Cremation diamonds theory, a closer look into why this may be connected to satanic ritual child abuse and trafficking.

Another thing I want to mention is the cremation diamond industry. This service offers people the chance to have deceased loved one’s ashes and hair turned into diamonds. Watch the video as there is more info on the article and in the video combined. This is one of the most thought-triggering videos you will ever see.

Although the process is very dear it may not be if elite child-traffickers Maxwell and Epstein had access to such technology. The diamonds can be made from carbon found in the ashes of a human. If the likes of Epstein and Maxwell along with their clients had access to such technology then they could well have been disposing of victims this way whilst making a profit on the precious stones. They may even do it for show as part of their sick cults.

Epstein’s safe’s were raided and diamonds were uncovered, do these diamonds need looking into? After the revelations on this article that you have still not seen yet, I’d say they do.

Jeffrey Epstein Cremation Diamonds Enchanted LifePath

Diamond Programming is a term used for MK Ultra victims who have can be recognised as high-end prostitutes/sex-slaves to the elite. They are often given superstar status after being subjected to personality splitting abuse. The mind-controlled sex-slaves will be used to smuggle drugs, and as the world is learning now maybe even children.

A good example of the public advertising of this is a performance by Rihanna at a 2012 Victoria Secrets bash. Victoria Secret’s has a big connection to Jeffrey Epstein and it is reported models had to attend a smutty casting couch with the alleged billionaire who is a convicted paedophile.

Notice in the music video you notice an arch behind Rihanna? This is symbolic of Ba’al, it is known as an arch of Ba’al.

Ba'al Arch child sacrifice by fire - Cremation Diamonds Enchanted LifePath

Cremation diamonds could also be seen as a burnt offering. A burnt offering is made during a sacrifice to a deity, for example to Ba’al the Canaanite god who requires child sacrifice by fire.

Ba'al child sacrifice by fire - Cremation Diamonds Enchanted LifePath

The creation of diamonds made from humans by fire could also be part of a ritual. Madeleine McCann went missing on May 3, 2007. May 3rd is in the middle of the Beltane Fire Festival when once again child sacrifice by fire rituals are performed by Satanists. All the elites and celebs are satanic.

We have Rihanna surrounded by Victoria’s Secret models singing about diamonds which represents a form of MK Ultra mind programming. She is telling you that her, as well as all the models, are all diamond programmed sex-slaves.

I bet you are not surprised at the fact that Epstein has huge connections to Victoria’s secret and their head Lex Wexner distanced himself from the disgraced pervert, Les has obviously not seen the many videos and articles in circulation connecting him directly to the prolific child trafficker.

Jeffrey Epstein Victoria's Secret Connection - Cremation Diamonds Enchanted LifePath Les Wexner

Epstein is alleged to have assaulted a model and told her he was in charge of the company as the report below shows.

Jeffrey Epstein Victoria's Secret Connection - Cremation Diamonds Enchanted LifePath

Since making my video about cremation diamonds it has triggered a huge wave of reaction from around the world and it has been great to see the subject pop up on various discussion boards, forums, threads and even video sharing platforms which I am happy about. One particular person has done some amazing work in digging deeper into the cremation diamond theory that I brought to the table in the video that also highlights how Epstein and Maxwell may have utilised submarine entrances at Epstein Island and its Systematic Child abuse Base (S.C.A.B). Some relentless work from Anjil on Twitter has brought even more attention to the seriousness of the potential for the paedophile network to turn victims into cremation diamonds. You can follow her fantastic breakdown via her thread on Twitter. I will be covering this live on YouTube also.



1.) This happened The links found b/w #submarine #GhislaineMaxwell & #Epstein & #diamonds made out of human ashes. Have you heard of #CremationDiamonds?

I began digging & this will be a working thread to explore, Where are the bodies ‘buried?’ …

View image on Twitter

Paula Loves Children  #SaveTheChildren@paulacblades001Replying to @AnJillOfLight and 47 othersYep!!! #BrianEpstein MANAGED THE #BEATLES… #GhrislainMaxwell of #EpsteinIsland had Her Submarine Licence – “Yellow Submarine” Anyone?
MUST WATCH VIDEO: It seems they are also making Diamonds out of Cremated Remains? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump 
8515:39 – 25 Jul 2019Twitter Ads information and privacy97 people are talking about this

I found a video of the Kardashians talking about how beautiful and sexy their dead grandmother is now that she has been turned into a cremation diamond and placed onto a ring.

In this program, this family of nutcases discuss turning more family members into diamonds than the one they already have and how it could trigger killing sprees where people would then sell diamonds and profit on “Human Flesh” after collecting bodies. Does this pretty much sound like the same thing I was highlighting in my video? The only difference is it is based on the child abuse that goes on around the world. All the kids who are never seen again. All the bling on the latest rap star, it all makes you feel a bit sick now I bet.

Will Kris Jenner Be Made Into a Diamond After She’s Dead?
- Cremation Diamonds Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell
Will Kris Jenner Be Made Into a Diamond After She’s Dead?
Cremation Diamonds Epstein Island & Child Abuse
Will Kris Jenner Be Made Into a Diamond After She’s Dead?
Cremation Diamonds Epstein Child Abuse
Will Kris Jenner Be Made Into a Diamond After She’s Dead?
Cremation Diamonds Epstein Child Abuse

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