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Did you know Madeleine McCann was reported missing on April 30th 2007 by the child exploitation and online protection centre? A British police affiliated organisation who have been involved with the case since it started?? They published a page “Help Find Madeleine” 3 days before she went missing. This information was documented by a website archiving platform known as the Wayback Machine. This website acts as an archive of all online sites in regards to being proof of publication via its timestamp data documentation. This platform is used in court cases to determine the outcome of Copyright Claims.

The Wayback Machine does not alter or manipulate web pages it just screenshots them for legal purposes. The page it grabbed from Child Exploitation Online Protection website shows a date of April 30th 2007. You can also see the page source info below the page that reported Madeleine missing 72 hours prior to the original reports. How is this possible?

I have heard one explanation or excuse that this was a glitch. I need to debunk the glitch theory right away. You are on a web page that I have designed, on a website I have built from the ground up. My point is, there is not a glitch on earth that can create a web page with text, images, a title and publish it. What glitch can make web pages please? There isn’t one. This was not a glitch. It was the work of a website administrator who created a page.

The last known movements of Madeleine McCann have been a mystery for twelve years now so let’s make this topic even more mysterious. What we are looking at is a picture of Madeleine McCann, or her look-a-like, pictured in red shoes on a family trip to Donegal, Ireland.

The girl in the Easter egg photograph appears to not be the missing youngster. Is this a potential plant to give the perception it was her? If you look closely she has a different skin tone and her hair is different. Why has Maddie got a fringe on one picture yet on another picture during what is alleged to be the same day she has no fringe? It would have been difficult to tuck her fringe behind her ears the way the two images show us. It is also noticeable that her clothes do not seem to fit her the same.

Not only that but the twins and Maddie all seem older in this image taken in April than they did in the month May? Is this really Maddie? Does she seem taller? Is this an impostor? Was this a planted or staged photograph with another child dressed up as Maddie? Was it evidence of a child swap situation? Is it her twin who is living with her Irish family? Who took the photograph? Is the Madeleine story being played out by actors? Has the £11.6 million (which is an inverted 911) and multi agency investigations resulted in one missing child being found alive?

Has the world-wide search and campaigning managed to uncover even one paedophile ring? Has any of this time and money been well spent? I think if the answer is no then that leaves us with questions about the whole affair being a physiological operation spearheaded by the McCann’s and potential collusion between Portuguese and British Police forces who between them have messed about until the truth was buried. We have got an awful lot to look into. This report is done from a trust no one basis.

Donegal is the same region from where Ireland’s longest missing person, Mary Boyle was taken 41 years ago aged, 6, or 7 depending on “sources”. Press and public documents say Mary was 6 when she went missing but a memorial site in memory of her claims she was aged 7. You would think someone would have noticed. This makes me wonder if it was put there a year after she went bye-bye Donegal and they meant 7 was her age at the time and she was presumed alive? Not sure, to me it is what it is, a mistake that should not be made. It says disappeared aged 7.

She vanished during a stay at her Grandparents house in Ballyshannon. Her disappearance has been shrouded in controversy and alleged cover-ups with not even close to the figure spent on the search for Madeleine going into finding Birmingham born Mary Boyle. Anyone seeing the numerology around these cases will be forgiven for thinking they are certainly surrounded by the signs of Freemasons who can not be ruled out here. Neither can a symbolic link between the two girls.

Look at the time Mary Boyle was last seen, it was 3:30 pm. The number 33 is one that needs no explanation in the occult with it being stamped on events like this as a way for them to brand their work. It’s a hallmark to these people who adhere to the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Before we finish on this report you will see heaps more. I can tell already.

Here is Madeleine on a family day out at Easter (or should we say Ishtar) in Donegal just three weeks before she went missing during the first days of the highly Pagan, Beltane fire festival which is celebrated with child sacrifices to Ba’al. There are a lot of people in the picture below, adults and children. These people account for some of the kids but not all of them. Where is Kate and Gerry?

Is Donegal mocking Gerry McCann? Although he is part Scottish his family are all from Donegal his sisters and brothers grew up and some still live there as does his mother who mourns his late-father. This picture is strange, it was the family holiday the twins and an alleged Madeleine McCann are present but we do not see Kate or Gerry. In fact there is not one picture of Kate or Gerry in Donegal together. Who took the picture? There is pictures of Maddie with Fiona and Gregor, her cousins at other times in Donegal but none of Kate or Gerry.

Look at the jumper Sean is wearing in the picture below it is the same one he has on the Easter egg photograph yet Madeleine again is pictured with an ice cream during the Donegal trip but she looks nothing like the girl on the image above and the clothes are different. The girl who is standing in the family photograph looks at least a couple of years older than Maddie.

It looks like she has been placed in the same clothes to give us the perception that it is Madeleine but after highlighting these images on YouTube I now have hundreds of people in agreement that this does not appear to be Madeleine McCann. The McCann’s are well paid people yet the kids are all either wearing clothes multiple days in a row or some they are reconstructing events. It may only be a small point but it stands, Kate is from Liverpool, every single kid in liverpool gets Easter clothes. It is just what we do. When we are young we look forward to Easter day for lots of eggs and our new clothes. The whole of the UK will be the same. So if this photograph was on Easter day and maybe the Ice Cream photographs from Donegal are from the Easter Saturday then why was Madeleine wearing the same clothes?

Did she not have new Easter clothes like most children? Her parents are said to be middle class doctors who could go on holidays more than once a year? Why was Madeleine dressed like nobody owned her? Look at Madeleine’s face and what Sean is wearing.

Here is another picture of the kids with ice creams during the trip but again look at Maddie does she seem the same age in the image above as the next one? Bear in mind Sean is a very young boy in the picture, kids grow fast, clothes do not fit them in a short time, all of these pictures are reportedly from the trip to Ireland so why are we seeing different looking Madeleine’s?

