also adds up to 666. This magic square is commonly used in gambling casino table formats. The square is said to offer the practitioner success, power, ego, health, advancement, leadership, growth. If a ritual performer wanted any of these he or she may perform a ritual using the square on a Sunday.

Image result for cult of the magic circle

What you see above is a masonic floor at a lodge when looking down from the top of a spiral staircase, this is showing us the light or spirit I mentioned earlier as it enters the magic circle/square which is depicted in the black and white floor we see at every masonic lodge in the world.

freemasonic hall

The light enters from the top through a glass ceiling just as we see in churches. This is sun worship as it is the sun which is represented by the light, the sun travels in from the top creating a beam or column of light that then travels down to the masonic floor which is cornered off by the four elements of earth, water, wind and fire. This creates a column of light inside four columns.

Ken Dodd was buried like a king this week with praise heaped on him throughout the media, but what did the press say about Jimmy Savile as his gold coffin was on display to the public before his funeral? What did guest speakers and those who were closest to Jimmy say at the service?

ken dodd jimmy savile

What did the people think as they lined the streets shouting “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy” as his procession made its way through his home town on route to the Cathedral in Leeds? What was the victims of Savile thinking as they watched this monster being treated like a member of the royal family? The praise heaped on him was from people who knew what he was doing, they knew the dark secrets which were only revealed to the public after his death.

What happened when Savile died and how did the media portray him? How does it compare to the attention on Ken Dodd after his death?

Image result for jimmy savile funeral coffin

They praised Jimmy Savile the same way they praised Ken Dodd and we all know how much of a complete and utter menace to society Savile really was. These are extracts from press reports during the fall out of the 2011 death of Britain’s Worst known paedophile would also like to have sex with dead bodies and mentally impaired children as he deceived the nation with his Dodd like gobble-de-gook riddles.

jimmy savile funeral ken dodd

Paying tribute, DJ Tony Prince said: “He was my mentor. He was the mentor for DJs in Europe.”

He added: “He lived his life with his tongue in his cheek.

“If there’s a heaven, he’ll be laughing now if he’s got time. Because if there is a heaven, he’ll be introducing Elvis on the clouds.”

Image result for jimmy savile funeral

The article continued: On Tuesday, fans travelled from across the country to see Sir Jimmy’s coffin, which was covered with white roses.

Maj Blair Illingworth, officer commanding the Leeds detachment of the Royal Marine Reserve which provided the pallbearers, said he would be treated as “one of our own”.

The BBC article then went on to say: “The coffin will tour Scarborough, where he had a home, to give people there the chance to pay their respects before Sir Jimmy is laid to rest in the most elevated plot in the cemetery”.

Map showing the route of the funeral cortege for jimmy savile

Leeds City Council leader Keith Wakefield said many people in the city had wanted to pay their respects. “What has taken me by surprise has been the fact that nearly everybody I speak to knew him, experienced some time with him or actually saw him running.

“That’s an incredible skill and achievement.”

ken dodd dr sally baker article

Jimmy Savile died at his home in Roundhay, Leeds, on 29 October, aged 84.

One look into Ken Dodd with a simple search in Google using the words Ken Dodd Paedophile brought up some very interesting information which adds to my theory that Ken Dodd was another con on the masses and my comparison between him and Savile was not far off the mark at all. In fact I ow go on to fully state I do feel he was in fact Liverpool’s very own Jimmy Savile. I have people on my YouTube video defending Ken Dodd claiming all he did was bring laughter and happiness to all. This is a phrase that seems to be stuck to Dodd but in all honesty he has never made me laugh once in my whole life. He has brought me no joy or happiness and the way people attach this label of happiness and laughter to him is pathetic.

