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Host a free FR24 receiver

Are you interested in helping us increase ADS-B and MLAT coverage in your area? Each week Flightradar24 sends out 30-50 complete ADS-B receiver sets (including receiver, antenna, and cables – no external computer needed) free of charge to suitable hosts around the world. Also, all hosts get complimentary access toFlightradar24 Premium.
We prioritize applications from areas where we lack coverage as well as applications from airports. However, locations where we do already have coverage can also be of interest. Redundancy and overlapping coverage results in significantly better low-altitude coverage and coverage reliability. And for MLAT to work, we need a large number of Flightradar24 ADS-B receivers relatively close to each other.

The requirements for hosting Flightrada24’s ADS-B equipment are:

  • able to offer excellent reception conditions – i.e. the antenna will be placed outside on a roof, mast or similar and have 360 degree unobstructed view of the sky
  • able to get the antenna to its intended location and receiver online within one week from receiving the equipment
  • able to keep the receiver online 24/7 feeding our servers via an uninterrupted internet connection
  • If things for some reason doesn’t work out – I am OK with sending the equipment back (at Flightradar24’s expense) at our request


About the FR24 Box Receiver

This high-quality receiver is built on the proven technology of the Mode-S Beast. But we’ve added a Beaglebone computer and GPS antenna making this the most advanced and best performing Mode-S receiver available to the public.

The FR24 Box is compact (measuring just 100x60x30mm). It connects directly to your router/modem by Ethernet cable. It doesn’t need a PC to run and we supply an external Mode-S antenna (55 cm), all cables including a GPS antenna for data timing precision and MLAT.

FR24 Box Package Includes


  • FR24 ADS-B Receiver
  • GPS antenna with 5 m cable
  • DC power supply (110V-230V AC input)
  • 5 m Ethernet cable
  • 55 cm long external Mode-S antenna with mounting clamps (0 dBd gain, weather proof)
  • SMA male Mode-S antenna connector
  • 5 or 10 m H155 6 mm diameter low-loss coax cable with N-type and + SMA male connectors


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