Enchanted LifePath Journey Into Journalism | #BeEnchanted | Journalism Diploma Update

1. Why do you want to be a journalist and what are your career aspirations?

 Limit your answer to a maximum of 100 words.


I began my own YouTube channel Enchanted LifePath Tv in April 2015 and began building a website around it called EnchantedLifePath.com, it is an alternative news platform from which I have been doing my own reports, hosting my own live shows, editing videos, affiliating myself with ad publishers, I have wrote its own theme song, the main aspect is reporting news, I have gained over 3000 subscribers to my channels and they support me so much, I make documentaries and my website has 100 pages over 2000 posts and I have over 1000 videos to date. I love investigative journalism.

2. Do you have the determination and potential to succeed in journalism?

Please tell us why.

Limit your answer to a maximum of 200 words.

Yes 100%, I am taking these steps after a very fast first full year of my project Enchanted LifePath, having taken the steps to visit the managing editor from the local newspaper in Liverpool, The Liverpool Echo, where I spoke to him in person, the reason for visiting was to seek advice in regards to gaining qualifications and work experience within journalism, I was directed to this course having attended a meeting in the respective college regarding me attending the course I was left fascinated even more by the activities and modules within the course. My first year as aa freelance investigative journalist has brought me a superb response from supporters and viewers of my work including main channels within my genre from the United States of America to build websites for the people doing the same thing in our community, I have grown into my role getting better each day and sharper research and methods have been applied to great success. I am the only person in my city doing such work on as many platforms as I am. I have a great desire to succeed on top of the website work and broadcasting.

3. Using the criteria on our website, explain how you would bring diversity to a newsroom? Refer to your experiences as examples.

Limit your answer to a maximum of 100 words.

Bringing a host of abilities such as having a keen eye researching current and historical events/information from a global if not universal point of view. I excel with being variant in research criteria. I have used my website and channels as a platform to learn key skills. Editing videos, audio and visual skills, website design using HMTL code, writing reports, publishing posts, editing photographs and images, designing logos and headers, presenting, broadcasting and networking are all very easy to me now. I really do have it all and feel as though I have the world at my fingertips when doing my work.

4. Choose a NATIONAL current news story.
• How would you create a fresh angle for the story?
• Who would you interview?
• List FIVE questions you would ask your key interviewee.

Limit your answer to a maximum of 300 words


Brexit leave campaigner shot and stabbed.

The Story I would choose to cover would be the murder of Mrs Jo Cox MP. This was a story which again shocked the nation, the tragic event happened in broad daylight in front of shocked onlookers. Mrs Cox was fatally assaulted by Thomas Mair, who later appeared in court to face charges relating to the murder of Jo Cox. ‪#‎Mair‬ addressed the court in bizarre fashion when he gave his name as ‘death to all traitors, freedom for Britain’, at a plea hearing not long after the attack.

Who Benefited?


As it would not be doing our jobs as investigative ‪#‎journalists‬ to not ask vital questions, or dig deep under the surface when conducting research and gathering information based around a particular story, one of the first questions I always ask is who benefits?

The death of Jo Cox came just 7 days before the voting on whether ‪#‎Britain‬ would leave the ‪#‎EU‬. Jo Cox was a high profile backer of the leave campaign and I pose the question who benefited from the death of the 41-year-old mother of two?

We seen a surge of backing towards the leave campaign through media such as the newspapers, television programs and news platforms, radio stations and social media. The out pour was creating emphasis on leave and if we look at the timing of events again we have to ask the question, who benefited? I would like to interview Boris Johnson himself and ask a simple investigative question, was the death of Mrs Jo Cox orchestrated as a timely event to sway the nations feelings on the Brexit ‪#‎referendum‬? I would investigate this as a possible case of joint enterprise and question the agenda behind people potentially involved.

5 Key Questions:

Was this staged to sway Brexit votes?
Did you know about the event before it happened?
Did it have an effect on voting?
Did the leave campaign gain voters?
Did you know the pound would suffer as we left the EU

‪#‎JoCox‬ ‪#‎Brexit‬ EnchantedLIfePath.com

5. We would like to see a piece of journalism you have completed. Please attach:

the original story plus the cutting or web page print-out if the story was text-based


a working web link to any multimedia news item e.g. audio or video content

a piece of content demonstrating your research skills, communication and perseverance.


YouTube player

Here is a video I produced and edited which shows a lot of the research, communication and perseverance skills as mentioned in the question. I produced this piece of journalism after I had conducted a form of investigative journalism and visited a site I use to source live sky cam footage for exclusive reports to people within that particular target audience. This video allowed me to show case my abilities. It was a video on my new screen layout a program which allows me to make my own screens giving me flexibility I now had a platform which I could visually adapt to the stories I was covering. It boasts the lot, research, investigative journalism, editing, communication via talking my way through the info to guide viewers of whom I have an average age of between 17 – 35 years old so I stay in character for that audience. It was difficult to edit the music to fit the pictures and I had to persevere with it as it took me 72 hours with not much rest. It delivered the information and you can see my passion for the work I do, it is a perfect example for me to show.


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