Look at her in the Easter egg photograph, her hair is much darker. Why? We have seen numerous pictures of Maddie and her hair is always different colours. I have never known a young child to have her hair dyed so many times have you? We will look into this again later.

Gerry McCann and Tony Blair both have family ties to Donegal where Mary Boyle vanished into thin air. How Madeleine’s last known movements being in Donegal has stayed out of the English press is beyond me. So now it is time to look into what is hidden in plain sight and find possible meanings for Maddie’s ruby-red shoes and where they took her whilst asking did the Easter egg photograph hold a coded message?

Donegal is a very occult place and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seems to be a very occult case. Blood red shoes are symbolic of sacrifice and Satanic Ritual abuse. The blood spilled from a victim will fall on to the shoes of their abuser which is why we see so many celebrities wearing red shoes that are said to be made from the skin of a child who has been killed as part of a ritual.

The shoes are worn as a way for those who carry out such practices to recognise each other. Red shoes can also be used to symbolise sexual violence with the colour representing a loss of blood from a victim who can also be left with red shoes after an attack.

The victim, often a child will be taken to see “the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ”, Was the picture showing us Maddie was off to see the wizard? The red shoes worn by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz movie shows us this exact theme. Judy Garland was abused in the entertainment industry. Off to see the wizard is another hidden paedophile innuendo. Madeleine McCann’s Dorothy-like shoes may have been a coded message to tell any potential suitors that she is for sale or being offered up.

Maddie went missing on May 3rd, 2007, that is a high time of sacrifice and Pagan/Celtic rituals which date back to ancient Babylon are still carried out to this day during the Beltane Fire Festival. Before that we have two-week window known as the 13 days of preparation in which victims will be abducted, kept, groomed, and prepared for the sacrifice to the sun-god Ba’al.

May 3rd is the 123rd day of the year with 242 remaining. the 123 is a hidden 33 as is the 242 with 2 plus 4 being 6 which also breaks down to 33. This is mirrored with the 2 on both sides of the 4 in the 242 number. This date gives us 33 33 33. I am not sure what other people have found over the years regarding the case of Madeleine McCann and the occult themes but they certainly are here for all to see.

April and early May are very dark times of year and a glimpse at any Satanic calendar will confirm this for you personally. Another phrase used is blood sacrifices and the timing of the photographs and the holiday all point us towards a very good chance of all of this being a ritual, played out not just on Maddie, but also the masses. Now what about the blood? What about Maddie’s blood? What about her Irish blood?

When looking into the history of Donegal I made some quite startling connections to biblical blood lines. The ancient manuscript records are particularly interesting.  They’re derived from the testimonies of generations of specialist historians from pre-writing times. According to those records, Ireland was inhabited by seven successive tribes at varying times in the prehistoric past.  Incredibly, the origins of all seven ancient tribes appear to trace all the way back to Noah of the great Biblical flood, through the ancestral lineage of his sons.


The first of those tribes, Cessair and her people, arrived before the Biblical flood.  there is no traceable record of Cessair, a granddaughter of Noah, having ever reached Donegal. The other six tribes however, all of them arriving after the great flood, had strong links to County Donegal.

Again this may explain why Tony Blair’s wife Cherie spoke to press about his desire to move his family to Donegal to be closer to his heritage. Do Tony Blair, Mary Boyle, Madeleine and Gerry McCann carry the bloodline of Noah?

Let’s move on and look at some more connections to Donegal and the missing kids associated with too many dark secrets for my liking.

Donegal knows how to bury the truth and withhold it for generations and that is proven by the horrific story of the Isle of the Dead.

“Oileán Na Marbh” – Isle of the Dead Carrickfinn, County Donegal, Ireland is now known as the secret burial grounds for a reported 500 still-born babies. It’s dark tale had remained a well guarded secret dating back centuries until the county made this information public knowledge.

The babies were all buried on the land as they were unbaptised and could not be buried on consecrated land. The small county had been using the small island throughout the 18th and 19th century with the last known burial said to have taken place in 1912.

The morbid tale hits home when descriptions are made of young mothers taking the remains of their child to the island in wooden box during the night after waiting for the tide to go out. They would then bury the children and nobody in the region spoke of it in hope their child would never be found. The bodies were eventually accounted for as the stories emerged and a campaign from Mr Seamus Boyle, aged 66. Who was responsible for a plaque to remember the dead spoke to press and said the it is no longer a “taboo subject”

Inscribed on the memorial stone erected by the community are the words: “In memory of the stillborn babies, Famine children and sailors buried here in Oileán na Marbh (Isle of the Dead) up until the early 1900s. Erected and dedicated by the community. ‘Is e an Tiarna m’aoire’.”

Mr Boyle (66), from Annagry, said: “We have all watched the mothers and fathers on the beaches and pier over the years, some going to the island alone, and we knew but it was never really spoken about.

“Now, there is a memorial cross and a commemorative stone to show that they will never be forgotten.”

Mary Boyle as I have mentioned is Ireland’s longest missing person having vanished just like Maddie, 41 years ago on March, 18 1977. It is in my nature and line of research to point out synchronicity patterns. March the 18th is the 77th day of the year with 288 remaining, March is the 3rd month of the year with the 18 representing 666 in cryptic corkers as I like to call them on Enchanted LifePath. The 288 shows me twin serpents (88) amplified by the number 2 giving it twice the power in a ritual. I do feel this is spirit cooking all over again. Mary went missing the day after St Patricks day. The tradition of wearing a Shamrock to celebrate Saint Patrick seems to date from the seventeenth or eighteenth century. This was a very turbulent time in Irish history. The Irish Shamrock plant was used to illustrate the message of the Christian Holy Trinity. The false Trinity, do not let these crafty Pagans fool you. You can see it this depicted below.

