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PODCAST: Covid-19 Test Centre Public Interest Extravaganza – All Roads Lead To Seqirus Liverpool Flu Jabs

Watch The Full Video With Bonus Ending On Enchanted LifePath As you read this article, you will notice how this was the start of a journey that ends with you seeing Liverpool as a Powerhouse in BioManufacturing and BioTechnology. Merseyside has been subject to £Billions of funding that has been funneled into the medical-industrial complex that has been built within the United Kingdom over the past few years. Every major player is mentioned in this article from Bill Gates to GlaxoSmithKline, World Health Organisation, CSL, Bayer Corporation, The Department of Health (UK)…

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Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast

Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is brought to you by Ezoic. Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic Google Certified Publishing Partner Learn more about Ezoic here The Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is a collection of research and reports from Liverpool’s Number 1 independent news platform. Catching crisis actors, exposing false flags and media hoaxes, highlighting occult rituals, tracking weather modification, and much more at Enchanted LifePath. Enchanted LifePath Truth Podcast is courtesy of Radio Enchanted LifePath and Enchanted LifePath Tv. Listen to the latest episode on #Spotify, Google Podcasts, or #ApplePodcasts…

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