Can people not speak their own minds instead of repeating the crap that the all paedophile protecting press put out there? Can these people who are wondering what my video is all about not be original in their defence of Dodd? Say something new? Is this the best they can do? Well I have a few home truths for you people defending Ken Dodd and you can not ignore the information on this page. When I was at the funeral I was standing next to a vulnerable person who was mentally impaired. He was shouting how Ken was not a hero and the mans carer was trying to shut him up. I said is he okay what is he trying to say to us and again his care worker just said oh ignore him he is not well he don’t know what he is saying. He was saying something about he used to work for Dodd but I could tell he knew something sinister in the tone of his concerns that he was trying to raise. He did not like Ken Dodd at all. I now had someone else who I felt I could relate to as until that point I was the only person who thought Ken was a peadophile. I know that is what the man was trying to say that day which leads us to a discovery of an article which backs up what I am saying. I would like to thank Dr Sally Baker for the information you are about to see. I have put this together here as Sally’s article must be around 200.000 words long so I have used parts that show you exactly who Ken Dodd was and who he was connected to. I have added pictures to make it a more visual read.

ken dodd thumbs up

Dodd was once represented by George Carman QC, who in court famously quipped, ‘Some accountants are comedians, but comedians are never accountants’. He described Dodd as ‘a fantasist stamped with lifelong eccentricities’. Yet the Court was told about wheelbarrows full of money being physically shifted around and notes from Dodd to his accountant joking about what the taxman didn’t know. Cash was stashed in cupboards, in wardrobes and under the stairs. Dodd also had nearly £1 million in bank accounts in the Isle of Man and Jersey.

The trial lasted three weeks and Dodd was acquitted. Dodd’s acquittal gobsmacked many people. The prisoners at Walton famously hung up a banner which read ‘Coming soon – Ken Dodd’ and someone in north Wales observed to me that ‘surely the only thing to be speculated upon was which prison and how many years’. Speaking of wales, the Prince of Wales and Dodd below.

ken dodd prince charles
LONDON, United Kingdom: Britain’s Prince Charles (L) greets entertainer Ken Dodd at The Royal Variety performance in London, 04 December 2006. AFP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth/WPA POOL (Photo credit should read KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/AFP/Getty Images)

The identity of the Presiding judge at Dodd’s trial was barely remarked upon – it was Sir Ronald Waterhouse. It was reported that at the trial Dodd had Waterhouse in fits of laughter. A man with one hell of a sense of humour Ronnie Waterhouse. But then a lot of Liverpool judges – Dodd’s trial was held at Liverpool Crown Court – have a good sense of humour.

Ronald Waterhouse was not the only link that Ken Dodd had with north Wales. Ken was a favourite in north Wales, he turned up to places like Rhyl every summer. In 1966 Ken Dodd visited UCNW – what is now Bangor University – when that institution was firmly in the grip of the paedophiles’ friends. I’m not sure what Ken Dodd was doing visiting UCNW, but there is archive footage of it – he caused quite a stir.

ken dodd Bangor university

When Ken Dodd died there was acres of coverage about him and his showbiz friends in the tabloids and a photo of Frank Bruno popped up with the crowd. The Frank who famously had a breakdown, was known to have been incredibly distressed whilst in the ‘care’ of the Top Doctors and who very obviously has not really ever returned to the man he used to be. And who has remained very low profile indeed despite the occasional vow to ‘fight the stigma’ or help others in the same boat. Frank Bruno was a friend of Jimmy Savile – a man whom the Top Doctors know damn well that they should never have touched with a barge-pole. The extent of Savile’s activities in the NHS and the details of those who assisted him have never been made public. Savile visited Bryn Estyn – he was present at the scene of a serious sexual assault on a boy there. Savile also used to hang out at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones used to hold ‘clinics’ at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds.

ken dodd alder hey

Alder Hey is in the news once more at the moment because of the case of toddler Alfie Evans. Alfie is an Alder Hey patient who is seriously ill in a coma and his parents want to take him abroad for medical care. Alder Hey are resisted this – they withdrew Alfie’s life support and the toddler died a week later. All this happened in April and May after ken saying he would return in April or May with his biggest show yet as we seen at the start of the article and video.

In the late 1990s Alder Hey was embroiled in scandal when it was revealed that over a period of 12 years, the organs of children who had postmortems at Alder Hey had been unlawfully retained by the hospital. The bodies of thousands of stillborn and miscarried babies had also been retained. Thymus glands which had been removed during surgery had been flogged off to a pharmaceutical company for profit without patient’s knowledge (see post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’). Like the other hospitals in north Wales and the north west of England, in spite of all the cooing at photos of Angels cradling children, Alder Hey is very much part of the empire of Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends.

ken dodd Margaret Thatcher

Ken Dodd was another Liverpool bred and based entertainer who supported Thatcher, but Ricky Tomlinson seems to have forgiven him for that. Ken Dodd was a guest at Ricky’s wedding to his second wife.

ken dodd Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher and Ken Dodd at Child of Achievement Awards.

