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King Charles III: Did Jimmy Savile Advise Diana’s Unlawful Killing?

A recent Netflix documentary called: Jimmy Savile – A British Horror Story, highlighted how King Charles III was seeking counsel from Jimmy Savile on matters of interest.

The new King would heap praise on Savile for writing speeches for him 52:48.

Savile was advising Prince Charles and other members of the Monarchy on how to respond to disasters, he spoke to them about events such as the Lockerbie bombing, and how to improve the image of the Royal family.

Jimmy Savile was the go-to man for advice for Charles at times of friendly need.

This makes me wonder if Charles asked for advice on how to deal with Diana, and more to the point, did Savile come up with the plan to kill Diana? Was it Savile’s idea that Diana spoke of when she wrote about her fears that Charles will have her killed in a crash?

This of course is just a question, based on added knowledge of the level of communications between Savile and Charles.

It is widely known that Diana claimed Savile awkwardly acted like a marriage counselor for the detached Royal couple on behalf of Charles.

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Tiffany Marie's Magic Summer Wells Reward Fund Cheque Mystery #Breaking News BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Summer Wells Summer Wells Reward Fund Scandal 

Tiffany Marie Summer Wells Reward Fund Cheque Mystery

Tiffany Marie’s $1500 donation to Summer Wells reward fund raises questions after her cheque is not listed on Church Hill Rescue Squad total. Confusion Over Details Leads To Further Questions Around Magical Mystery Vanishing Payment Church Hill Rescue Squad Civil Court Case Comes After Letter Sent Highlighting Issues With Summer Wells Reward Fund Following Tiffany Marie’s $1500 Vanishing Cheque. Tiffany Marie, who appears to host a crisis-acting drama channel on YouTube, added controversy around a missing child’s reward fund after confusion around her invisible donation directly led to a letter…

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summer wells reward fund scam BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Summer Wells Summer Wells Reward Fund Scandal 

Summer Wells Reward Fund Scandal Video Playlist

Summer Wells Reward Fund Scandal videos from Enchanted LifePath and friends covering the unlawful fundraising marathon held by YouTubers in October 2021. Summer Wells is a missing girl from Rogersville, Tennessee. She was 5 years old when she vanished from her home on Ben Hill Rd. She was last seen on the afternoon of June 15th, 2021 On June 21st, a reward fund was set up by Tim Coup and Church Hill Rescue Squad in hope that it would help lead to tips that would provide information resulting in the…

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emotional manipulation in the summer wells case. Roblox warning. Child Safeguarding alert #Breaking News BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Summer Wells 

Emotional Manipulation: YouTube Mum Uses Son’s Death To Spread Lies

Emotional manipulation takes place when a manipulative person gains power over someone else by employing dishonest or exploitive tactics. Emotional manipulators will try to alter the reality of a scenario using psychological warfare to gain an advantage with lies, misquoting, guilting, and exaggerating extremes to gain a response. This will be done in order to confuse. A person will use manipulation of a target’s emotions to hold power within a certain situation. Another trait of an emotionally manipulative person is they will seek total control of their victim, or victims. The…

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summer wells reward fund scam #Breaking News BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Summer Wells Your News Reports 


Summer Wells Reward Fund Scamathon PROVING YOU HAVE ALL BEEN DECEIVED BY THE SUMMER WELLS REWARD MARATHON FUNDRAISERS… LAW BREAKERS! This page shows videos from Critical Thinking Crime who takes an expert look into why the Summer Wells Reward Fund Marathon, held by YouTuber’s in October, was unlawful. The reward Fund Marathon was thrown into disrepute when the Tennessee Charitable Solicitations Dept confirmed that evidence sent to them by Enchanted LifePath had indeed proven “Criminal Activity” had taken place during the reward fund drive that took place between October 6,…

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Houses Of Cards – Where Maxwell Lived Connections

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Houses Of Cards – Where Maxwell Lived Connections. What and who links to the places where guilty Ghislaine lived? #GhislaineMaxwell

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summer moon utah wells ritual BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Summer Wells 

Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map: Ben Hill To Bermuda – The Serpent Ley Line Twin 33rd Parallel

Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map: Ben Hill To Bermuda – The Serpent Ley Line Twin 33rd Parallel Summer Moon Utah Wells Ritual Map This started off by me hearing a psychic reading from Donna Seraphina on YouTube. Donna Seraphina – Carousel – Enchanted LifePath I then went to do some map work and made some connections that appeared to show what she was saying may have highlighted more areas of interest that she or I may have imagined would arise. This turned into my video Carousel and a follow-up…

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Beast Of Revelation Revealed In Covid-19 Date? 42 Months Sep 11, 2023

I just looked for what the bible says about Flu… I Scrolled down on the page and there was a couple of bible verses of note, these two were placed next to each other. Deuteronomy 28:22 ESV The Lord will strike you with wasting disease and with fever, inflammation, and fiery heat, and with drought and with blight and with mildew. They shall pursue you until you perish. Revelation 13:1-18 ESV And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems…

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Lilibet Diana thumnail #Videos BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Decoded Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor New Video The #Cryptic Corner 

Lilibet Diana – Lilith? Demonic? Satanic? Esoteric Meaning Of The Names

Lilibet Diana This Enchanted LifePath video is a cryptic decode of the name and meanings around Lilibet Diana, which is the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new baby. What are the connections to Lilith and moon goddesses? How are The Queen’s name and nickname connected to Satan? What is the Luciferian terminology and, symbology used by the Queen during her Christmas speech on December 25th, 2020? Find out in this video. You can also see the article which is being written now below the video. It will be…

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