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I’ll follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie

I Said This Page Would Not Only Have Info From The World Of Truth Stranger Than Fiction, People Can Also Showcase Talents, Posting Poems, Short Movies, Songs, Books, Videos, Hopes, Dreams, Enchanted Memories, Above Is A Song I Found On A Page Of A Subscriber On My YouTube Channel, This Is Now The First Song To Appear On This Page. I Would Like To Welcome This Pleasant Song From Falon Taylor Please Subscribe To Her Channel. See More On Instagram 

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Let’s  my viewers contribute by allowing you to upload videos to my channel.  I can easily moderate submissions and choose which content to publish.


The First Video Uploaded To The Page And What A Video!!!. I Uploaded This To The Page After I Was Sent This Lead By AJ Via The Contact Us Form , This Is The Type Of Thing Going On Over Our Heads Every Single Day All Around The World, Here We Can Document Your Discoveries, Your Research, Your Blogs, Your Facebook Posts, I Can Embed Your Tweets If Requested, Your Websites, Your books, Your Story’s, Your Opinions, Your Thoughts, Pictures, Videos, Music, Poems, And More. I Can Moderate It All Better If I Get To See What Goes On First, So For Now I Will Be Doing It Via The Form Instead Of Automatic Public Uploads. 


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Here You Can Upload Files And Send Any Info Covering Any Of The Topics Discussed In Alternate Media  Via The Form Below.


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