Ricky’s coughing up a one million donation for the charity founded by one of the paedophiles’ friends was not the only occasion in 2008 when Ricky provided the NHS with dosh and free PR. In that year, he also donated £200,000 as Patron of the Human Milk Bank of Cheshire and North Wales. This charity provides babies on Special Care Baby Units with milk from donor mothers.

In 2013, the Milk Bank celebrated its 10th anniversary and Ricky was on hand at the Countess of Chester Hospital to launch a promotional DVD and have his photo taken shaking a few hands. At that time, so many babies died unnecessary deaths at the Countess of Chester Hospital that there was eventually a police investigation and the obstetric and gynaecology services in north Wales were so dangerous and dysfunctional that they were placed in special measures and a Welsh Gov’t hit squad was sent in with the remit of ‘achieving normality’.

In 2018, nurse, Lucy Letby was arrested on suspicion of the murder of eight babies and the attempted murder of another six newborns at one NHS hospital. Lucy Letby, 28, was in custody, with police searching her home and car in connection with the deaths at Countess of Chester Hospital. Police said they are investigating the deaths of 17 babies and 15 non-fatal collapses between June 2015 and June 2016. A second hospital, Liverpool Womens has launched an investigation after it emerged that a nurse arrested on suspicion of the murder of eight babies had spent time training there. A spokesperson for Liverpool Women’s Trust said: “A healthcare worker currently involved in a police investigation undertook placements at Liverpool Women’s during their training.

Phyllis Ford who was a fundraiser for the St David’s Hospice Appeal Fund was honoured. St David’s Hospice is in Llandudno and for years has been run by the paedophiles’ friends. Phyllis appeared on the episode of ‘This Is Your Life’ when the subject of the programme was Ken Dodd and revealed that Ken Dodd had raised a great deal of money for St David’s Hospice and that Ken’s target was to raise £2 million for them. Ken got a round of applause. The audience will have had no idea that St David’s Hospice is run by the paedophiles’ friends of north Wales. I did suspect that Ken Dodd might have had a link to the paedophiles’ friends when I was researching for my post ‘My Arse – It’s Tatifilarious’.  Now it has been confirmed. Which makes the banging up in a secure hospital of Ruth Tagg, Ken’s alleged ‘stalker’, even more worrying than I thought it was.

The paedophiles’ friends of St David’s Hospice are certainly well connected. A comment after one of my previous posts mentioned how Paul Merton, Marcus Brigstocke and Phil Jupitus all rolled up in north Wales to put on a fundraising comedy gig to raise money for St David’s Hospice when the appalling Alun Davies was the CEO, but I didn’t mention that Ken Roache aka Ken Barlow of Coronation Street fame was the Patron of St David’s Hospice whilst Davies was CEO.

So how did a thick, corrupt, document forging, lying git like Alun Davies gain access to so many high profile celebs?

One of the guests on Ken Dodd’s ‘This Is Your Life’ was Jimmy Tarbuck. When Tarby was the subject of ‘This Is Your Life’, his bessie mates Cilla Black and her husband and manager Bobby Willis appeared. Cilla was a personal friend of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain who was head of dept at St George’s. Chamberlain knew about the paedophile ring operating in south London of which his colleague Professor Oliver Brooke was a member and he knew about Dafydd and the paedophiles. Chamberlain was involved in a major research fraud but unlike his colleague Malcolm Pearce, Chamberlain wasn’t struck off although Chamberlain’s name was on the research paper. When Chamberlain retired from St George’s, he took up a post lecturing at Swansea University.

After Bobby Willis died, Cilla became a very big mate of Paul O’Grady aka Lily Savage. Cilla went on holiday with Paul O’Grady, as she did with Tarby. Paul O’Grady’s autobiography mentions that he was a social worker in Lambeth before he became famous and among other things, he failed to report the death of a client and squatted in her flat and left other vulnerable clients alone at night when he was on duty whilst he got pissed and had knees-ups with rent boys at local gay clubs.

One of Tarby’s mates was Cliff Richard. Who, like Tarby, was accused of historic sex offences.

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