Okay so now to carry on tying things into Donegal and connect Mary Boyle into Maddie McCann’s easter (Ishatar) trip I need to show you what we refer to as the ice cream picture which was taken during the strange visit to this strange place in the most Pagan/Celtic part of the world I can think of.

In the image below you can see Madeleine along with the twins, Sean and Amelie with their older cousins Gregor and Fiona McCann. Their father, John McCann, is the bald ginger man in the Easter egg picture. The kids are situated close to a pub which was owned by Gerry McCann’s mother. The pub is now owned by a local man called Joe Peoples who we will come back to in a moment.

This whole trip is full of Easter eggs which can also mean hidden things for people to pick out such as in a movie about superheroes the producer will plant little things for viewers to spot in the background such as superman references etc. Here we have an Easter egg in the image if you look closely at the background we see a betting shop called Tully Bookmakers. Above the signage you can see the words Edward Boyle & Son.

After the seemingly staged and altered photographs surrounding Maddie’s last known movements it does not take a rocket scientist to make a link between Maddie and Mary Boyle with the word Boyle smacking us in the face right behind the kids in this picture. Mary Boyle and Maddie are highly linked to this area, they are both missing and connected to Donegal which also has a huge paedophile problem. This area also links to Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams’s alleged paedophile brother Liam Adams who was charged and found guilty of raping his daughter. This is quite a grim pattern emerging for a small place which holds a special place in the hearts of the prior mentioned Gerry McCann and Tony Blair.

Within a short time after the photograph of Maddie outside the betting shop was taken, the shop was renovated and the Edward Boyle signage was whitewashed from existence. You can see this in the next picture. It seems they was trying to show us something just as fast as they tried to hide it.

Other parts of the trip were documented by Irish press but we do not see any English news outlets covering this trip. Even the Irish press made mistakes on the reporting of the trip with The Belfast Telegraph claiming Maddie was enjoying ice cream with friends in what we now know as the Ice Cream picture. We also know Madeleine was not with friends but she was with her brother and sister who were the twins Sean and Amelie as well as her cousins Fiona and Gregor McCann.

This is not a big point in my report but it does show how lackluster journalists can actually be when being trusted to be the bastions of truth to the all believing general public. But we do see some more information within the same article that is very interesting and it all points to the pub that Gerry McCann’s parents owned that the children were photographed near by. Notice how the caption claims Maddie is with friends? What bullshit this really is from Belfast Telegraph. She is sitting next to her baby brother. Another thing we must ask is why is a trip to Donegal too painful for the McCann’s? I do not get this headline? I understand it may have emotional connections to Madeleine but to say the place is too painful to visit raises questions as to why. What does Donegal know about maddie?

The article is full of mistakes but it does also leave us snippets of useful info. Madeleine’s aunt, Philomena McCann, revealed in the report that 46 family and friends enjoyed the holiday in Donegal where she was also born.

The article states the McCann’s left Donegal in 1967, and Maddy’s father Gerry was born later in England, but Gerry was born in Glasgow not England. The family do still have relatives and friends in the county.

The report tells us People in St Johnston stood firm behind the family after Maddy’s parents were named as suspects in September 2007.

Eileen McCann, who owned Peoples Bar in tiny St Johnston, close to the border with Co Londonderry, said that while she planned to visit Ireland again that year, her son Gerry and his wife Kate will not be returning for the foreseeable future.

Joe Peoples runs the bar in the village and said at that stage people were stunned by developments in the case. He told the Belfast Telegraph he had met Kate once and Gerry twice.

“I have met Kate the once and Gerry twice and they are lovely people. I just wish they would find the wee girl, hopefully alive. It must be awful for them, I can’t imagine what they are going through,” he said.

On their so-called annual trip to the county that year, Kate and Gerry took Madeleine and their twins Sean and Amelie to St Johnston to see the pub where Gerry’s father John was born.

According to the current owner of McCann’s bar on the main street in the middle of the village of St Johnston, the family were regular visitors to the area although they no longer had relatives in Donegal.

But a larger group than usual had travelled to Donegal at Easter, Joe Peoples said. Remember Joe just said he had only met Gerry twice and Kate once.

“They came frequently to St Johnston and always stopped in the bar for a few drinks and a chat although at Easter they actually stayed in the west of the county.

“But they called in here on their way to back to Belfast Airport and I met them all,” said Mr Peoples.

The pub which had been run by the brothers had hardly changed at all in the last 25 years.

He vividly recalled the two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie and three-year-old Madeleine whom he described as “a wee dote”.

“She was just running around all over the bar having a great time, up to all sorts.

“She was a wee dote, a lovely wee girl.

“I can’t believe what has happened to her,” he said.

Joe Peoples as with a lot of people from these small villages has political connections and his 2015 role of Director of Housing, Corporate and Cultural Services was not a surprise to me at all. This is not the first very small area I have looked into that has interviews conducted by news outlets with people who are in positions of power within the region and Joe Peoples is another example.

In 2012 council’s five directors of service, Michael Heaney, Garry Martin, John McLaughlin, Liam Ward and Joe Peoples all earn between €90,453 and €106,900 – giving them the potential to earn more than the Spanish prime minister who earns around €92,000.

After agonising over visiting the area for five years the McCann’s found the courage to travel to Donegal in 2012 according to a very small article by the Irish Independent. The 150 words contain a quote from an unmentioned person and offers very little information other than repeating articles from 5 years prior. The journalist has made no effort on this post and the small amount of words are something you would scribble down as notes. This article as of now is just over 6000 words let alone screenshots and videos. 150 words about a family who have lost one of their members and Donegal was one of the last places Maddie was allegedly seen alive. This all tells me Donegal is leaving coded messages in the press. They want us to pay attention to the place but they are not making it obvious. Why could the McCann’s not visit the area for five years? What made them feel okay to return there all those years after Maddie went missing? Do we have any proof this trip even took place? Why was the reporters not jumping over themselves to go and get a picture of one of the worlds most known families as they were back in Donegal? Why is all we have a 150 word postcard from the press? Is this the best they can do? They are showing us Donegal over and over again but not painting much of a picture other than the same worn out explanation that Gerry’s parents owned a pub there and nothing much else.

