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A video from Mindfulness YouTube Channel shows the Anfield test centre in Liverpool being upgraded to a new, permanent, two-floor test and vaccination centre with cash incentives being offered to entice the public into this tyrannical operation.

Mindfulness spoke about members of the public being offered £50 to be tested and potentially given medicine or vaccinations before being monitored monthly with a further £25 cash incentive for each visit.

The false positives rate of the tests is guaranteed to increase with more testing, as does the chances of further lockdown restrictions.

This is proven in the newly named, Liverpool City Region, after the city and surrounding areas were placed in a High-Tier alert level which will come in effect from Wednesday, September 14.

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The High alert level means all pubs, bars and resteraunts will be closed along with the beauty industry, betting shops and casinos.

Boris Johnson has also given funds to local authorities for areas on high level lockdown and stated military are enabled to carry out operations in areas such as right here in Merseyside.

The video from Mindfulness shows the new, “permanent” test centre being constructed on Stanley Park near Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium and just a short walk down Priory Road to Everton’s Goodison Park.

A security guard at the site confirmed the centre will be a permanent feature in the area.

Mindfulness channel also spoke to an elderly member of the public who stated he had been sent a package from the NHS offering him a free coronavurus test (with high probability of a false positive) and a £50 voucher before giving blood and being monitored monthly with a further £25 being given to participant’s.

The dangers of our city going along with the false positive scandal were discussed in this mini documemtary from Enchanted LifePath in September at another test centre at Bootle Town Hall.

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There is now a growing legal debate around the legitimacy of the PCR tests being used to dictate the freedoms of a floundering population of whom, some, continue to go along with the scam, despite the mountains of evidence to suggest their is huge cause for concern surrounding the figures being muted.

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich explains the PCR scandal in his viral video titled Crimes Against Humanity.

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