Look up at the sky we are being attacked – Dangerous weather modification

Look up at the sky we are being attacked – This happened while you were sleeping, now it’s time to wake up and ask who started it? Why they started it? And does it harm the whole of nature? This is visual proof they modify the weather then tell us its our fault. Climate change is a problem that they will tax us on and it is them doing it by land air and sea using many technologies for different reasons and results. Open your eyes. They are spraying us…

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Capital of Chemtrails

#WakeUpLiverpool | Reality Check, How long is it before the kids start coming home from school drawing pictures of a house or a park with clouds in the sky but instead of the traditional cloud we all grew up seeing and drawing we will soon be seeing our childen drawing lines in the sky as clouds, the toxic fake clouds above our heads every day in Liverpool. Here Is A Chemtrail Video I Have Made It Is A Day In The Life Of A Chemtrail Pilot. Please See The Extent…

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