I have said we do not have one photograph of Gerry in Donegal but he tells us in an interview with RTE Late Late Show that he visits the place all the time.

Here is the only quote from the article which you can click the image above to be directed to its original source.

“People here know Gerry and Kate well and we’re just letting him get on with their holiday without any fuss,” said one local resident last night. “They’re one of us.”

Who made this quote? Why did they remain unnamed? Did the reporter just make it up?

So what happened to Joe’s pub that is owned by Maddies nan Eileen McCann eleven months after the toddler visited?

Here we see how the pub Joe Peoples bar was ransacked and smashed up the following St Patrick’s day weekend on March 19, 2008. This break in as it is reported in press took place 11 months after being visited by Madeleine and the McCann’s during the Ishtar trip. It seems the family have a lot of bad times around ritualistic Pagan dates. Either way this little old Irish coast where everyone gets along all so happy side by side with thieves, paedophile rings and god knows what is quite an alarming place.

Donegal is a large county in the Northwest region of Ireland although it is not a part Northern Ireland. The City of Derry was in fact a part of Donegal County up-until 1610. The town of Donegal, in County Donegal is at the mouth of the River Eske. Originally built in the 15th century, Donegal Castle has later additions from the Jacobean period.

The Four Masters Memorial obelisk honours 4 scribes from the nearby Franciscan friary, now in ruins. This basically means the place has always been overran with Freemasons. Look at the giant Pagan, phallic symbol that they built.

Image result for The Four Masters Memorial obelisk

Sources tell us: Freestanding four-sided obelisk/memorial, erected 1938, having cruciform-plan capping/finials to top with gabled/triangular projection to the centre of each face. Constructed of ashlar sandstone and set on ashlar sandstone plinth with chamfered ashlar sandstone coping over. Inscribed with names of authors of the Annals of the Four Masters to base; inscribed Celtic cross motif and Celtic interlacing motifs to each face and having Celtic interlacing motif to each gabled projection. Located in the pedestrianised central square in the centre of the Diamond, Donegal Town.

When searching for information on the Boyle family I found some very interesting connections that scream Freemasons so let’s look into the Boyle family name and this was another big eye opener. The website I sourced this from called Rams Horn Studios.

DISCLAIMER: The information sourced from this website is now a matter of public interest and I am not violating any copyright laws by presenting this to you. 

The Ram is a Satanic reference linked to the Baphomet another horned deity. I have spoken about these things for years now and have had to explain this stuff in so many ways without boring myself and everyone else to death but again I did say I spot patterns and point them out. I have attached another image below to show you exactly what I am saying. We could get anymore Satanic. You can also see the snake eating its tail.

The Boyle family motto is Dominus providebit which means “the lord will provide”, the website tells us they have strong ties to Fermanagh in Donegal which is where Mary Boyle was taken from. The name Boyle is said to mean “To have profitable pledges”. Boyle, derives from the Great Earl of Cork, Robert Boyle, who planted vast areas of County Cork in the sixteenth century. This form is entirely Anglo-Saxon in origin.

The image above shows the Boyle family crest with yellow and green as well as a cross and a heart. I associate the heart with the Roman/Pagan festival known as Lupercalia which was celebrated with sacrifices and dates back to when Rome got its name after Romulus Killed Remus. These were the twins who were raised by the wolf. In modern-day culture Lupercalia is repackaged into what we know as Valentines day. We also see the Tree of Life which is another total mockery of gods image in this Pagan piss-take.

Paganism is an umbrella term for a group of religions that venerate the Earth and Nature, and the ancient Pagan deities. These religions include Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Religio Romana, Animism, Shamanism, Eclectic Pagans and various other traditions. Pagans often emphasise the cyclical nature of reality, and so enjoy the cycle of the seasons and the dance of Sun and Moon.

Green is the colour everyone immediately associates with Paganism. It is the colour of nature, of trees, and all growing things. It is associated with the Green Man, a symbol of our connection to Nature, and a manifestation of the life-force.

The four elements are very important in Paganism, and different mythological systems associate them with different colours. Earth is associated with stability, fertility, strength and nurturing, and can be represented by green, brown, or white. Air symbolises intellect, the breath of life, and the spirit, and can be depicted as yellow, white, or black. Fire represents energy, intuition, passion and vitality, and can be orange or red. Water represents love, emotion, fluidity, and healing, and can be blue or green.

Image result for yellow and green pagan ritual

Here you can see the McCanns with yellow and green ribbons, balloons and slogans about Madeleine.

Image result for kate mccann yellow and green ribbons
Image result for kate mccann yellow and green ribbons

Green and yellow balloons were released in front of the Praia da Luz church prior to a mass in Madeleine’s memory at Praia da Luz beach, on May 03, 2008. Why green and yellow? Did they want us to think of Celtic traditions? Was this a pagan ritual? Is this a code for Donegal maybe? They released them at the beach. Pagans do rituals on beaches. May 3rd 2008 was in the week of Beltane. Am I missing something?

Image result for kate mccann yellow and green ribbons

So what was this Edward Boyle sign showing us in the ice cream image apart from placing Madeleine right in front of it just before she allegedly vanished off the face of the earth? Who was Edward Boyle? Remember we can not trust the Pagan/Celtic themes we are seeing all over the stories of Maddy and Mary.

One of the stand out Satanic verses I see in this poem is the line about the flute which is a reference to Pan the god of fertility and nature, yeah right, that is the watered-down happy-go-lucky tree-hugging pagan excuse so let me tell you some truth.

