Clap For Tyranny
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A video made from a live stream during the ridiculous “clap for NHS” period of the scamdemic. The scene was a street party with a bingo theme, alleged nurses attended. Enchanted LifePath TV reported live and when locals were confronted with some alternative opinions on the lockdown and why we should not be clapping for tyranny, things turned a bit hostile, so I got home and crammed all the info into a documentary that highlighted a lot of the earlier horrors including do not resuscitate orders placed on the elderly and vulnerable members of society.

This video also features an eye-opening look at the history of Liverpool being walked on by Tory governments.

The basis for the research in that section of the video above can be found on this in-depth article covering many, not so well known aspects that make Liverpool what it is.

The whole video challenges you to ask if the true meaning of being a scouser has become a lost art as we witnessed the city roll over and surrender to tyranny in 2020.

A Wirral-led psychological operation based around gyms isn’t enough to save the integrity of a proud city, it will take much more than that to get us out of this mess.

I hope the video can help you understand who you are, who we all are.
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By Enchanted Lifepath

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