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The last known movements of Madeleine McCann have been a mystery for eleven years now so let’s make this topic even more mysterious. What we are looking at is a picture of Madeleine McCann, or her look-a-like, pictured in red shoes on a family trip to Donegal, Ireland.

The girl in the Easter egg photograph appears to not be the missing youngster. Is this a potential plant to give the perception it was her? If you look closely she has a different skin tone and her hair is different. Why has Maddie got a fringe on one picture yet on another picture during what is alleged to be the same day she has no fringe? It would have been difficult to tuck her fringe behind her ears the way the two images show us. It is also noticeable that her clothes do not seem to fit her the same. Not only that but the twins and Maddie all seem older in this image taken in April than they did in the month May?

Is this really Maddie? Does she seem taller? Is this an impostor? Was this a planted or staged photograph with another child dressed up as Maddie? Was it evidence of a child swap situation? Is it her twin who is living with her Irish family? Who took the photograph? Is the Madeleine story being played out by actors? Has the £11.6 million (which is an inverted 911) and multi agency investigations resulted in one missing child being found alive? Has the world-wide search and campaigning managed to uncover even one paedophile ring?

Has any of this time and money been well spent? I think if the answer is no then that leaves us with questions about the whole affair being a physiological operation spearheaded by the McCann’s and potential collusion between Portuguese and British Police forces who between them have messed about until the truth was buried. We have got an awful lot to look into. This report is done from a trust no one basis.

Here is Madeleine on a family day out at Easter (or should we say Ishtar) in Donegal just three weeks before she went missing during the first days of the highly Pagan, Beltane fire festival which is celebrated with child sacrifices to Ba’al. There are a lot of people in the picture below, adults and children. These people account for some of the kids but not all of them. Where is Kate and Gerry? Is Donegal mocking Gerry McCann? Although he is part Scottish his family are all from Donegal his sisters and brothers grew up and some still live there as does his mother who mourns his late-father. This picture is strange, it was the family holiday the twins and an alleged Madeleine McCann are present but we do not see Kate or Gerry. In fact there is not one picture of Kate or Gerry in Donegal together. Who took the picture?


Madeleine McCann Donegal Red Shoes Easter Egg Photo Ireland Mystery

Irish Courts Are Enabling & Encouraging Pedophiles To Live In Ireland

Anybody that follows my work and or writings will know that for a long time now I have spoken out about how horrific the level of abuse is in Ireland. Today another situation has arisen that will shock so many people around the world, yet it doesn’t shock me as it is part of the overall IGNORANCE IN IRELAND BY THE COURTS & THE GOVERNMENT.

Ireland is a Haven for Pedophiles from around the world, the reason for this is very simple if they don’t register with the police in Ireland on arrival, then unless they are notified or an incident happens they won’t know that this predator is here. Ireland does NOT HAVE A PUBLIC SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER but it needs one and fast. Below is an incident that happened in a court in Co Galway today which is in the West of Ireland, one of the most popular tourist areas for anybody visiting Ireland and especially for those from America, as Galway is the home of Connemara but it is also the home of some of the most horrific, barbaric and hidden Child Abuse and their hidden Graves that Ireland has ever seen. Yet the courts, and in particular this judge seems to want to protect the Pedophile he had in front of him today rather than the Irish Public and more importantly all children that are near or around this Convicted Sex Offender. I would seriously question as to whether or not this judge is himself a Predator, perhaps he is a Pedophile and is part of a so far unknown or undiscovered Pedophile Ring. As we all know that many judges in the past worldwide are involved in this type of behavior and they cover-up and or allow those that appear before them as defendants to escape accountability. Perhaps if Judge Rory McCabe who sits in the Circuit Court in Galway is to be held personally responsible for when this Pedophile Rapes and destroy’s the life of his next victim an innocent child he will rethink his position. Not that he would be held accountable as in Ireland those in power, those with money and those that abuse are always the one’s to escape any type of consequences for their actions and are seldom held accountable, other than perhaps a slap on the wrist.

This is the incident that I am speaking about and it is beyond believe to see that once again this has happened in Ireland. A Registered UK Convicted Sex Offender by the name of Sean Johnson who is 34 years of age, was in court in Galway today to face charges of failing to register as a sex offender in Ireland. He had been had been running talent competitions and auditions for children as young as seven years of age in not just Galway but also in Cork for months. He was using at least two aliases in this time in both locations. His objective was to work with kids as he is a Pedophile and to also hide his identity so that he could do this for as long as possible. He was eventually arrested in February 2015. He had been using the false names to evade detection and had rented a room at a Library to hold fake video auditions for children, from the age of just seven years & up, promising their parents and agents that they would be cast in children’s TV series. As a Convicted Sex Offender  this work is totally illegal and taking any images or video’s of children considering that he was incarcerated for child pornography should have set off huge Red Flags in the mind of the judge in Galway as he was up to his old tricks again, he was just grooming his latest victims.

Lurleen Hilliard

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