Pan is the same deity that John Podesta actually calls himself, Pan plays the flute just like the Pied Piper story which is based on a paedophile child snatcher who takes the town’s children after the adults fail to pay him for helping them with a rodent problem so he uses his flute to hypnotise the kids and leads them away. Oh what a lovely tea party, not. John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in her bid to become president of the United States which she lost to Donald Trump who also has strong connections to Ireland shown by the local press of Donegal reporting on whether or not he would visit the area when he came to the UK recently.

Donegal Trump Made

Speaking of paedophiles! What paedophile links does Donegal have? Where do we start? There is more than of them linked to this part of the world than you can wish to imagine. You can click the images to visit sites and read the full story.

Earlier I mentioned how brother of Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams, Liam adams was charged and sentenced to prison after being found guilty of raping his daughter when she was only four years old. The younger brother of Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams, Liam (58), began to abuse her around March 1977, escalating to rape one year later when she was five in May, 1978. March 1977 was when Mary Boyle went missing from Co. Donegal. Liam Adams lost an appeal against his sentence in 2015 after being found guilty as reported by Belfast Telegrph on October 1, 2013.

Madeleine McCann Donegal Liam Amads

The repeated child rapist was jailed for 16 years after being found guilty of ten offences. He was sentenced in November 2013. His brother Gerry had urged him to hand himself in to police after UTV alleged the abuse in an insight special. It is thought the brothers father also called Gerry Adams had subjected Adams family members to sexual abuse. This information can be easily found on mainstream sources including Wikipedia.

Madeleine Mccann Liam Adams Donegal

In January, 1987, Aine Adams, then 14, supported by her mother, got the courage to speak to police about what her father did. She withdrew her complaint in the March as she felt the police were more interested in her uncle Gerry’s political activity than investigating her father Liam’s sexual abuse. Gerry Adam’s along with Aine’s mother and the youngster confronted Liam at a house in Buncrana, Co. Donegal after the girl spoke to family members. Aine went public with the sex abuse allegations on a UTV Insight programme when it aired in December, 2009 and during this time there were further legal wrangles, leading to Adams fleeing to the Republic of Ireland.

He denied the claims at the time but Gerry Adams admitted he believed his niece in a television interview also in 2009.

It took a total of 36 years for Liam Adams to be brought to justice. There seems to be quite a lot going on over in Donegal and all this in a small world where Madeleine McCann spent some of what turned out to be her alleged last days with her extended family just three weeks before going missing.

Madeleine McCann Donegal Liam Adams 36 Years For Justice

The high-profile links to the area do not stop there and now we can look at how a fire at Central Hotel that killed ten people including an 18 month old baby girl and a three-year old boy on August 8th 1980. This date gives us an 88 reference which I said represents the Twin Serpent. The 88 Is also symbolic of the letters HH with H being the 8th letter in the English alphabet. This is another code used by Freemasons and even Neo-Nazi’s who refer to the 88 in recognition of Adolf Hitler. The 1980 gives us the number 18 when we add 1+9+8. 18 is 666 with 3×6 being 18, 18 is half of 36, 18 mirrored or multiplied by 2 is 36, if we add all the numbers up from 1 to 36 it totals 666. The number 10 which is the number of deaths is the number of Apollon, The Destroyer. But what else does the fire at Central Hotel lead us to?

The Central Hotel is situated on Main Street in Bundoran, Co. Donegal and held a very prestigious reputation with Clergy, Heads of State and other high-end public figures all said to stay at the hotel on frequent visits to the area. The recent information that has come to light about sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic church and other Satanic based cults including deep state politicians and entertainment industry celebrities has opened eyes worldwide. We have to ask the question of why what so many people in these positions of power doing in the Donegal region and staying at the hotel which went up in flames? Again I have to put emphasis on the fact that Madeleine McCann spent time in this area. She has family with links to Bundoran.

Here is a paedophile with ties to Donegal but this one is another link to Madeleine. His name is Raymond Hewlett, it is reported he told police he was so close to the missing child in Praia De Luz that he could see the colomba in her eye. I am not sure if this man is another planted story-line but his story is unreal. Herald reports Hewlett has a string of convictions for sexually assaulting young girls.

Police had been trying to interview him about the 1975 assault on an eight-year-old girl but could not trace him as he travelled around Europe and Morocco. The paedophile, from Todmorden in England, is known to have hidden in Ireland after assaulting a 14-year-old girl in the 1980s, but was brought back to Britain to face trial.

After his release in 1993, he returned to live in a commune in Donegal but was asked to leave by worried parents.

There are many stories about child abusers all over the local press in Donegal. You can click the images below to open up the original report.

Madeliene McCann
Madeliene McCann

Okay so that is enough of them it is time to ask another question. What Satanism got to do with Donegal? Is the place riddled with Satanic nut jobs to go hand in hand with all the paedophiles? Of course it is so again I will post a few images which contain links to the original source.

If you simply Google search the words Donegal and Satanic you will come across at least ten of these stories and to save time I will not post them all here but the one I have posted is part of a satanic epidemic in this Irish area now dubbed DonegHell by Enchanted LifePath. The picture below confirmed the Celtic/Pagan traditions I just knew this area was following. A huge Celtic cross in the tree tops off Donegal. If you look closely at the left hand side you can also see the outlines of what appears to be a witch? It may also be a Belle, which is a reference to the Belle of Beltane.

It is not just Pagans and Roman Catholics we have to be aware of when digging up some devils from Donegal we also have the person who is the head of the Church of Scientology HQ in Dublin actually from Donegal. The creepy cult is yet another belief system that has huge doubts over its morality. Remember much of this page is centred on Donegal, it seems to have a lot going on for such a small part of the world.

So after all this is it so much of a stupid question to ask if Gerry McCann is a Freemason? I don’t think it is when we look at all the connections made by people who have worked hard over the years to bring lots of the information you have been presented with in other reports. But this report is meant to be unique..l I have not wanted to present you with the same things you have seen covered by everyone else for the past eleven years. I have managed to keep most of the report and the links to Donegal and political figures in its own light. I have not regurgitated the same evidence over and over again which has allowed me to take a step back and look at another side of the story.

I am asking if one person had been arrested for the £11.6 million spent, if one child had been saved. This does not have to be Maddie but all that money and all them paedophiles they must have looked in to but we do not have one arrest to point out or one child whose life has been helped by any of the authorities covering the case of Madeleine. Operation Grange has not provided one safeguarded child as far as we are aware. This brings me back to my line of research and my level of knowledge on the occult and Freemasonry and that is why I ask the question is Gerry McCann a Freemason. I ask people who have worked tirelessly to bring info to the public such as armchair detective to look into the possibilities more and this next picture may be a start. The next line of thought then must be is this all a hoax or a Satanic Ritual Abuse Sacrifice? It is just another question it may have a short and simple answer but it may also take us all down another rabbit hole.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so now after laying out a load of information which points us in the direction of Freemasons you now have even more visualisation of what I am saying. So where will this lead us to now? Directly on to people who helped the McCann’s allegedly fabricate this whole story. The McCann’s were joined in Praia De Luz by staff from Bell Pottinger on April 30, 2007, this was 72 hours before the reports that Maddie had gone missing on the 3rd of May. We also now know that she was listed as missing by Child Exploitation Online Protection website (CEOP) on April 30, 2007. This was 72 hours before the official date Maddie is alleged to have been abducted. There is no way on this earth anyone could have had prior knowledge of such a seemingly random event so how was bell Pottinger along with a list of high-end government officials all involved so fast? What did they do apart from spend just under £12 million on what seems to be a campaign to keep the McCann’s out of jail? Let me explain the type of shifty work Bell Pottinger do and how it has placed them at the centre of an investigation into their activity.

Bell Pottinger representatives were in Portugal on April 30, the same day the CEOP reported Maddie as missing on their website. This is strange and far from co-incidental. This tells me the whole saga is a hoax. It is almost an interactive game show and most of the people working on the case have been fooling us all. There will be hundreds of people who have totally missed the point here. You can’t ignore these facts.

This company can not be trusted any more than the McCann’s (and Healy’s) and we only have to look into the grounds for the investigation into Bell Pottinger after the think tank esq PR company were accused of actively trying to shape racial upheaval in South Africa that led to the collapse of the establishment last year. According to letters seen by the Financial Times, two senior partners have been told the UK government agency is examining potential “breaches of duties or other misconduct” relating to their controversial work for the Gupta family’s Oakbay investment vehicle. The London PR group went into administration after a financial collapse, when it was exposed running a campaign allegedly stoking racial tensions in South Africa. The campaign was run on behalf of the Indian-born Gupta brothers, business patrons of then-president Jacob Zuma.

A spokesperson for the insolvency service said: “We can confirm that there is an investigation into the conduct of former partners at Bell Pottinger.”

Bell Pottinger had always said it worked to promote the Guptas’ business interests but leaked emails revealed a wider agenda to create a campaign for economic emancipation.

Below is details from a thread titled Who Helped The McCann’s which you can find on the UK Justice Forum. You will see a list of people who represent companies and agencies that can not be ignored. And half way down the list you will see members of staff from Bell Pottinger who have a clear history of “Faking It”. They have openly spread fake news, fake blogs, fake information that shapes public perception and even leads to wars, new laws or . They have been known to be linked to the production

Robert Henderson – British Consul for the Algarve – immediate (persuaded Portuguese Police to allow the McCann’s to wash clothes before seizing them)

John Buck – British Ambassador to Portugal (Lisbon), arrived immediately

Angela Morado – British Proconsul, arrived immediately

Liz Dow, British Consul from the Embassy in Lisbon, arrived immediately

Andy Bowes, British Embassy Press Officer, arrived immediately

Sheree Dodd, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Other staff from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

British Police Officers

Glen Power, British Police Liaison Officer for Portugal, arrived 5 May

An ‘Analyst’ (unnamed) from the National Policing Improvements Agency, arrived 4 May

Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Small, Leicestershire Police (4 May)

Two other police ‘family liaison’ officers from Leicestershire Police (4 May)

Government security and secret service personnel

Staff from MI5 (unnamed)

Staff from Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service (unnamed – Kate McCann in her book describes them As ‘Forensic Psychologists’), arrived 4 May

More staff from CEOP, the ‘Director of the Forensic Psychology Unit’ AND a CEOP ‘social worker’ (arrived 6 May)

Staff from Special Branch (unnamed)

‘Criminal profilers’ (unnamed – attached to unnamed government security departments)

Government-funded private security firms

Kenneth Farrow from Control Risks Group

Michael Keenan from Control Risks Group

Staff from government-supported private crisis psychology group

Alan Pike, Head of Yorkshire-based Centre for Crisis Psychology (CCP) (arrived 4 May)

Martin Alderton, Colleague of Alan Pike from CCP (arrived 5 May)

Public Relations Consultants

Michael Frolich, Head of Resonate, subsidiary of international PR company Bell Pottinger (already there by Monday 30 April)

Tricia Moon, Deputy Director of Resonate, (already there by Monday 30 April)

Alex Woolfall, Head of Risk for international PR company , arrived 4 May (helped to edit Gerry McCann’s photos before putting them on a disc for the PJ)


Staff from the recently-formed International Family Law Group (IFLG):

Michael Nicholls, barrister, arrived 11 May

Accompanied by a ‘paralegal’ from Leicestershire, arrived 11 May

There are references to other government lawyers having arrived

Top staff from Mark Warner (company that organised the holiday)

David Hopkins, Managing Director of Mark Warner

One of his senior colleagues

This is a flaw that allows children who have had passports issued shortly after birth to board a plane aged (for example) 4.5 years old without being identifiable as the baby on the image that is not due to be updated until aged 5. This also means any child can be taken in or out of a country on another child’s passport as long as the gender and race are a match and the child is of similar age. This is my article about the McCann’s dodgy passports with information and images sourced from the Portuguese police files that are publicly available and always have been.

How this article is not national I will never know.

Changes have to be made but at what cost? Find out more below.

But first I wonder if this Express report is part of a media stunt to push through what I have said since December 2018?

2018 VIDEO

A new petition will be made to request the use of a fingerprint system to be put in place at shipping ports and airports around the UK. This will be to The technology is already in place and passports can be scanned along with a persons finger to verify their identity. Mobile phones have fingerprint technology on a public level now so what is the problem with using fingerprints? Truth be told this is something that can be done with ink at a last resort it is full proof and legally watertight. This would put an end to the child trafficking loophole that is exploited at our borders based around children’s passports.


The image below is reported to be Madeleine McCann’s passport. This screenshot is (as mentioned earlier) taken from the PJ Files which is the publicly released case of Madeleine from the Portuguese investigators. The same investigators who have so far been played down at every opportunity by Kate and Gerry’s government damage limitation team.

We know the scale of the man-power involved in the cover-up they conducted so now look at the passport scenario. If not see my Madeleine McCann Donegal article by clicking this link. We now have a more serious question coming out of this case which has gone unmentioned throughout the saga and it highlights a huge fault in UK Childrens passports. The problem is how child traffickers may be moving children around the world whilst the victims remain unidentified due to the image on the passport if it was issued when the child still had a baby face on the travel documents.

Look at Madeline on the passport below, can you tell me that it looks like the girl who is alleged to have boarded a flight to Portugal in 2007?

The next thing I want to mention about the passport above is the fact that we can see a hand in the image. This hand would normally render the passport application as invalid and it should have been rejected based on details on the UK.Gov passport office website that states babies passport pictures can not contain the hand of a parent. Yet we can clearly see a hand in the image meaning this passport should have been a no-no.

I now make the point that we also see information on the Passport Office website that states a child’s passport must have the picture updated by the time they turn 5 years old as a child passport is only valid for 5 years.

This draws my attention to Maddie’s image and how airport security would not look at a picture of a child twice and line it up to the child in the airport when the passport photograph shows a baby but airport staff are presented with a near 4-year-old girl. This has been proven by the incident of Anita Turner’s trip to Belgium.

This makes me suspect that this may be a way for child traffickers to move children all around the world on passports that really do not identify who is on the passport. Madeleine’s passport was due for renewal a year later meaning, as an example, it may not have been Madeline on the flight to Portugal after all, but another child whose passport was being used. We hardly have any accounts of Maddie actually in Portugal at the time.

I am not stating she was not there I am pointing out how things like this may work in the world of child trafficking. And we really do not have many reasons to believe any of the official story.

Passport rules in the United Kingdom changed in 1998 meaning children had to have their own documents after minors being placed on parents passports was forbidden in a government push to battle child abductions and improve security at ports.

The information tells us that prior to 1998 a problem was recognised and sort of rectified but as we are learning with this article the new rules put in place in 1998 had its flaws.

In 1998, Denise Carter, director of Reunite, the National Council for Abducted Children, supported the change and said: “Child abduction is a growing problem, partly because of a greater number of cross-cultural marriages, and the fact that international travel is so much easier these days,”

“A lot more people have children without getting married, which further complicates matters.”

The image above then leads us into looking at the passports of Kate and Gerry McCann also obtained from the PJ Files. This now seems to go beyond a joke when we line up the passport rules and the images on the under fire parents travel documents. We see a laughing Gerry and a side on selfie of Kate in a set of images that raise even more questions.

Passport rules around smiling on images were changed in the months before Gerry’s was granted to him. We see his passport he is more or less laughing his head off in it and this is striking as I have never in my life seen any form of identification presented in this way before.

Kate is draped in a blood-red jacket and necklace and is side on with her pose in what looks more like a dating site picture. What is this? What is going on? Let us look at the laws around smiling passport photographs. Look at the date on the BBC article below, it was published on 6, August, 2004, the same year that Gerry’s passport was allegedly allocated to him.

You will see it say’s do not look too happy on them so Gerry looking like he is in a Roy Chubby Brown gig on his image makes a mockery of this ruling. Gerry’s passport was issued one month after the publication of the article. Kate’s Healy’s passport photograph actually withstood the rules at the time for her issue but her stance in the image is still unseen before on a passport picture. Certainly not in my lifetime. I am open to people sending me examples of their passport with similar images if they exist.

Would a good answer be fingerprint passport procedure? It was introduced in the Netherlands but was stopped due to privacy laws that were governed by the EU.

It was against the EU privacy rules, but I just read that according to new EU ruling it will be enforced again this summer and then with two fingerprints. But if the UK does deliver Brexit this ruling is not applicable to us.

Human trafficking makes a huge amount of money and is known to be one of the biggest industries in the world. This needs to stop and ways to stop it must be looked into if the people who run our governments are serious about tackling the issue instead of leaving loopholes that enable it.

This Biometric Passport still does not fully fix the problem so please fix the problem properly. The issue is not how fake a passport is it is how stupid airport staff are when allowing anyone just walk through on any passport!

What Would Be Possible Solutions The Governments May Already have In Mind That Fingerprints Could Avoid?

Where does this take us next and how does what I have just said about the passport situation line up to my next point and what could be a possible solution to the problem of kids below 5 being transported around the world on a could-be-anyone basis?

Micro-chips and no I don’t mean Microwave french fries I mean implants straight out of the mind of your worst science fiction nightmare that is suddenly turning into a well orchestrated reality. Can you see what I see?

Of course they have had waiting in the wings all this time. But guess where the technology has been tested, enhanced and worked on? SkyNet? Well not exactly but it might as well be and guess where this SkyNet like company are based? Right on the McCann’s doorstep in Leicester.

YouTube player

Gerry and the pacemaker makers are a match made in cybernetic heaven as the agenda needs doctors to see how this tech will embed into humans. A certain mad engineer from Reading has teamed up with even madder scientists and doctors who between them have been trying to find ways and reasons to turn us into cyborgs.

His big sales pitch is based around telling the sheeple of the world that it will be great to have implants because we can then open doors and windows? I can open doors and windows right now so why the big rush to turn to posthumanism and why has Madeleine McCann’s passport got a lot to do with this technology. And no jokes about the window or front door at apartment 5A in PLD, Portugal.

YouTube player

Kevin Warwick is Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at Coventry University, England. His main research areas are artificial intelligence, biomedical systems, robotics and cyborgs. Due to his research as a self-experimenter he is frequently referred to as the world’s first Cyborg. Kevin is a Chartered Engineer who has published over 600 research papers.

His experiments into implant technology led to him being featured as the cover story on the US magazine, ‘Wired’. He achieved the world’s first direct electronic communication between two human nervous systems, the basis for thought communication.

Another project extended human sensory input to include ultrasonics. He also linked his nervous system with the internet in order to control a robot hand directly from his neural signals, across the Atlantic Ocean. He has been awarded higher doctorates (DSc) by Imperial College and the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague and a further 9 Honorary Doctorates.

Well that is enough blowing bubbles up his backside. This is the man who you can look you in the eye and say we will all become cyborgs one day. This evil lunatic has no concern for the values of humanity and human life. He is the salesman and innovator of the devil himself. But look what else I found. He is also was going on about chipping kids just days after Madeleine went ”bye bye, fake adios”. Look at the date on the article below. Can you believe these people? It was published 12 days later.

In the article Warwick states that if public hysteria can be fermented to the right level, it would “not be difficult” to make implants available nationally “in a relatively short period of time”. This was days after Madeleine vanished. I have no words, well I do this is just short of 2000 but let’s carry on.

His claims were played down by a spokesperson for  missing children’s charity, Kidscape who said: “We have 11 million children in the UK. For the past 25 years between five and seven children have been abducted and killed by a stranger each year, and that has not changed. Are we becoming paranoid to the point where we give children the message that life is so dangerous that they have to be tagged?”

This maniac was also responsible for an artificially intelligent “super computer” that in 2014, had duped humans into thinking it is a 13-year-old boy to become the first machine to pass the “iconic” Turing Test.

No computer had ever previously passed the Turing Test, which requires 30% of human interrogators to be duped during a series of five-minute keyboard conversations.

Professor Kevin Warwick, from the University of Reading, said: “In the field of artificial intelligence there is no more iconic and controversial milestone than the Turing Test.

“It is fitting that such an important landmark has been reached at the Royal Society in London, the home of British science and the scene of many great advances in human understanding over the centuries.

“This milestone will go down in history as one of the most exciting.”

Other sessions Prof Gerry McCann is participating in

The story of Madeleine McCann is one that has baffled observers for over a decade. Since I began personally researching the story last year I have near enough come to the conclusion that the official narrative is being guided by media moguls who have have used emotional control on members of the public. This may have been done to keep a cold case ongoing in a covert operation spearheaded by the McCann’s who are police assets playing the role of a grieving family in an attempt to find some actual missing kids. The whole affair seems to be scripted by solicitors so it is as legally watertight as possible. A prime example is what we have seen from May, 3 to the dogs scent and more. But why?

The more I look at the case the more certain things continue to alarm me. I began researching the story in the latter half of 2018 and it did not take me long to begin reporting on things that had been largely unmentioned. I noticed this as I went through hundreds of hours of information regarding the subject.

I have recently been looking back over the PJ Files and discovered how a yacht named, Discoverer of Hornet, arrived in Vilamoura prior to the Mccann’s landing in Portugal and remained in the dock until May 4, 2007.

The yacht was owned by the Queen of England. It was docked just an hour away from Ocean Club, resort, Praia De Luz, Portugal, when Madeleine allegedly went missing.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

The PJ Files contains records of the yacht being in the area at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance yet media outlets have not mentioned it.

Below is a document that shows the owner details to belong to Her Majesty, Queen of England and the owners address as Buckingham Palace, London.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

The information is further backed up by a mention of the boat at the top of the page containing the logs on the PJ Files where it is described as of interest to Royalists.

Again, for the yacht to remain largely unreported is a mystery.

The yacht left the Algarve on May, 4, 2007.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

Discoverer has since been purchased by the Ministry of Defence and has taken part in Royal Navy training exhibitions.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

Another ship of interest was Gladeye is mentioned with Discoverer in the report which states both will be of interest to Royalists.

Gladeye is shown to have four men on board aged, 22, 25, 35, and 41. It is now known why this ship is of interest to Royalists but it was owned by A Lt.Col. in Household cavalry. Gladeye left Lagos on May, 4, 2007

Another boat of interest in the PJ Files was called Artemis and had a member of crew by the name of McCann. This was documented in the logs and highlighted as another strange occurance of the name popping up in the case. The report jokes the name is as common as the surname Smith in the investigation. The Artmetis arrived in Vilamoura on April 14, 2007.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

The documentation from this vessel shows Mr Christopher McCann was on board the Artemis. The boat left Vilamoura on May 3, 2007.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

Former barrister Michael Shrimpton has claimed Madeleine was taken on board a boast that eh along with other intelligence agents tracked but a rescue operation was blocked on political grounds. He made his claims while promoting his book Spy Hunter in 2014. He also speaks of the difficulties faced in the efforts to save Madeleine in the initial moments of her kidnapping that did not happen in the way we are told. You can hear his views in this video below.

YouTube player
Maybe all of this explains why PR company Bell Pottinger were on the scene 3 days prior to the alleged abduction. As well as Madeleine being reported missing by CEOP on the same day, may, 3, 2007.

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